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Jul 19 2015
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Jul 14 2015
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Louis-Antoine Raymond in Wood Underwear by Armando Adajar.
Jul 13 2015
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Jul 12 2015
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

You should know by now that a solid black pair of underwear is the new essential for your underwear drawer. Black pairs look good without even trying and make surprisingly sophisticated base layers. But not every black pair of underwear wants to be the most well-dressed undie in the room. The best thing about black underwear is that it’s slimming. But the second best thing about black underwear is that any color can be added to it for a little contrast.

Part two of Jerrad Matthew’s feature on black underwear isn’t so much about the underwear as it is about their waistbands. If you’re a man whose slowly been replacing his white basics with black, chances are those black pairs have a touch of color to brighten them up and give them a more everyday appearance. Wood and Mack Weldon are both underwear brand’s that keep the Average Joe in mind, but stop him from being too average. Their black briefs are the only ones modeled by Ajdin Sefer that have a true contrasting waistband.

Of course, Wood and Mack Weldon aren’t hard-hitting enough for some guys. They make underwear basics for men who like a laidback, comfortable, reserved style. Bia Boro is not for those types of men. Bia Boro is known for the funky prints, but in this photoshoot, they end up being the darkest, edgiest pair. All it took was printing their logo in red on the waistband. Where gold makes black regal, red makes black sexy.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Jul 11 2015
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An obsessive post on the physical perfection that is Clay Honeycutt.

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