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Nov 19 2014
Yet More NEW TRICKS! Comments (0)


Mommie Dearest survivor Rutanya Alda guests on the latest episode of Old Dogs & New Tricks...

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Nov 18 2014
Last One Into The Pool... Comments (0)


The new Raymond & Lane is here, and it's all wet...

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Nov 12 2014
New Old Dogs! Comments (0)


Old Dogs & New Tricks is back...

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Nov 04 2014
Queen Elton Can't Hold A Candle In The Wind To THE Queen Comments (0)


Another episode of Madonna Dearest is here, and she's shading Guy Ritchie, Bethenny Frankel, Elton John, Lady Gaga and herself...

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Nov 03 2014
Unfashionably Forward Comments (0)


The latest Raymond & Lane is here, and it's got a star turn by Will Jardell and a Boy Culture reference to boot!

Check it out after the jump...

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Oct 30 2014
Madonna's Last Stand-Up Comments (0)


Madonna meets both Winona Ryder and Cher...

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Oct 29 2014
Roommating Season Comments (0)


I had fun at the season wrap for My Gay Roommate, at which creator Noam Ash was sporting the pinkest cowboy hat since Madonna's Music era. It was held at The Eagle, NYC's most notorious leather bar...a place I'd never set foot in, so now I at least know the lay of the land in case I decide to go back and get laid by all in the land.

Special announcement: The Web series is heading to legit, 30-minute-format TVdom next year. Congrats to all involved!

Need To Know: Draggin' His Heart Around + Rich CEO + Jolie's Tea Party + Gaga Preggers + Hook-Up Hell + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSummerlin gay boy teams up with RuPaul drag vet.

*widget boy cultureGay man named head of Discovery Network.

*widget boy cultureLaraine Newman remembers Marcia Strassman.

*widget boy cultureImagine Angelina Jolie playing Michele Bachmann???

*widget boy cultureThe boy looks good naked:

HOT-GUYSo much more to see...

*widget boy cultureWHEN HE'S RIGHT...: Elton John thinks young gays don't care about AIDS.

*widget boy cultureWTF?: Anti-gay airport attacker only eligible for slap on the wrist.

*widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo's family isn't funny-stupid, they're stupid-stupid. Artbirth300x175

*widget boy culture“Lady Gaga” is “pregnant.”

*widget boy cultureMatt Crane is proud of his “large, defined” legs.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson's ass habits.

*widget boy cultureThe most jaded gays ever finally have an outlet.

*widget boy cultureRight-wing nuts faking pro-choice outlook until post-election.

*widget boy cultureAnother gay hook-up goes very wrong.

*widget boy cultureGov. Scott Walker (R-WI) has a Palin-style word-stroke.