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Oct 24 2012
Boy Gone Wild Comments (1)
Billy Eichner has finally met up with "Madonnnnnna! Madonnnnna! Madonnnnna!" on Conan...

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Aug 28 2012
"Vogue"'s Gallery Comments (0)
Madonna mashup
Fiorious's "7 Steps" all mashed up with Madonna's "Vogue" (free download, too)...

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Aug 20 2012
This Mash-Up Is Marvelous! Comments (2)

Madonna Scissor Sisters Lets Have a Kiki Captain Obvious
With thanks to Joe.My.God.: The Captain Obvious melding of "Vogue" with "Let's Have a Kiki" finally has a video, a rather clever marriage of dueling source materials...

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Aug 18 2012
The Dance Of Life Comments (1)

Shaun Sperling Vogue video
Shaun Sperling, the Chicago-area lawyer who as a teen vogued to Madonna at his bar mitzvah in a now-viral, outrageously funny video, grants an interview (below) in which he discusses the not-so-funny message he hopes kids will take from his 1992 shimmying.

P.S. Let's not forget the original "Vogue" flashback kid, or the original "Vogue" flashback bar mitzvah kid—but Shaun is definitely stepping up and capitalizing on his burst of attention in order to send a positive image to today's gay youth. Not to mention recreating his performance this week! Kudos to all three—amazing men with amazing taste in music...

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Aug 15 2012
Oy Toy Comments (4)

Bar mitzvah Madonna VogueI still maintain "Vogue" is the hardest to dance to of all dance songs

Had no idea so many young boys unashamedly vogued along with Madonna back in the day at their bar mitzvahs and other social gatherings. This one is particularly brave, cutting a rug in his suit and tie but without any cumbersome sense of rhythm. (Just teasing, Shaun!) Adorable. And makes that whole "becoming a man" thing a tough sell when you're giving good face. I think we need a 2012 "Vogue"-off with this one...

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Aug 14 2012
Madonna Ciccone Gives Good Face: 22 Years Of "Vogue" Comments (9)

Madonna Vogue
TrevvieLand has edited a fabulous retrospective of all the best footage of Madonna performing "Vogue" over the years. It's a real salute to how this song—even with its distinctively 1990 sound—never ages. The same could be argued for Madonna, or not, depending on your definition.

Madonna Vogue Super BowlIs "Vogue" her best song ever? I would say it has to be in her Top 3, along with "Into the Groove" and "Like a Prayer".

Her many reinterpretations look all the more brilliant one after another. All the more spectacular is the fact that some of these totally different takes were concocted within months of each other, while others are decades apart...

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