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Oct 14 2014
Dunkin' Bro Nuts: Tyler Posey Gets Wet Comments (0)


Tyler Posey gets dunked in his undies for charity...

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Sep 05 2014
Is Tyler Posey Looking? Comments (0)

Tyler-PoseyGay = funny

This is what reality TV has come to: Being Tyler Posey. Just...being him.

In the preview clip, Posey's friend brings up Tinder, which leads to an interesting convo about Grindr...

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Aug 11 2014
Just Got MAID Comments (0)


Tyler Posey was apparently the kid in Maid in Manhattan (2002), a fact I can't believe I never knew! He just showed up at the Teen Choice Awards to jokingly audition for his old co-star, J.Lo, as a backup dancer. In the process, he shook his fine booty...

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Jan 06 2014
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)


Mirror 2014 is the first product from Reflect It Back, a talent-driven project designed to raise dollars for charity. (Cystic fibrosis is apparently a major beneficiary this go 'round.)

That's a fancy way of saying that hotties like all the Teen Wolf studs are posing shirtless and in their undies...

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Jul 19 2013
Nip That Thing In The Buddy Comments (2)

Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey shared a little nipple-bonding during this MTV interview (:55 mark), but it definitely feels like Tyler was unthrilled by it. Still, I'm hoping that this post can live throughout eternity without the word "rapey" coming up in the comments.


Video after the jump...

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May 02 2013
Need To Know: Grand Theft Auto—Cher Version, Hot Jocks, Doubling Up + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureCher stole a car. Above, check out her mug shot!

*widget boy cultureJason Collins gets Twitter death threats from losers.

*widget boy cultureHottest men of the NHL.

*widget boy cultureWhat makes Ryan Lochte smile?

*widget boy culturePros planning for more out gay athletes.

*widget boy cultureNational Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame launched.

*widget boy cultureSame-sex nuptials at midnight in Colorado.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus quasi-denies break-up, quasi-bares booty.

*widget boy cultureA League of Their Own...the musical!

*widget boy cultureCOMMUNITY RESOURCE: NYC Up & Out.

*widget boy cultureB-T-S Terry Richardson POPwater shoot images here, here, here.

*widget boy cultureCute French twink's Lo-NRG "Holiday."

*widget boy cultureMarina and the Diamonds + Charli  XCX: "Just Desserts."

*widget boy cultureWork out Teen Wolf-style with the twins:


Mar 09 2013
Need To Know: Something Good Happened On The Subway, The Tribe Has Spoken, Bieber Acts Like a Baby-Baby-Baby + MORE Comments (1)

Elisabeth-Hasselbeck-firedBut I had the immunity idol!

*widget boy cultureElisabeth Hasselbeck has been voted off the island after 10 years.

*widget boy cultureAnn, starring Holland Taylor, charms The New York Times. Shemar-Moore-gay-dads

*widget boy cultureSurprisingly, a complete asshole blogs for Field & Stream.

*widget boy cultureBee venom kills HIV.

*widget boy cultureTelling Canadian Bieber to "go back to America" rankles.

*widget boy cultureShemar Moore-Moore-Moore...how do you like it, how do you like it?

*widget boy cultureJuan Williams blames plagiarism on researcher.

*widget boy cultureSweden's the best place to be gay, Iran's the worst. Your guide.

*widget boy cultureIs Keith Urban homophobic on American Idol?

*widget boy cultureMatthew Fox hypocritically critical of Harry Styles.

*widget boy cultureWait, why are small knives okay on planes suddenly???

*widget boy cultureGay dads who found son in subway on Anderson Live.

*widget boy cultureJust because you've always wanted to see the Teen Wolf cast nose-free:

Tumblr_mj91774rQN1rbl1aio1_250You'll howl with laughter

Oct 14 2012
Comic Con't: Strike A Posey Comments (3)

Wolverine Boy CultureComic Con, where everyone is multi-nerdgasmic

Today was my third and final day at New York Comic Con, and my review is in—I loved it. I'm not overly into all the genres covered, and at times am overly against them. I hate all video games invented after Joust, I 1,000% do not get the My Little Pony phenomenon and as for comic books, I think I owned a Richie Rich. Once.

Comic Con dogUltimate dog-shaming

But there's something fun about seeing a city-sized group of people getting off on stuff they love and enjoying themselves to the max. It's also fun for a voyeur like me to be able to approach anyone I like with a request to let me take a photo (novel idea!), knowing that each and every time the reply will go something like, "Of course! Sure. Thanks!" followed by a provocative pose.

Putting aside the occasional scent of underarms (hey, spandex + nerds = stank), the air is mostly filled with good spirits. Nobody was bitching, pushing, getting mad when bumped into or haggling over unfair deals. One boy was romping around to bestow shirtless hugs. Granted, he seemed high, but...most were high on shared obsession.

DSC08283 Tyler Posey copyTyler parries

Yesterday, along with my Walking Dead fanxtravaganza, I made it to the Teen Wolf panel with (ADORABLE!) Tyler Posey and his (ADORABLE!) showrunner, Jeff Davis. Close to 1,000 crazy fans packed a conference room as we listened to Davis diplomatically address the surprise departure of series regular Colton Haynes, who Posey identified as his best friend.

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