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Apr 15 2014
Need To Know: We'll Always Have PARIS IS BURNING, F.U. Airways, Logo-Go Boys, MOTHERS Pay + MORE! Comments (0)

Paris-Is-Burning-Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles, learning she isn't the first queen with a mummified body in her closet.

*widget boy cultureNew book on classic movie Paris Is Burning.

*widget boy cultureU.S. Airways shows disgruntled customer how to go eff herself.

*widget boy cultureGet attached to Logo's short-form series Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached. Girl-gone-wild

*widget boy cultureMadonna does Buzzfeed, word-associates "Putin" with "gay."

*widget boy culture"Girl Gone Wild" is even gayer, more dance-oriented.

*widget boy cultureSky Ferreira is such a tease!

*widget boy cultureYES to this Quinn Jaxon video, NO to this one.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson, undies model.

*widget boy culturePlease support The Mothers or they'll guilt you to death: 

*widget boy cultureGay Games driving some Cleveland Muslims crazy.

*widget boy cultureSome bookstores are actually thriving. How???

*widget boy cultureRobin Roberts still defending being glass-closeted for so long.

*widget boy cultureKansas City shooter also loathed gays.

*widget boy cultureThat laptop is a lucky bitch.

NakedLaptop...or lapbottom?

Apr 09 2014
Drama King Comments (0)


Sebastian La Cause's Hustling Web series has taken the top prize at The 5th Annual Indie Series Awards in L.A. Congrats to all involved on some well-deserved honors!

Apr 05 2014
Dated Material: WALLFLOWERS Returns! Comments (0)


Season 2 of the hilarious Wallflowers is here. The first episode is after the jump, and I hear that this season has lotsa eye candy.

Kinda like these shirtless fellers from the series...

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Mar 31 2014
I Know There's Something Going On Comments (0)


The latest My Gay Roommate is all about coming out...

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Mar 11 2014
Holding Your GAYS: A Peek At The New LGBT Web Series Comments (0)


Are you watching Gays? It's a new Web series that vibes off of HBO's Girls, with its third and fourth episodes dropping within a week. From a press release:

"Following the release of a sexy teaser trailer, and the launch of a buzz generating social media blitz, Gays, a new half-hour original series about—you guessed it—a group of gay friends in New York City, premiered on January 12, 2014. The first two episodes went live at gaytheseries.com as well as on VIMEO, while cast, crew and the extended Gays family screened them at a packed premiere party...

"...Strategically timed to premiere the same day as HBO’s Girls, Gays continues to hope to reach a similar, if broader, crowd. Paying homage to, rather than spoofing, the HBO series, Gays is about four friends trying to make it in New York City. Though the lead characters can be defined as gay, the series aims to transcend labels, rather conveying the struggles that any group 20-something friends faces when living and working in NYC. Episodes three and four take us deeper into the lives of this relatable, flawed and funny group. The episodes will go live March 16, 2014."

Watch the first episode, after the jump...

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Feb 20 2014
Oh, Happy Gay Comments (0)


A new episode of My Gay Roommate is here. Get naked and watch...

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Feb 17 2014
Need To Know: Flippin' Burger, Jinkx: The Documentary, Republican Fat Cats + MORE! Comments (0)

Submissions-OnlySubmissions possible

*widget boy cultureThe trailer for Season 3 of Submissions Only is funnier than most entire Web series. Gabriel-Burger

*widget boy cultureMy interview with It's What You'd Like To Be.

*widget boy cultureGabriel Burger looking hot in the wild.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Kraft Dinner with Tuna Sauce recipe.

*widget boy cultureJinkx Monsoon's new documentary!

*widget boy cultureRepublicans are bought and paid for by billionaires.

*widget boy cultureOFF THE MONEY: "You pay $1,000,000 in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"

*widget boy cultureAbove: Straight guys in a "Sticky Situation."

*widget boy cultureRussian diva on anti-gay laws: "They're not really about gay people."

*widget boy cultureHelen Gurley Brown helped keep Rosie O'Donnell in the closet for 10 extra years.


Feb 12 2014
Whoa, Dude Looks Like A Lady! Comments (0)

This week's episodes of Whoa, Dude! focus on drag queens (above) and daddies/bears (after the jump)...

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Jan 29 2014
Hard Focus: Jonny McGovern's New Web Series Pulls A Boner (Or Two) Comments (0)

Creepers-athletesI always feel like somebody's watchiiing meee...and I get no privacy!

What a great idea..."Gay Pimp" Jonny McGovern has cooked up a new Web series called Whoa Dude! that simply gathers all the sleaziest "intentionally and unintentionally homoerotic" clips of dudes strutting their stuff on the Web.

Whoa-dudeCollege + testosterone + alkyhaul = situational homosexuality.

I was particularly fond of his creeper tribute in the first episode (guilty!).

Watch both sexed-up installments after the jump...

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Jan 07 2014
Roommate At The Top Comments (0)


It's time for Season 3 of My Gay Rommate, which creator Noam Ash swears will be the "funniest, craziest and sexiest" season yet...

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