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Mar 04 2013
Lowe & Behold Comments (2)



From the week's 'bloids, all the best shots of Sean Lowe. I'm not sure I should be so attracted to a straight, SQUARE virgin, but he's definitely not ugly. Images from the March 11, 2013, issues of In Touch, Life & Style, OK!, Star and Us.

Feb 13 2013
Born-Again Virgin Comments (7)

Via Us (February 25, 2013): Current Bachelor Sean Lowe is 29 and a virgin. Well, not exactly; he did have sex through college, but found religion in his twenties. He's' engaged to one of the final four contestants on the show, but isn't having sex with her. I guess all of this will make it easier to have the whole thing annulled in a year, but why would you get married without having sex? Isn't that like buying a house without doing a walk-through? What if there's mold in the basement?

A great shirtless shot of the chaste chased man after the jump...

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Jan 21 2013
All The Lowe-Down Comments (1)
Sean-Lowe smile


Jeez, Bachelor star Sean Lowe is a guy of whom I just can't get enough. Neither can the tabloids—above, check out all the shots of him that appear in the magazines Us, Star, In Touch and Life & Style, all dated January 28, 2013) this week.

But. Do you believe he's given up sex until marriage? Yeah, right.

Jan 09 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

1357761106_rosie-odonnell-michelle-rounds-dakota-441Three girls three

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell & wife Michelle Rounds welcome Baby Dakota. Gay-Old-Dogs-Doug-Spearman

*widget boy cultureVillage Voice music ed launches her own music-mag app.

*widget boy cultureDoug Spearman joins Old Dogs & New Tricks.

*widget boy cultureYou better twerk: Learn how from Purple Crush.

*widget boy cultureOOPS! O picked another anti-gay rev for inauguration.

*widget boy culturePFLAG founder Jeanne Manford dies.

*widget boy cultureLabor Secretary Hilda Solis quits.

*widget boy cultureBoy George on sex, drugs & David Bowie:

Dec 28 2012
Control Freak-Out Comments (1)

Us (January 7, 2013) leads its new issue with this story about how Kim Kardashian is threatening to leave Instagram over their new policy that they can sell users' images.

Apparently, Instagram is backing down over user outrage. But what I found interesting was that Us itself published a bunch of her photos from Instagram and credited them to "Kim Kardashian." I doubt they asked permission. Magazines using images from social media usually credit the platform and leave it at that. Either way, no public figure would get anywhere suing over the printing of images he or she posted publicly.

Just an interesting copyright issue to me.

Nov 19 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Ann-Miller-Judy-Garland-Liza-Minnelli-hoarderListen, Darling...you need help!

Widget boy cultureHoarder Ann Miller receives a posthumous intervention.

Widget boy cultureBeing ex-gay can be murder.

Widget boy cultureAnti-gay NH lawyer arrested for child porn while in court.

Widget boy cultureKevin "Elmo" Clash's accuser says he lied about lying.

Widget boy cultureP!nk's latest acrobatic wonder.

Widget boy cultureSen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) to Romney: "Stop digging." Chinese-grandfather-models-tween-clothes

Widget boy cultureGlee's Dean Geyer for Bello.

Widget boy cultureAlaskan newbie (age 23) leading longtime incumbent by 28 votes.

Widget boy cultureChinese grandpa models tween clothes, goes viral.

Widget boy cultureWhen "public domain" isn't the end of the story.

Widget boy cultureBlond...James Blond: Daniel Craig with long hair

Widget boy cultureThe Beckhams' kid has a future as a cheerleader.

Widget boy cultureForty-year-old gay-recruitment poster art.

GAY-try-itSeventies ad: I'd like to buy the world a cock...

Nov 07 2012
Need To Know: Forward Comments (0)

Barack-Obama-hair-flag-ladyThe lady with the flag in her hair was a scene-stealer. Aretha wants one NOW.

Widget boy culturePresident Barack Obama's instant-classic 2 a.m. victory speech.

Widget boy cultureWhy his win is, in fact, a mandate.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney's brief but conciliatory concession. Tammy-Baldwin

Widget boy cultureTammy Baldwin's powerful victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTommy Thompson's deflated concession speech.

Widget boy cultureElizabeth Warren's exhilarated victory speech.

Widget boy cultureScott Brown's defensive concession speech.

Widget boy cultureClaire McCaskill's against-all-odds victory speech.

Widget boy cultureTodd Akin's must-see revolting cunt-cession speech. Barack-Obama-Michelle

Widget boy cultureHeidi Heitkamp (D) narrowly defeats Rick Berg (R) in ND.

Widget boy cultureJon Tester (D) looks set to beat Denny Rehberg (R) in MT.

Widget boy cultureGabby Giffords' aide slightly behind in race to succeed her in AZ.

Widget boy cultureOpenly gay Richard Tisei (R) loses to John Tierney (D) in MA.

Widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann (RX100) beats Jim Graves (D) in MN...barely.

Widget boy cultureAllen West (RX1,000) probably loses to Patrick Murphy (D) in FL...barely.

Widget boy cultureJeff Flake (R) defeats Richard Carmona (D) in AZ.

Widget boy cultureSenate will have highest % of females ever...at 18%.

Widget boy cultureGA won by Romney, but by less than 8%. Swing state '16.

Widget boy cultureAll four marriage-equality votes favored the good guys.

Widget boy cultureOH newswoman has zero integrity, sick of talking about it.

Widget boy cultureGOProud not only stupid, but also bitter.

Widget boy cultureBrian Williams on Trump: "Driven well past the last exit to relevance."

Drunk-Diane-Sawyer"Hey, guysh...if you wanna hear shum shtuff, I'll tell yas shum Nixshun shtuff...whee!"

Widget boy cultureProjection: Diane Sawyer is sleeping it off right now.

Widget boy cultureCO, WA & MA chillax on the pot issue.

Widget boy cultureL.A.: Porn performers must wear condoms. MADONNA STRIPS OBAMA

Widget boy cultureMadonna thrills at news of Obama's victory. Strips.

Widget boy cultureOther stars react to President Obama's big win.

Widget boy cultureKarl Rove refuses to accept reality. Worked in '00. Not this time.

Karl-Rove-OhioThis turd has blossomed

Nov 03 2012
The Least Transparent President Ever: He's Just Like US! Comments (1)

Barack Obama 25 Things Us WeeklyOMG, the half-eaten apple is a Biblical reference—he's the anti-Christ!

I still think that when cretins like Donald Trump refer to President Obama as being "the least transparent president ever" it's just a thesaurus-fueled way of calling him so black he's blue. But on top of that, Barack is an open book. Or rather, an open magazine—Us (November 12, 2012) offers "25 Things You Don't Know About Me," the Barack Obama edition!

Actually, we knew a lot of these things, including the fact that he's the first president to tweet and that he was hugged by a Republican pizza-shop owner.

But I was surprised that his first kiss with Michelle was outside a Baskin-Robbins in Hyde Park. I wonder if I ever went to that one when I attended the U of C?

P.S. Mitt Romney refused Us's offer to do his own list, but probably because he thought it was a ruse to get at his tax returns. Or because he wasn't sure about which Mitt Romney they wanted to learn things.


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