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Sep 08 2014
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Andres Ramirez shoots 20-year-old Colombian model Santiago Quintero in aussieBum, Hurmoso, Joe Snyder, Lasc, XTG and Zylas.

Sep 07 2014
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FU Underwear introduces its Triathlon Cut, modeled by Tony and shot by Vaughn Stewart.

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Sep 04 2014
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Jane BadlerSay hi to Jane on Facebook!

Jane Badler, 60, the bad-ass bitch from V (1983 TV movie, 1984 mini-series and both 1984—1985 and 2011 TV series), is looking seriously overdressed in this preview shot from a spread in Crush.


Sep 03 2014
Need To Know: Blood & Sand + Flying Off The Handle + Joltin' Joe + Closet Spaces + Blake McIver Is Bangin' + Crack Addiction + Big Bother + MORE! Comments (0)

Sotloff-VideoAnother reason ISIL needs to be destroyed.

*widget boy cultureISIL beheads American journalist Steven Sotloff.

*widget boy cultureBolivia and Israel are officially on a break.

*widget boy cultureI don't like reclining airline passengers either but grow the fuck up.

*widget boy cultureI want to be Sofia Vergara's vagina.

*widget boy cultureWhere all the hot MSMs vacation...Chicago???

*widget boy cultureNow Groot joins Jennifer Lawrence on list of celebs violated by iCloud.

*widget boy cultureMcKayla Maroney's argument vs. sites posting her nudes: She was jailbait.

*widget boy cultureFashion Police is on a two-week hold. That's...optimistic!

*widget boy cultureBlake McIver introduces Nancy Sinatra to Ariana Grande: 

*widget boy cultureRaja is officially more sickening than salmonella.

*widget boy cultureNestle makes bank while California dries up.

*widget boy cultureBeloved LGBT activist Andrew Cray succumbs to cancer.

*widget boy cultureIllinois seems poised to elect an out of touch rich tool as governor.

*widget boy cultureCuba Gooding Jr. is all cracked out!

*widget boy cultureClassic links to Robin Williams here and here.

*widget boy cultureAdele leaks.

*widget boy cultureMurderous Russian mobster takes issue with where your penis goes.

*widget boy cultureBRAID DAY: Texas Native American kindergartener sent home for long hair.

*widget boy cultureKeanu Reeves is 50 and looks like this.

*widget boy cultureWhy everyone seems to hate Frankie Grande.

Frankie-GrandeHe's so nice in real life! (I'm not watching the show.)

Aug 31 2014
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Sexy Julian Gil in not very many clothes.

Aug 30 2014
Homo Superior: Steve Grand's Body Of Water Comments (0)


Steve Grand took the ice-bucket challenge to a whole other level, using all of Lake Superior and treating the body of water to his peak physique.

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