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Jun 29 2014
Need To Know: Ian McKellen Gets VICIOUS + Amy Adams Is A Trooper + Bush's LGBT Traitors + CEOuting + A Tale Of Two French Bulldogs + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureVicious, with Ian McKellen & Derek Jacobi as 70something lovers, premieres tonight.

*widget boy cultureAnti-LGBT discrimination in long-term care facilities.

*widget boy cultureAmy Adams is a goddamned saint.

*widget boy cultureApproximately 70 douchey gays & lesbians worked directly for George W. Bush.

*widget boy cultureFor some odd reason, Paris Hilton is still alive.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama's pro-LGBT policies go global, come what may.

*widget boy cultureCNBC host accidentally outs glass-closeted Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

*widget boy cultureAuthor & ex-CEO says leaders should come out—being gay is good for business.

*widget boy cultureAbfab Herb Ritts outtake of Madonna a la Carmen Miranda leaks.

*widget boy cultureNew front in the Gaga & Madonna Wars: French bulldog copying.

SiaChoreographer Ryan Heffington, Sia's stand-in

*widget boy cultureSia performs “Chandelier” with NYC Gay Men's Chorus.

*widget boy culturePat Sajak needs to buy a consonant (LGBT?) when it comes to en-gay-gements.

*widget boy culturePrison record for crimes related to bizarre fetish? Perfect GOP candidate.

*widget boy cultureSam Smith wants your (homo)sexuality to be “a normality.”

*widget boy culture140 things you never knew about Twitter. The pager thing is crazy!

*widget boy cultureSen. Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina) leads her rivals in (conservative) poll.

*widget boy cultureFloyd, Virginia, expects dozens or more at 2nd annual Pride march.

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand thumbs his nose at his critics.

Steve-GrandHe ain't all that!

Jun 10 2014
Eric Cantor Is Shown The Door Comments (0)


The good news is Eric Cantor was shock-defeated in Virginia in his primary.

The bad news is that it was by an even more right-wing douchebag Tea Partier, Dave Brat.

Still: Suck it, Eric.

May 25 2014
Need To Know: O Kimye All Ye Faithful + Final Chapter + Wall Of Weiners + Fake Debates + MORE! Comments (0)

Kimye-dress-draculaHere comes the brides.

*widget boy cultureKIMYE FINALLY GOT MARRIED.

*widget boy cultureGiovanni's Room shutters.

*widget boy cultureWinter Sleep, Julianne Moore, Jean-Luc Godard do bon @ Cannes.

*widget boy cultureA wall of wriggling penises. Don't know much about art, but know what I like. 

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay priest took...it...out. Credit: Elaine Benes.

*widget boy cultureRight-wingers wanna impeach Virginia's AG over marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureMorgan Freeman...on helium!

*widget boy cultureVisit my (Work Unfriendly) sponsor, Mr. Man!

*widget boy cultureSofia Vergara breaks up with her Republican boyf. 

*widget boy cultureThe New York Times really did not care for the new Adam Sandler flick.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Hooper on fake debates engineered by anti-LGBT forces.

*widget boy cultureLogo distances itself from RuPaul, who in turn  reads Logo.

*widget boy cultureSoap actor Matthew Cowles, husband of Christine Baranski, dies.

Matthew_cowles_2007_03_29All My Children actor passes away at 69.

Apr 28 2014
Need To Know: Hola Amiga, Chunk'd, Michelle Not The Ticket, NBKKK + MORE! Comments (0)

Andy-WarholAndy Warhol is dead...but his art lives on!

*widget boy cultureLost Andy Warhol works recovered.

*widget boy cultureThe overweight Vivian Maier gets artistic revenge.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Obama cancels commencment speech over ticketing shit-fit.

*widget boy cultureSterling's racist comments to his half-black squeeze negate “I date blacks” defense.

*widget boy cultureNew weakpoint discovered in HIV; may advance vaccine.

*widget boy cultureHIV-positive and 23, he may run for Florida's House of Representatives.

*widget boy cultureJason Collins on Obama's council for fitness/sports/nutrition.

*widget boy cultureVERY LITTLE TO DO: This guy's hobby is no small feat.

*widget boy cultureUnfortunately, none will probably starve to death.

*widget boy culture1800s Polish prison tattoos, still attached to dead convicts' skin!

Polish-prison-tattooLea DeLaria, is that you?

Jan 22 2014
Need To Know: The Jury Is Out, They Better Work, Bareback To School + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureABOVE: Alex Cubis couldn't look cuter.

*widget boy cultureTHAT'S ALL SHE WROTE: Murder She Wrote reboot murdered.

*widget boy culture Jurors can't be rejected solely on the basis of their sexual orientation. Covergurlz_album2

*widget boy cultureRuPaul cover album on iTunes!

*widget boy cultureDjokovic loses, big-time.

*widget boy cultureHomophobic ex-VA Gov. Bob McDonnell + wife indicted.

*widget boy cultureSuicide bombers on the loose in Sochi?

*widget boy cultureKaty Perry prayed for titties.

*widget boy cultureBlack Republican candidate in Florida wants Obama lynched to "hang high."

