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Apr 11 2015
Take A Dip: R-Rated Swimwear For The X-Rated At Heart Comments (0)
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A new photo-shoot called “Soaked & Loaded” has been released by ADDICTED for its 2015 swimwear collection. Photog Dylan Rosser captures BelAmi models Kris Evans, Hoyt Kogan, Mark Ruffalo (really???), Jack Harrer, Andrei Karenin and Jean-Daniel Chaggal. 

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Video of what happened behind the scenes is after the jump...

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Apr 10 2015
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John Estes in TIMOTEO by Armando Adajar.


Apr 09 2015
You're Welcome Comments (0)


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Need To Know: LOOKING Ahead + Shoot First + Cl*y A*ken + Lynch Mob + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureLooking movie to film in September.

*widget boy cultureWhite and armed = arrested. Black and unarmed = executed.

*widget boy cultureFerguson police were routinely racist in e-mails.

*widget boy cultureTsarnaev is guilty; his mom is nuts, too.

*widget boy cultureTOILET TRAMP: Clay Aiken's potty mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.34.24 AM

*widget boy cultureSee the boys above wiggle 'n' jiggle.

*widget boy cultureFrances Bean Cobain isn't really feeling Nirvana.

*widget boy cultureSex sells!

*widget boy cultureTwin Peaks cast begs Lynch to return.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama to come out for banning ex-gay therapy for minors.


Apr 07 2015
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Apr 06 2015
Gifs That Keep On Giving: Derek Theler Comments (0)


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