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Jul 29 2013
Before? After? Try During! Comments (0)

I'm the most skeptical person you'll meet, and have narrowed my eyes at more than one "before-and-after" photo set. But this one is so convincing, I would never, ever have guessed that both photos were taken...on the same day. Amazing. And I want him, but that's kind of implied, no?

I'm now wondering if that fucking Carmen Electra NV weight loss stuff was just melted candy? (True story: I once desperately bought some of it. This was when I was about 15 pounds heavier than I am now. It was at CVS. I discreetly smuggled it to the cashier, only to have the large lady there openly study my purchase and ask, "Can I ask you what this is?" I looked right at her and in a low but firm voice said, "No." She was shocked but did not pursue it. I tried it for a while and then decided to exercise and eat right somewhat less than I had been.)

The Skinny On NYC: 4 Examples Of Why Manhattan Is (Almost) The Country's Fittest County Comments (1)

Stalker-Day-Homotography-2This is the latest in a series of articles written for BoyCulture.com by The Underwear Expert.

A week ago today, across page 7 of The New York Daily News, a story recounted one man's journey in conquering obesity in Manhattan, the U.S. county with the second lowest rate of obese men.

The study shows that fewer than one in five Manhattan men is obese. There could be many reasons for this: Pressure to look great, controversial Mayor Mike Bloomberg's pro-health measures, the city's walking-friendly lay-out or others.

The male underwear modeling industry is full of men with rock-hard bods, so it's no surprise some of them who live in or near Manhattan would be a part of that low obesity rate. We've compiled a list of NYC underwear models and a bit about how they got their rockin' bodies...

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Jul 18 2013
Your Body, My Body, Everybody Work Your Body Comments (6)
An interesting talk about male body image—something some gay men in particular obsess over at least as much as we think about breathing.
Jun 14 2013
Cruel To Be Kind Comments (1)


I have a love/hate thing going for Joan Rivers (instilled in me, I think, by her "her blood type is Ragu" Elizabeth Taylor jokes and a joke about how John Lennon's killer would be a hero if he'd aimed a little to the right—at Yoko), but it's all love in this sweet clip celebrating her eightieth birthday...

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Jun 05 2013
Need To Know: ENDA The World, Jolly Roger, Anna Nicole Smith Forever + MORE Comments (0)

Michelle-ObamaLesbian declares "I wasn't scared at all" of the First Lady. (Did FLOTUS have brass kunckles?)

*widget boy cultureFLOTUS is heckled by GetEQUAL activist, who winds up "taken aback."

*widget boy cultureChris Christie sets election to replace senator at a cost of millions to taxpayers.

*widget boy cultureRoger Ailes thinks people hate him because he's fat.

*widget boy cultureNOM chair lies under oath at IRS hearing.

*widget boy cultureVictim of Miguel stage stunt may have brain damage.

*widget boy cultureCelebrities for Bradley Manning.

*widget boy cultureLifetime does Anna Nicole Smith:

Jun 03 2013
Don't Even Think About It Comments (16)

Grindr-jerkWhat's the point if you're probably not interested, period?

I'm continually fascinated by how guys choose to express their desires on Grindr. No judgments if you're not into fat, skinny, old, young, swishy, etc., but how you say it speaks volumes of how deserving you are of any nookie at all.

Grindr-assholeThere are not only rules, but rules within the rules, to "ride this ride."

I know that Grindr is for love about as much as Virginia is for lovers, but it's endlessly distracting to read through the blunt demands emblazoned across taut torsos.

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Apr 13 2013
Need To Know: Try THAT On For Size, Madonna Wins Malawi Word War, Georgia Loses The Race + MORE Comments (5)

Rafael-AlencarPorn-business casual

*widget boy cultureRafael Alencar tries on swimsuits. No changing room. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culture"Sock, Cock, & Roll"...insane art piece. (Even Work Unfriendlier)

*widget boy culturePorti de Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres won't be moms. Ever. Shirtless-model-Bello-Mag

*widget boy cultureFrance racing toward marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureMalawi President "incandescent with anger"—Madonna off hook.

*widget boy cultureRepublicans "tremble in fear" of Hillary Clinton '16.

*widget boy cultureHey, Republicans, THIS is your party. Own it.

*widget boy cultureEven Georgia's GOVERNOR isn't down with integrated prom!

*widget boy cultureBallerina Maria Tallchief dies at 88.

