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Jan 17 2015
This Is Why People Hate Huh Comments (0)


Gwyneth Paltrow really said all of these things...

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Jan 05 2015
The Bitches Are (Bare) Back! Comments (0)


It's not what it sounds like, but it is another ep of Raymond & Lane...

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Dec 17 2014
The Claus Comes Out Comments (0)


Old Dogs & New Tricks is back, this time putting the X in Xmas...

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Dec 15 2014
It's Like YOU KNOW Comments (0)


People You Know, the Web series, is making its Season 1, Part 1 available here while you wait for Part 2. It's as close to a Christmas gift as any Web series is ever going to give you.

Dec 11 2014
Your Makeup Is...You Know What It Is Comments (0)


Alaska makes a memorable appearance in the new ep of Raymond & Lane...

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Dec 10 2014
A New Trick: Skin Is In Comments (0)


The latest Old Dogs & New Tricks episode is entitled “Ginger Snaps”, which is very promising. Another promise that can be made: The series offers its first bare butt ever! A bare butt and Rutanya Alda...what else do you want from a Web series?

Keep reading for the full video...

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Dec 09 2014
The Love That Dare Not Keep Quiet Comments (0)


Michele Grandinetti's “Our Story” is the theme song to represent the love story between the titular characters in the Web series G&T. Its singer really has that lovey-dovey thing down...

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Dec 04 2014
Romance Is In The Air Comments (0)

Muscles and Lucas

The latest episode of Old Dogs & New Tricks is spicy...

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