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Feb 21 2014
Need To Know: Grande Divas, Arizona vs. Gays, Bloody Nonsense, A Gosling Pick-Me-Up + MORE! Comments (0)

ARIANA-GRANDETeen-queen of all she surveys

*widget boy cultureAriana Grande loves Bay City's Madonna for not "eff-ing up" when people want her to.

*widget boy cultureArizona's House votes in favor of bill allowing businesses to refuse service to LGBTs.

*widget boy cultureThe FDA's policy against gay men donating blood is insane.

*widget boy cultureThe weave that ate Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureGet picked up by Ryan Gosling.

*widget boy cultureFU Underwear model shows off his stuff on video.

*widget boy cultureCome see me on Instagram for more stuff like this:

Guy-subway-surreptitiousSomeday, Prince will come.

Aug 15 2013
Need To Know: She's Every Icon, It's All In Her; Gays Playing Russian Roulette; A Trip To GHB Town + MORE Comments (0)

Gaga-Madonna-Britney-Spears-Michael-JacksonBlackface as Whitney or Janet? Sideburns as Elvis? Little round glasses as Lennon?

*widget boy cultureAre Gaga's V covers a tribute to Madonna, Michael Jackson & Britney Spears?

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of Madonna idolaters...

*widget boy cultureHow I wish Lady Gaga's ex-assistant Jennifer O'Neill were the Jennifer O'Neill.

*widget boy cultureMUST-READ: "8 Horrific and Uplifting Stories About Being Gay in the New Russia." James-Marsden

*widget boy cultureJames Marsden not comfy playing the smoldering guy.

*widget boy cultureI am equality. Are you?

*widget boy cultureLisa Vanderpump's gay-bar lawsuit.

*widget boy cultureBachelor star commits suicide.

*widget boy cultureFake Seinfeld movie posters.

*widget boy cultureGay-marriage states drawing gays from other states.

*widget boy cultureIs marriage equality really just "the fashion of the moment?"

*widget boy cultureLevonia Jenkins takes "Pee Town."

*widget boy cultureGay mayor vs. gay mayoral candidate in...Ferndale, Michigan???

*widget boy cultureThe best Madonna gifs on the Internet.

Top-20-madonna-hot-gifs-lady-gagaIt makes no difference if you're, black or white...if you're a Lady or a girl.

Aug 23 2012
O, Canada: Celine Strips Comments (3)

Celine Dion by Sebastian Feena
This isn't a Kristen Wiig parody, it's actually Celine Dion showing off to Sebastian Feena for V Magazine. She went for "sexy."

Sebastian Feena Celine Dion for V topless

Mar 09 2011
"Ladies" We Love Comments (18)

April 2011 - Britney Spears LO
The first-ever Britney Spears Out cover is, well, out. The exclusive Madonna cover—shot in 1982—is not available for viewing until March 14. Lady GaGa has really upped the "I love the gays" ante for the divas.


Interesting that both Out's cover and V's featuring Britney choose not to go four-color with Brit-Brit:


Sep 04 2009
Perfect V Comments (0)


People are talking about V Magazine (Fall 2009) for its incredible Lady GaGa cover and spread by Mario Testino. While Madonna is relegated to an "eh" Louis Vuitton ad inside, GaGa is posing in the way Madonna used to—it's an exciting, out-there and beautifully creative piece. But inside the mag are some other reasons to check it out, starting with Leandro from the campy shoot "Pump Up the Stam!: The Rachel Zoe Workout by Magnus Unnar.

Below, check out the incredible shirtless models of "Wild Things" by Testino, Tommy Dunn, Brett Robinson, Cameron Bailey and Johnny Angel :



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Jul 03 2009
There's Nothing To It Comments (2)


Madonna, "Vogue"

Cameron Diaz salutes Madonna's style in V (Fall Preview 2009):


Madonna, True Blue album cover

1987 8 17 Amica Alberto Tolot copy
Madonna, Amica Magazine cover


Madonna, Vanity Fair
May 10 2009
Getting Along Swimmingly Comments (2)


David Gandy looks pubetastic in "The Swimsuit Issue" by Mario Testino from V Magazine (Summer 2009). But he ain't all the magazine has to offer:


More to come...

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Mar 17 2009
She's Not Me Comments (1)


Terry Richardson shoots a fun editorial called "American Idolatry" for V (Spring 2009) that features model Anna Selezneva mixing and mingling with various wax figures at Madame Tussauds in Times Square. I haven't been to that hole in years, and the terrible likeness of Madonna (above) is one reason why—any stars who do not sit for their dummies end up looking unrecognizably generic. But I looove the Hard Candy mosaic.

I actually got trapped in there once during a brief, building-wide black-out with my mom...it was troubling to be in the pitch black inside a wax museum, but the lights came back on before Vincent Price had a chance to snatch us.
Mar 12 2009
Luke Has Entered The Building Comments (0)

Photo V (Spring 2009) jumps on the Luke Grimes manwagon, granting him a beautiful, Mario Testino-shot cover and "Introducing Luke Grimes" feature.

Grimes was supposed to become a huge movie star, but his first two movies have been on the shelf for ages, so it's up to his role on the soaper (sorry, but it is) Brothers & Sisters to put him over the top


He had a deeply religious upbringing that didn't quite take. "Growing up I believed in it fully. And I thought something was wrong with me when I couldn't speak in tongues," he tells V. "I used to try but I knew I was faking it." Sounds like he was doing it right after all.

Grimes also gallantly talks about how filming sex scenes with Ellen Barkin threatened to bone him up. "She really went for it. You are worried about it affecting you—as a guy, if you know what I mean. You don't want to embarrass yourself. But I think from now on I am just going to enjoy it. If it affects me, then it's like, 'Sorry guys, I'm just really in character.'"


009_220-077~Elvis-Presley-Posters Finally, Grimes laments a flubbed 2005 audition to play Elvis, swearing, "I will tell you this now. I am going to make an Elvis movie one day. I will blow Kurt Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and whoever else, out of the water. I will be the best Elvis ever."

One more of Grimes after the jump, plus a hot Grimes ad...

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