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Sep 06 2011
You Can Look, But You Can Also Touch Comments (0)

Face it: Steven Klein has a thing for photographing young men being molested by older women. Latest example is his "The Contender" for Vman (Fall 2011), starring model wannabes Matt, Clark, Brayden, Kacey, Joe and Cesar. Clark and Matt (pictured) were the winners of Vman's model search:

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Aug 31 2011
Popping A Cheekboner Comments (1)

You can almost hear Taylor Lautner whispering, "Ooooooh!" on his Vman cover. Very Grace Jones meets Sabu:


May 31 2011
Water Sports Comments (1)

As seen in Vman (Summer 2011), various water-borne athletes as seen by Matthew Scrivens:


May 29 2011
Running Away With Him Comments (2)

As usual, Bruce Weber's contribution to Vman (Summer 2011)—"It's Just My Imagination Running Away With Me"—is peopled by impossibly hot collegiates...

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May 06 2011
Wait'll We Get Our Haynes On You Comments (0)

In Vman (Summer 2011), the cast of MTV's Teen Wolf is introduced, including sexy-as-hell Colton Haynes. Too bad the magazine couldn't even spell his name correctly:


Nov 13 2010
Like A Dark-Horse Comments (1)

Thirty-seven-year-old Stephen Dorff is keeping himself well preserved, per Vman, and is probably at least keeping a shelf clear for that dark-horse Oscar.

Oct 04 2010
Somewhere Boy Comments (1)

Aaron Johnson, 20, speaks with Vman (Fall 2010) about his upcoming film Nowhere Boy, with whose 41-year-old director he fell in love and made a baby. He sounds pretty serious in his quotes—he deplores throwaway movies, irresponsible behavior and the fact that he's already made more movies than Daniel Day-Lewis.

Cute, too:


Oct 01 2010
Last Year's Model Comments (1)

ZR.J. Rogenski

Vman (Fall 2010) shoots two models who were shot in April 2003 and puts their current looks alongside the looks they sported earlier in their careers. It's not deep, but it's fun to look at:

ZzzzzzBrad Kroenig

Sep 30 2010
Aged Beef Comments (0)


The '70s/'80s supermodel Jeff Aquilon appears in Vman (Fall 2010) in the state in which he (still) looks best—shirtless and pensive. Bruce Weber discovered him at a 1978 casting at Pepperdine, where he was captain of the water polo team. Weber's work with Aquilon is iconic; I'm fortunate enough to own a beautiful gelatin print of one of Aquilon's most famous poses, which graces my bedroom wall (and which inspires me to pass up cupcakes more often than I'd like):

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Sep 07 2010
Enjoy The Preview Comments (0)

More of this Vman preview here.