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Sep 23 2014
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Colby Melvin has beefed up a lot!

Need To Know: Aged Beef + DICK Movie + Come Back, Little COMEBACK + Supreme Court Justice For All + MORE! Comments (0)

ChippendalesTook it off! Took it off!

*widget boy cultureIt's a Chippendales infestation as the strip org turns 35!

*widget boy cultureRick Perry plays the Joan Rivers card against abortion.

*widget boy cultureAre you ready for Dick: The Documentary? Brainwash

*widget boy cultureThe Comeback's comeback explained.

*widget boy cultureHoward Stern regular dies @ 39.

*widget boy cultureFor fans of Mr. Brainwash.

*widget boy cultureJustice Kagan officiates at same-sex wedding.

*widget boy cultureLooking hits the Folsom Street Fair.

*widget boy cultureBroadway Flea Market raises over $700K for AIDS.

*widget boy culture“Fuck it—I quit!” anchor explains her actions.

*widget boy cultureAmerican Horror Story: Freakshow cast shots are shudder-inducing.

*widget boy cultureWhen jocks become underwear models.

Jed-hill-muscle-power2010812103003503King of the Hill

Sep 22 2014
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Via My Weird Life and Boners. (Unsurprisingly, Work Unfriendly)

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Armando Adajar shoots Jonathan C in Marcuse, and his aim is true!

Two more sexy-as-hell shots after the jump...

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Sep 21 2014
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This Vine is divine...

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Sep 20 2014
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Sep 19 2014
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The rest looks even better!