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Apr 19 2015
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Apr 18 2015
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Ashley Parker Angel is up to his old tricks. His old and new tricks are quite lucky, judging by the above selfie.

Apr 17 2015
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Apr 16 2015
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Check out what’s new from Calvin Klein this upcoming season! Calvin Klein released men’s and women’s sportswear, jeans, underwear, performance, and accessories lines for Calvin Klein Fall 2015

On April 9, 2015, Kevin Carrigan, the brands’ Global Creative Director, presented the Fall 2015 lines on models posed within vignettes that resembled the interior of a flashy 70s-inspired apartments in New York City. The walls, furniture and carpet are all dark colors paired with chrome fixtures. Hung Vanng, CK One Color Comestics Global Makeup Artist, provided make-up for the models in the Calvin Klein Fall 2015 Collection.

 Men’s apparel is slim-cut and neat. Colors of Bordeaux, deep navy and forest green, with graphic blacks and tones of grey are all colors seen in this collection. Featured items are: the slim fit suits, made up of micro-optical wool patterns, teamed with modernist black ties; a high-neck, raw edged peacoat in bonded textured wool; the biker jacket, updated in nylon with a fur collar; a blazer, raw-cut in felted knit; the knit heather melange dress pant; and the faux-washed leather aviator. Looks are precise and polished with a careless insouciance in the Calvin Klein Fall 2015. 

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert

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Apr 15 2015
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Shot in Austria by the very talented Paz Stammler, here's Mario Hauzenberger looking hot-enberger in his FU=8. Creative director: Cory Lackner. Photographer: Paz Stammler. Grooming: Michael Bumberger.
Apr 14 2015
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Via 2000's Glam.

Apr 13 2015
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Adrian C. Martin shoots Karim Gasmi in Charlie by MZ. Shot on location at Maspalomas dunes, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

Apr 11 2015
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