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May 11 2013
Something To Ink About Comments (0)
Alex Minsky is probably the best-looking dude to ever go through AA and also get his leg blown off in Afghanistan. In fact, he's pretty high up on the list of underwear models in general, with no qualifiers. Wow.
May 02 2013
Cinco Latino Hotties for Cinco de Mayo Comments (1)


This is the twenty-first in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert

Spice-up-your-cinco-de-mayo-with-a-custom-t-s-L-OtVrQJWe all have a basic understanding of Cinco de Mayo here in the States. It's a day to celebrate Hispanic culture...and an excuse to drink tequila and salsa dance till you hit the floor. But how many of you actually know why we celebrate this holiday?

This festive national holiday commemorates Mexico's victory over France in the Battle of Puebla back in 1862, and here in the States it is seen as a celebration of freedom and democracy.

To pay tribute to this holiday of Hispanic heritage, The Underwear Expert has rounded up five of the hottest Latin underwear models. Each should have a little chili pepper next to his name to denote "extra hot."

Check them out...

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Apr 18 2013
Your Nightly Briefing: Do My Undies Make Me Look Anti-Semitic? Comments (1)


John Galliano blew it big-time when he drunkenly revealed his anti-Semitism. It was a shocking fall from grace.

The Underwear Expert is asking the question: Is what he said unforgivable, or would you support his future creative/fashionable endeavors?

Check out the gallery of his past work above and let  me know what you think. Is there a line someone can cross after which you can't (or, on principle, won't) separate the personal from the professional? 

Apr 11 2013
Need To Know: House Dropped On Thatcher; Look, Ma...No Underwear!; Safe To Cornhole in MT + MORE! Comments (1)

Ding-Dong-the-witch-is-dead-Margaret-ThatcherGuess witch song is #1?

*widget boy cultureThatcher dies, Judy Garland's "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" hits #1 on UK iTunes. Margaret-Hamilton

*widget boy cultureAMAZING remix of "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" from 1996.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Obama tears up over gun control.

*widget boy cultureWashington State goes after anti-gay florist.

*widget boy cultureJocks who go commando.

*widget boy culture13 y.o. dachshund has the world's best owner.

*widget boy cultureStacey Dash (who???) vs. Jay-Z & Beyoncé.

*widget boy cultureMontana House decides sodomy is legal after all.

*widget boy cultureRick Santorum disinvited from speaking at MI school.

*widget boy cultureOne of my new favorite artists.

*widget boy cultureBroadway Bares: Solo Strips returns, nakeder than ever. Good cause, great buns.

*widget boy cultureHow do you expect a president to react when you fire her sister? "Uncouth" means "she knows too much."

*widget boy cultureYour chance to meet Constantine Maroulis & Deborah Cox.

*widget boy cultureMen's underwear of the month club:

UNDERWEARThe long and shorts of it

Apr 09 2013
Philip Fusco's 10 Best Shots Comments (3)

This is the twenty-first in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert.

Philip Fusco has been actively modeling for eight years now, and anyone attuned to the fashion industry can see he's only getting better with age. If you don't know him, for a quick study on the Long Island native, check out his behind-the-scenes interview with E Talk for his latest campaign with Gregg Homme.

He also recently offered up his time to speak with The Underwear Expert in our "Model Talk" series.

In short, Fusco's a gentleman and a model citizen. He loves nutrition, and he's eager to use his experience working as a model to hand out some fitness advice. He even runs a blog dedicated to providing fitness and healthy eating tips. It's clear that his ego hasn't gotten as big as his muscles yet, as his fan base is remarkably loyal and engaged.

Best of all, he's pretty, too! We've rounded up some of Philip's best work to celebrate his recent successes. Take a look at the above gallery and keep an eye out for Philip in some major, yet-to-be-released underwear campaigns

For more on Philip, visit The Underwear Expert.

Mar 14 2013
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
My old buddy Mark MacKillop gives an overview of being an underwear model...

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Feb 01 2013
Super Bowl Shuffle Comments (0)

This is the thirteenth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, which means lots of athletes running around in tight pants. We tried putting together a gallery of homo-erotic images of football players throwing down and putting out to celebrate, but the recent mumbling about gays and football not getting along has a sour taste in our mouths. That, and we couldn't find any pictures of football players playing in their underwear.

We have a gallery, though, which in all honesty is probably better. We've got four images of guys wrestling in their underwear, which is all football is anyway...right?

In this small series, you'll see Barcode Berlin and Timoteo underwear, as well as two guys we wish would wrestle. Happy Super Bowl, everyone.

And now that we've shown you how much hotter wrestling is than football, check out these two dreamy hunks--Mario Lopez and Jed Hill--in their wrestling gear. Cue imaginary wrestling match now!


Photos courtesy of Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Barcode Berlin, Rated M, Rick Day, Marcio del Nero & Timoteo.
Jan 22 2013
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (3)
Colby Melvin continues his campaign to be the new gay model of the moment—and to extend the moment for as long as humanly possible.

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