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May 28 2012
Put A Fork In Him, He's Dunn Comments (1)

Former SNL cast member Nora Dunn does her best Lorne Michaels impression (involving Madonna and Sean—Penn), then relates a hysterical Warren Beatty story.

Mar 07 2012
Legal Gender Comments (0)

Warren Beatty transgender son

National Enquirer (March 19, 2012) continues with its coverage of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's transgender son Stephen. Alongside a shot of their shirtless son Ben, they claim Beatty is refusing to pay for Stephen's gender-reassignment surgery.

Nov 12 2010
Shooting From The Hips Comments (10)

Cher gave a hilarious interview to David Letterman last night. He deserves some of the credit for presenting her with a list of men she's rumored to have bedded, eliciting responses from her that ranged from "yes" to "once" to "noooo!", but giving candid, funny, earthy interviews is in my opinion what Cher does best. She also talks about her son Chaz's transition and her, er, eagerly anticipated film Burlesque (the lips and cheeks look painful! There, I said it!)...after the jump...

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Aug 12 2010
Dick...That's An Interesting Name Comments (2)

According to National Enquirer (August 23, 2010), Annette Bening has decided to pay for and support her daughter Kathlyn's gender-reassignment surgery even though Warren Beatty is still being a dick about accepting the inevitable. I hope the daughter soon-to-be-formerly known as Kathlyn will have both parents' support—and soon.

Is this all leading to a teary Oscar acceptance speech (for The Kids are All Right) in which Bening thanks her son?

Jun 16 2010
Her Father's Son Comments (0)

According to National Enquirer (June 28, 2010), the 18-year-old daughter of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, Kathlyn, is hoping for gender-reassignment surgery. The details are that her parents are not supportive to the point where she's offering poems for $10 online in order to raise the money. 

If that's true, I'd be happy to send him $10, poor kid.

Jul 03 2009
Dick Pics Comments (0)

1990 - Dick Tracy 25

Two shots from Dick Tracy that I'd never seen until now (thanks, Trub). One is above and the other (said in my best Breathless Mahoney voice) is down below...

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