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Jul 16 2014
Need To Know: RootPaul + Underwear'd It Go??? + Dems #Winning + Gender-Shaming Mrs. O + Selfie Control + Madonna's Cougar Ways Cheered + MORE! Comments (0)

RuPaulWhy the Shelley Long face?

*widget boy cultureJustin Root interviews RuPaul, addresses crow's feet issue.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson says she's now Jessica Johnson.

*widget boy cultureJOCKSTRAPPED FOR CASH: Universal Gear in Chelsea, NYC, closing.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe's Horns gets a trailer. Have a look.

*widget boy cultureDems slightly ahead in CO & MI Senate races.

*widget boy cultureBritain's Got Talent winner Jamie Lambert comes out.

*widget boy cultureUTAH THIS COMING A MILE AWAY: 2 ex-Attorneys General arrested.

*widget boy cultureCameron Diaz pukey at the thought of tapping Drew Barrymore.

*widget boy cultureTeabaggers align with Joan Rivers in insulting Mrs. Obama.

Joan_rivers_at_mustos_25th_anniversary-680x365What's good for the goose is good for the gender.

*widget boy cultureLeAnn Rimes (of all people) wants you to Dance Like You Don't Give a...!

*widget boy cultureSoccer deep throater. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureEx-gay Pastor Duane Youngblood (the name!) accused of molesting a boy.

*widget boy cultureThis kid's celebrity selfie destroys all of yours.

*widget boy cultureBrody Jenner in hot water over selective wedding attendance.

*widget boy cultureCRY ME A RIVER: Public hates Boehner's idea of suing President Obama.

*widget boy cultureNY Post writer defends (!) Madonna's “wild love life.”

*widget boy cultureWeird Al Yankovic transforms “Happy” into “Tacky”, enlists comic support.

Margaret-ChoCho mama!

Jun 25 2014
Marriage Equality Two'fer: Utah & Indiana Comments (0)


Today, both Utah and Indiana achieved marriage equality. As Joe points out, it happened within a span of 10 minutes. Was any of this imaginable back when those lesbians got married on Friends in the '90s? Nope.

Jan 19 2014
Need To Know: Brutal Gay Murder, Ms. Parker Wants To Marry, Kylie's Blue Material, SAGgers, LOOKING Good + MORE! Comments (0)

Caique_santos_gay_teen_brazilWhat monster could kick this sweet face to death?

*widget boy culture16-year-old gay boy tortured, murdered in Brazil—they extracted his teeth.

*widget boy cultureHouston's Mayor Annise Parker gets married, pisses off the right.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to marry his mister, so killed his missus.

*widget boy cultureRUFF STUFF: Adorable Pekingese puppy gifs.

*widget boy cultureSean Cody barebacker "Noel" not allowed to graduate...high school...for doing porn.

*widget boy cultureLISTEN: Kylie Minogue's bubbly "Into the Blue."

*widget boy cultureGOP officially loathes gays, but gay Republicans keep trying.

*widget boy cultureMcConaughey & Leto win @ SAG + full list of winners here.

UnnamedA little too blue, Jasmine

*widget boy cultureIn advance of a Grammys perf, Madonna's Instagram Hall of Fame.

*widget boy cultureSundance celebrates gay couples married in Utah.

*widget boy cultureGay protester in Russia wrestled down by Olympics security, detained.

*widget boy cultureTonight's Looking on HBO gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureYou must see The #RichKids of Beverly Hills on bethenny.

*widget boy cultureGary Lee Boas on the horny Mayor of the Munchkins.

*widget boy cultureJuan Pablo Galavis is sorry, sinceremente.

*widget boy cultureNotorious Russian kidnapper/torturer of gays arrested in Cuba.

Maxim-MartsinkevichRussian psycho

Burning Issue Comments (0)


Trestin Meacham, the charmer from Utah who went on a hunger strike to protest gay marriages in that state and then had some yogurt once they were (temporarily?) put on hold, uses the following as his Facebook image:


Gee, that's not too hateful. Facebook thinks it's okay, but is often upset with images showing men kissing.

Jan 10 2014
Eff Utah Comments (0)


U.S. Attorny General Eric Holder has announced that the federal government will recognize those marriages performed in Utah prior to the Supreme Court's decision, which forbade further marriages until the appeal was played out.

Jan 06 2014
They Don't (For Now) Comments (0)

Sonia-Sotomayor-453906-1-402Justice Sotomayor allowed the full Court to decide; it went against equality. For now.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court has halted any further same-sex marriages in Utah.

Dec 20 2013
Marriage Equality Comes To Utah Comments (0)

Gay-marriage-UtahPicture via Twitter

You're looking at the first same-sex couple married legally in Utah. A court ruling has struck down the state's nine-year-old ban on same-sex marriages. Couples are stampeding to get married before any appeal freezes the surprise availability of marriage equality...

...in UTAH. It bears repeating!

Oct 21 2013
Human Unkind Comments (0)

Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall, Boy Scout leaders on an expedition with teenage scouts, deliberately toppled an ancient (150 million years+) rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. They filmed the process and cheered each other on. Why? Hall claims the top rock looked loose so he was trying to save kids' lives.

Such a disgusting liar.

Seeing these oafs makes me ashamed of humanity. It's by far not the worst thing we are capable of, but it's the perfect expression of one aspect of us that leads to far worse atrocities. It's that desire to destroy in order to dominate. It made me think of shit like this:

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