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Jun 27 2013
On The Outs: A Review Of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's THE OUT LIST Comments (1)

TimothyGreenfield-Sanders with Dustin Lance Black

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's The Out List follows his The Black List and The Latin List as an HBO documentary that serves as sort of a moving portraits of a number of LGBT luminaries, and by its diversity of subject, of the LGBT community at large.

WANDAAiring June 27 on HBO, The Out List is in some respects a simple, to-camera Q&A with famous LGBTs. Stylistically, nothing new. But the sum is greater than its parts. Greenfield-Sanders engenders (in some cases, the editing is a bit too aggressive) plain-spoken, highly personal responses from the people in front of his lens. In the same way that he showed a new side of porn stars via photography, many of these familiar faces are presented in slightly different ways in this film.

Most interestingly, the edge behind Lady Bunny's humor is revealed, not purposely, to be her anger over being marginalized by not only the world at large but by her own community, especially the young'uns.

What follows are memorable quotes from each of the film's subjects. Check them out, and don't miss this queer filmic time capsule when it airs later this month on the 44th anniversary of Stonewall...

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Oct 16 2012
Gay For Obama Comments (0)

Jesse Tyler FergusonGirlfriend's room was covered in Phantom of the Opera merch!

A slew of household-name LGBT people appear in a powerful new ad to re-elect President Obama, including Jane Lynch, Billie Jean King, Chaz Bono, Wanda Sykes, George Takei, Zachary Quinto and this budding queen above.

Watch the video to see who he is...

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Aug 21 2012
Funny "Ha-Ha," Or Funny "Queer?" Comments (0)

Queer comics
The above is from No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, a new anthology that includes gay comics, 'zines and graphic novels. Interesting that gay rights exploded with Stonewall the very year that queer comics were born.

Speaking of gay comics (with a hat tip to Kenneth), The New York Times wonders why there aren't more male ones who've become A-listers like their lesbian counterparts Rosie O'Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes.

Dave Rubin

One theory floated by my pal Dave Rubin:

"Television likes their gay people as sidekicks on the Bravo network or as fashion experts. I’m just not sure how far we’ve come from one of my favorite Homer Simpson lines: 'Marge, I like my TV loud, my beer cold and my homosexuals flaming!'"

So is he right? And if not, why aren't there any A-list gay male comedians...and which one will be the first to break through the Todd Glass ceiling?

Jun 21 2012
On The Record Comments (3)

Entertainment Weekly (June 29, 2012) has an interesting feature on the "new art of coming out" in Hollywood. In a nutshell, the magazine points out that many of the celebrities who've made if official in the years since Ellen's "Yep, I'm gay" splash have done so in low-key ways or as an afterthought. This removes the defensive argument many people make about gay public figures not having to march in pride parades—that was never the point. The point was making it official, and more and more are doing so.

Sidenote: Above is the newsstand cover, but the subscription cover needs space for a mailing address so loses two faces. The two who were considered expendable: Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Oct 05 2010
Who You Calling A Bully? Comments (1)


Lance Bass used to bully other gay or gay-seeming kids to hide his own sexuality. Imagine being bullied by Lance!!!

Humor aside, I think he deserves credit for pointing out that bullying is not some unBELIEVably beyond-the-pale thing that only a fraction of people engage in. Come on—we have all said and done things that approach the definition of bullying; even one unkind remark can become one more verbal punch for someone who's endured countless others we didn't know about, right?

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Jun 07 2010
Because Enquiring Minds Want To Know Who's Queer Comments (12)

National Enquirer (June 14, 2010) is back with its always entertaining proclamations on "Who's Gay & Who's Not." Here's the score: 

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Apr 01 2010
A Time To Change: Anna Paquin Comes Out As Bisexual Comments (3)

Oscar winner and True Blood star Anna Paquin comes out as bi in a powerful new True Colors Fund PSA advocating for LGBT equality. She along with household names like Cyndi Lauper, Whoopi Goldberg, Clay Aiken, Elton John and Wanda Sykes (leaving no stone unturned, Eric Roberts pops up, too) are bringing awareness to We Give a Damn, a new initiative that says "it is time for things to change."

Good for her! What a great new ally, one who is on the radar of most teenagers thanks to her hot series. 

With all the recent "outcomes" lately, this is feeling like momentum...


(On the lighter side of things, the Sara Blakely Foundation is listed at the similarly titled giveadamn.org with a quote about "unleashing" women...even though she's the creator of Spanx. Seems like a cool chick, BTW.)

Dec 04 2009
In & Out Comments (14)

Globe (December 14, 2009) has its ongoing "Who's Gay and Who's Not in Hollywood" feature. Here's the tally, according to them: 

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