*widget boy cultureWHAT THE HELL YOU WANT FROM HIM: New George Michael album.

*widget boy cultureWin a movie date with George Clooney!

*widget boy cultureNew Adele album and tour...in 2015.

*widget boy culture18yo bareback gang-bang porn actor "was never suspended" from high school???

Robert-MarucciMarucci had begged for no media, then granted a TV interview.

Nov 15 2013
Can A Whole City Come Out? Comments (0)


This tourism ad for Richmond, Virginia, forcefully rejects anyone's opinion that it's still the capital of the Confederacy and a bastion of intolerance...

 Read More

Nov 06 2013
Win/Win Comments (0)

Big wins for Democrats last night, with Bill de Blasio (seen above with his family) notching a historic landslide win vs. Joe Lhota in NYC (by almost 50 points) to become our first Democratic mayor in Terry-McAuliffe20 years, and with former DNC chief Terry McAuliffe (pictured at left) defeating Tea Party douchebag Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia's governor race.

Still, Cuccinelli had been expected to lose by a wider margin, proving that the South is still fine with completely unhinged people running for office. A more anti-woman, anti-gay candidate you would be hard-pressed to find, and yet he was the choice of 45% of the voters in the state that alleges, unconvincingly, that it is "for lovers."

Chris Christie coasted to re-election as NJ's governor, making him a presidential front-runner in '16. God help us if Hillary doesn't run.

Oct 18 2013
Need To Know: Ice Too Vanilla For Madonna, Twilight's Last Reeking, Great Scott, Myth Universe + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureNOT NICE, NICE, BABY!: Would Vanilla Ice do a Madonna Sex sequel? "Hellll, no."

*widget boy cultureRobert Pattinson loves a good whiff of whatever you've got.

*widget boy cultureScott Evans looks damn good to me naked. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureThomas Roberts thinks hosting Miss Universe in Russia is pro-gay. Somehow.

*widget boy cultureWes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer arrives.

*widget boy cultureOut Israeli mayoral candidate is a first.

Nick-GruberExtreme homo makeover.

*widget boy cultureAs a Michigander, it'll blow me away if my birth state gets marriage equality soon.

*widget boy cultureStephen Fry allows "gay-curing" "doctor" to hang himself with his own words.

*widget boy cultureHomeless LGBT youth living on the streets of NYC.

*widget boy cultureYes, Virginia, "ex-gay" activists suck...ironically.

*widget boy cultureGigantic ass...wow.

*widget boy cultureIs Nick Gruber's support in a pro-gay campaign positive?

*widget boy cultureCher: Gaga is not the young Madonna, no one is the young Cher.

CherIf she could turn back time, she still wouldn't find "the young Cher."

Aug 05 2013
Need To Know: Quinn's First Time, Terror Message, Sexy Actor Doesn't Consider Himself Sexy + MORE Comments (4)

Quinn-JaxonThe Book of Hormones.

*widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon's First Book is only 10 bucks.

*widget boy cultureFOX News contributor compares gay love with Ariel Castro.

*widget boy cultureFOX News to Cantor: Why are you passing bills that won't become laws?

*widget boy cultureCACA-CHING: GOP abandons Ryan's budget plan.

*widget boy cultureFirst worldwide travel warning in two years as terrorist chatter spikes.

*widget boy cultureJustin Deeley: "I would never consider myself a very sexy person."

Robert-Conrad-Van-WilliamsRecipe for hunk soup: Robert Conrad and Van Williams; add water.

*widget boy cultureGreat FB page for Hollywood gossip new (Carter MacIntyre) & old (Robert Conrad). Carter-McIntyre

*widget boy cultureA very honest newscaster assesses her on-air skills.

*widget boy cultureRussia hopes to punish Lady Gaga and Madonna.

*widget boy cultureKitten set on fire is recovering nicely.

*widget boy culturePeter Capaldi, 55, is the new "Doctor Who."

*widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan swears off booze.

*widget boy cultureGov. Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia) is goin' down.

*widget boy cultureActor and photographer Ken Rambo dies of heat prostration.

*widget boy cultureActor Michael Ansara, ex-husband of Barbara Eden, dies at 91.

Barbara-with-husband-Michael-Ansara-and-son-Matthew-i-dream-of-jeannie-6448026-394-371Eden with Ansara and their late son, Matthew, who died of a drug overdose in 2001.

Jul 19 2013
Need To Know: Rick The Dick, Anal-Annie Farrah's A Dumb-Ass, Detroit On The Dole + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE, VIA OHLALAMAG: Full Frontal assault on Rick Perry's war on women's rights.

*widget boy cultureCNBC couldn't stand how badly Sen. Elizabeth Warren creamed its hosts!

*widget boy cultureTeen Mom's Farrah Abraham on Trayvon Martin: "I feel like I've met her..."

*widget boy cultureVIRGINIA IS FOR GAY LOVERS: 50% there support marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureThe Ender's Game director wants your gay dollars anyway.

*widget boy cultureI think Detroit panhandled me outside my Citibank today.

*widget boy cultureShirtless buddies are always in fashion.