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Feb 13 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Valentine's Day Baskit! Comments (0)
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

For those of you not in-the-know, Nelson Marin and Marvin Garcia are both models for underwear brand Baskit and boyfriends in real life. They share more than the frame in this Valentine’s Day photo shoot by Rich Mackey Photography. As you’d expect, the couple gets cutesy sharing kisses and butt grabs. They can’t keep their hands off each other, and or their pairs of Baskit underwear. 

Marvin is wearing a pair of Just /b/ Briefs, currently 50% off at $11. The bubblegum/grey contrast of the underwear looks great under the maroon pants he wears, and even better out of them. The cut forms to Marvin’s legs and backside nice and snug for a casually sporty pair of underwear. Nelson is wearing a red pair of Light Briefs, currently 40% off at $13. These briefs have a more masculine appearance. Their body is red, contrasted by a white waistband with the brand name repeating around the elastic in navy lettering. 

Before we tell you to look through the gallery below to see more of the couple, you should be warned, the photo shoot is pretty adorable. If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, you may want to skip this one. It could make you bitter.

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Via milkshake boys.

Mr. Man-ganiello! Comments (0)
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If you haven't checked out Mr. Man, check out some of Joe Manganiello's hottest pics in the gallery then click on the below image (or here) and see what you've been mistering:

Feb 12 2015
Front-Loaded Comments (0)


Via The Perks of Being a Model.

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Feb 11 2015
You're Welcome: Nick Jonas Edition Comments (0)


Feb 10 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Bobby Creighton Comments (0)
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 Armando Adajar shoots Bobby Creighton in OTZI.

Puttin' On The Ritts: Venfield 8's HOT New Limited-Edition OBJECT WEAPON Comments (0)

Object-weaponOut today!

Venfield 8 is back with another publication, this time an ongoing zine called Object Weapon. The premier issue is entitled Duo, and is focused on real-life partners Jon Galt and Vic Rocco. It is a stunning, stirring, sexy, sensual depiction of two men in love and in lust, an homage to the late Herb Ritts's famed book of the same name.

Venfield 8 met the men and started shooting them...it was that simple. Approaching them on an exclusive nude beach in Hawaii, he said (Dita Parlo-style):

“My name is Venfield 8 and I'd like to take your picture.”

The men obliged with languid poses that feel modern and that range from Rittsy glamour to glistening Bianchi decadence to Meisel Sex-iness. Plus there's a double cum-shot because...because.

This zine is beautifully made (8"X8", perfect-bound, embossed cover, designed by Jessie Horowitz) and is limited to 125 pieces. Object Weapon will only come out once or twice a year.

Get yours here, while supplies last.