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Dec 11 2012
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DRAG-QUEEN-rupaulHello Kitty, good-bye mystique!

Widget boy cultureCan you handle drag realness on the high seas? One-Direction-underarm-Harry-Styles-shirtless-funny-drag-anti-gay-crime-faked

Widget boy cultureUltra-Orthodox Jew ultra-convicted of ultra-molestation. His supporters = ultra-gross.

Widget boy cultureGraves found at 100-year-old school for wayward boys.

Widget boy cultureWhat the Fuck?: Taking "home schooling" to extremes.

Widget boy cultureWhat the Pluck?: 50 Shades of Chicken.

Widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo meets Downton Abbey.

Widget boy cultureImmigration groups in gay-marriage of convenience.

Widget boy cultureNE woman guilty of faking anti-gay crime.

Widget boy cultureHarry Styles's accent sparks false coming out.

Widget boy cultureGays against gay marriage apply within.

Widget boy cultureShould gays fear the Supremes on marriage?

Widget boy cultureMichiganders vs. anti-union bill.

Widget boy cultureNew exhibit highlights Nazi persecution of gays.

Gay-Nazi-persecutionArrested for being gay, he undoubtedly perished in a concentration camp

Nov 01 2012
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Michele Bachmann laughThey laughed their asses off—but will she lose her seat?

Widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann laughed at by audience during debate.

Widget boy cultureHuckabee strongly implies: Vote for Obama, go to hell. Neil Patrick Harris Burtka family Halloween

Widget boy cultureThe Burtka-Harrises really know how to celebrate Halloween!

Widget boy cultureGaga is the "G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)".

Widget boy cultureUAW: Romney violated ethics, profited from auto bailout.

Widget boy culturePatrick Murphy endorsed by Allen West's primary opponent.

Widget boy cultureNew Yorkers Dumpster-diving.

Widget boy cultureMichigan: Remember what Romney said, what Obama did.

Widget boy cultureRomney: Disaster relief like cleaning a football field.

Widget boy cultureFire Island devastated by Sandy.

Widget boy cultureDean Geyer makes love to has sex with the camera.

Dean GeyerMaking the camera his bitch


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