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May 05 2015
Need To Know: Collage Of Consent + Shaved Pussy + Met Ball Double-Takes + Wrestlemania + Texas Justice + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureHot collage boy!

*widget boy cultureCheck out this Grindr pussy!

*widget boy cultureBoycotting Reisner & Weiderpass is a watershed moment.

*widget boy cultureMadonna lost her Moschino gown for some hip-HOTpants.

*widget boy cultureThe expression on SJP's face is just ... priceless.

*widget boy cultureIs Rihanna's gown cheesy?

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus flaunts mother-of-pearl hair.

*widget boy cultureSolange Knowles looks ... interesting.

*widget boy cultureMelissa Rivers says her mom's death was “100% preventable.”

*widget boy cultureHot wrestler action!


*widget boy cultureTexas terrorist was on watch list for years. UN chief condemns.

*widget boy cultureFox News quisling Guy Benson is gay, but doesn't care about gay rights.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay kiss on Dodgers kiss-cam!

*widget boy cultureBy now you've heard: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

*widget boy cultureBrett Chukerman (even if you don't know him) looks good nekkid.

*widget boy cultureEllen Albertini Down, whose career started in her 70s, dies @ 101.

Tumblr_mdfs02d3361qki66fo1_500I also remember her from episodes of The Golden Girls and Seinfeld.

Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

MercuryWet behind the light years

Widget boy cultureWater discovered on Mercury.

Widget boy cultureDirector James Gunn apologizes for anti-gay, misogynist rant.

Widget boy cultureMichigan teacher suspended for playing pro-gay music video.

Widget boy cultureVOTE: Palestine state receives U.N. recognition. Thewanted-shirtless-300x289

Widget boy cultureIs Lindsay Lohan a Wanted woman?

Widget boy culturePolish court okays gay inheritance.

Widget boy cultureDominique Strauss-Kahn settles with maid.

Widget boy cultureColin Farrell rides in on white horse.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's corset sells for over $50K.

Widget boy cultureAnother DOMA case ruled unconstitutional.

Widget boy cultureIs Rep. Aaron "I'm not gay" Schock (R-Illinois) a gubernatorial maybe?

Aaron-schock-absCall me "Governor," maybe?

Sep 21 2011
President Obama @ The U.N.: "We must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere." Comments (1)

President Obama stands up for gay rights at the U.N.—great to hear and see...

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Jul 19 2010
Suck It, Fellas Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz001The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission is now fully accredited by the U.N. even though some prominent Republicans (and quite a few, um, countries) opposed the move. The vote was 23 to 13 with 13(!) abstaining.

IGLHRC "advocates against anti-gay laws and state-sanctioned violence." Hardly the radical group Reps. Chris Smith (R-New Jersey) and Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) painted it to be.

Dec 20 2008
United Affront Comments (2)


Heathcliff is a kitty kiddie comic that apparently still exists. In this recent installment, Heathcliff appears to be calling the ref a fairy, non-verbally. This is the kind of bullshit that probably a lot of gay people no longer find offensive—I think a lot of the unoffendables mistake being a victim or being hypersensitive with calling someone out for perpetuating anti-gay feelings. In other words, I don't feel all teary and threatened, I just feel like if I owned a newspaper I'd can this cat.

The best comment on Queerty, the one I relate to the most, is not the one decrying the horror of this cartoon, nor is it the one pooh-poohing it, it's this one:

"I think that when we're desensitized to epithets, no matter how minor...we've lost the battle."


Meanwhile, anti-gay attitudes—unchallenged in many ways—in the Arab world (and beyond) are leading the way on an effort at the U.N. to keep gay discrimination A-okay globally. A European faction introduced a measure that would come out against the criminalization of homosexuality that got 66 countries to sign aboard, so Syria proposed a measure that worries such an effort would lead to making pedophilia the norm. 

And in case you're getting mad at the Arabs, let your anger start at home—the United States of America has not signed the pro-gay measure, claiming its broad language puts it at odds with some of our own states' (anti-gay) laws.

So who's the fairy again?

UPDATE: For a gay-friendly comic strip, try "The Meaning Of Lila," which is the first nationally-syndicated strip featuring an openly-gay lead. My pal Matthew tells me that "Lila" even appears in Stars & Stripes, the military newspaper.

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