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Oct 17 2014
PLEASE Falling On Deaf Ears Comments (0)


Please Like Me's Josh Thomas takes fan questions. Acutally, he fans fan question, because it takes him the whole video to get around to answering the first one...

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Oct 13 2014
Hey Courtney! Comments (0)


The latest episode of Hey Queen! with Jonny McGovern features RuPaul's Drag Race royalty Courtney Act...

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Oct 04 2014
Sketchy Humor: (Andrew) Chappelle's Show Comments (0)


If you're not watching Andrew Chappelle's Sketch Betch comedy videos, you're missing out on reliable hilarity. Andrew, a former Mr. Broadway, is the kind of guy who can totally pull off the bitchtastic queen character in this hysterical birthday-obsessed parody... 

...and yet still manages to be the type of guy you'd really like to somehow climb on top of and do the kinds of bad things you'll both deny the next morning. That's a hard combo to pull off.

He's branched out into fashion parody, as in this short-but-bitter Michael Kors roast, which not incidentally includes shirtless beefcake appearances by Joshua Michael Brickman (who probably has NYC's best body), delicious Cory D. Stewart and Google-search-friendly Daxton Bloomquist:

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Oct 03 2014
Your Nightly Briefing: Jason T. Gaffney Comments (0)

Jason T. Gaffney

Check out Jason's funny new Web series here.

Oct 01 2014
She Never Said That!: New MADONNALOGUES Is Here! Comments (0)


Nadya Ginsburg's fourth Madonnalogues is here, and it's all about the winds of #revoution. My book Encyclopedia Madonnica (check out the Kickstarter here) makes a cameo, and I think Nadya reacts exactly as Madonna probably would LOL...

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Need To Know: Folsom Face-Sucking + Bake Off, Lady + Jockeying For Position + For Dismembers Only + Abs-Olutely Fabulous + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureABOVE: mr Pam hits Folsom Street Fair...and it hits back!

*widget boy cultureNothing makes me smile harder than a homophobe in tears. Kirsten-Dunst

*widget boy cultureReviewing sexual positions on Yelp!

*widget boy cultureKirsten Dunst short is best thing she's done in years.

*widget boy cultureKelly Rowland to play Donna Summer?

*widget boy cultureMore press for my new book—please pledge if you can.

*widget boy cultureObamas should move to a doorman building...

*widget boy cultureUNSAFE SEX: Gay porn actor murder trial under way.

*widget boy cultureMinneapolis gay couple shot by religious nutjob.

*widget boy cultureTyler Perry and his “girlfriend” (snort!) are expecting a son.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner is transitioning. Just accept it.

*widget boy culture2nd Obamacare enrollment period begins November 15!

Nick-the-Gardener-Billy-Reilich-Ellen-shirtlessDid I mention I'm an amateur proctologist?

*widget boy culture“Nick the Gardener”'s abs get their own spin-off show.

*widget boy cultureEbola hits the U.S. via Dallas.

*widget boy cultureInterview with out artist/illustrator Drew Green.

*widget boy cultureJessa Duggar links Darwin to the Holocaust to abortion because God.

*widget boy cultureKoch Brothers trying to buy Latinos' votes.

*widget boy cultureGetting intimate with Britney Spears.

*widget boy culturePolice chief's daughter screamed slurs and hit bashing victim in the face.

*widget boy cultureI LOLed at the fainting scene in Episode 3 of Raymond & Lane, after the jump...

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Sep 30 2014
Minute Man Comments (0)


Check out the funny new sketch-comedy Web series The Comedy Minute with Jason T. Gaffney after the jump. As Gaffney pointed out to me, it has several out gay and bi actors, and the first episode I'm posting is very gay-acting...

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Sep 24 2014
House Calls With Dr. Madonna Comments (0)


Dr. Madonna in the house, and his latest patient is someone you'll recognize...

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