*widget boy cultureMargaret Thatcher's impassioned anti-gay speech from '87.

*widget boy cultureTyrese despises fat cells.

*widget boy cultureAleksandar Tomovic brings color to Bello Mag.

*widget boy cultureDead man's donated organs rejected because he was gay.

Rocky-CampanaThe rejection occurred even before the transplant

Mar 27 2013
Need To Know: Material Girl, Anderson Coop-cakes, If You're Not Winning You're CRUISING + MORE Comments (6)

*widget boy cultureIrrelevance pays: Madonna is now a billionairess.

*widget boy cultureHALL OF SHAME: 10 Senate Dems against (or undecided!) on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureBieber goes shirtless, creams neighbor?

*widget boy cultureDisgraced Daily Caller hack outs 1st daughters' spring break location.

*widget boy cultureQuizzing homophobes: How has marriage equality harmed your marriage?

*widget boy cultureGet yer Anderson Coop-cakes here!

*widget boy cultureObese passengers will soon be charged extra by airlines.

*widget boy cultureJudge Judy's Republican son inserts himself into sordid rape case.

*widget boy cultureWilliam Friedkin expresses Cruising regrets. (And should.)

Cruising23Cruising represented Hollywood stabbing gays in the back

Mar 22 2013
Need To Know: No-Go On Joe.Jo, Ryan Lochte Soaked To The Bone, Hillary Kicking Asses & Taking Names + MORE Comments (2)

Ass-butt JOE-JONASAnd that's the end of that!

*widget boy cultureYou won't see Joe Jonas's perfect ass get paddled, pervs. Ryan-Lochte

*widget boy cultureAAP endorses marriage equality & gay adoption.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte even makes himself wet.

*widget boy cultureBelinda Carlisle's first pop single in 17 years, "Sun."

*widget boy cultureBest (and worst) Madonna tattoos.

*widget boy cultureOsmonds against marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureBlack lesbian teacher fired, paper publishes hate letter.

*widget boy cultureHILLARY '16: She leads Bush, Rubio by X2 digits...in Fla.!

*widget boy cultureNative American lawmaker's superburn on immigration.

*widget boy cultureIf you thought Vanessa Hudgens sullied Disney...

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera slims down. Hot Peter-Marc-Jacobson

*widget boy cultureSenate takes aim at background-checks vote.

*widget boy cultureFran Drescher's hot gay ex was against divorcing. Oh, girl.

*widget boy cultureJanet Hubert tuh-RASHES Wendy Williams.

*widget boy cultureKate Gosselin's Quixotic Twitter war.

*widget boy cultureCutest little gay marine ever!

*widget boy cultureEnjoy a quickie with a hottie.

*widget boy culturePlease save Happy Endings, the funniest show on TV.

Mar 05 2013
Need To Know: You Can't Stop Jackie Beat, Joan Rivers Heckled, Madonna's Haring Sharing + MORE Comments (1)

I-Want-Your-LoveDown Under? Over & out!

*widget boy cultureBanned in Australia, I Want Your Love gets Franco defense, NakedSword release.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of smut, there's the dirty Boy Culture tumblr to consider. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTake a cruise with Audra McDonald and Will Swenson.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper doesn't want an Oscar???

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush moving backwards on immigration.

*widget boy cultureLech Walesa's own son embarrassed by his anti-gay comments.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein's Dark Obsession with Matthew Terry.

*widget boy cultureFollow me on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureBEATING OFF: A host of Downtown denizens raised $ for Jackie Beat's hips:

Jackie-Beat(Sorta L-R) Lance Cruce, Sherry Vine (behind), Frank DeCaro, World Famous Bob (behind), Chip Duckett, Joan Rivers, Murray Hill (behind), Formika (back), Jackie Hoffman, Robin Byrd, Jackie Beat  (behind) and Mimi Imfurst.

*widget boy cultureThis underwear is sheer ecstasy. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureBoehner's lawyer accidentally argues for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureCampaigning for the papacy? Margaret Avery would be proud.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers is being a dick about Adele.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's gift from Keith Haring, 1983.

*widget boy cultureCrazy-rare Madonna mag from Japan sucking the air out of eBay.

*widget boy culturePlease "like" Boy Culture on Facebook.

*widget boy cultureMakes me mad this only has 52 views.

*widget boy cultureHow many EY! Magateen subscribers live in and around the Vatican?

EY! MagateenHe's the latest (Do) "It" boy