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Jul 01 2013
RED ALERT: Cher Report TK Comments (0)

Full report on Cher at the Pier Dance is coming today now live here!

Until then, hHere's my best shot and, after the jump, check out videos of her remarks and snippets of her performance. And don't miss the mesmerizing, moneymaker-shaking Geronimo.


Jun 10 2012
La Cause Celebre Comments (0)

Hustling hottie Sebastian La Cause reminisces about working with Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liza Minnelli and a lot of other people you'd die to meet.

May 15 2012
50 Shades Of Gay Rights Comments (1)

In engaging remarks on The View, President Obama talks about his former support of civil unions, his now fully evolved marriage-equality views, his belief that DOMA is not Constitutional and his ignorance of 50 Shades of Grey.

Feb 14 2012
If The Spirit Moves You Comments (1)


Free album stream until Wednesday at noon for Ghost: The Musical if you wanna sample Broadway's next probably mega-hit. With so much Whoopi on Broadway, I should see if I can get a job adapting Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Jan 21 2012
Endless Love—A Preview Of Ghost: The Musical Comments (3)

Screen shot 2012-01-21 at 2.38.06 PMLevy & Fleeshman: Scary hot!


I was invited this week to The Ghost Light Sessions, a cocktail hour and presentation at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre designed to give critics a sneak peek at Ghost: The Musical, which begins previews March 15 and opens April 23. I wasn't exactly champing at the bit to see it—I've never even felt the urge to see the movie! (I was in college, so I spent my money on things like the University of Chicago's Hitchcock retrospective.) But from what I saw, it looks like this production will be haunting that venue for a long time to come.



1Stewart & Ballard

I was in the front mezzanine, and watched as the musical's collaborators—Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, Glen Ballard, the movie's Oscar-winning writer Bruce Joel Rubin, director Matthew Warchus—took turns talking about how they conjured up this creation. They seemed dead serious that this is not a cheesy Broadway version of the cheesy movie; rather, it's its own entity. They did all seem to have entered into this in the right spirit.


The highlight was seeing most of the cast perform a bit. Richard Fleeshman, a soap and singing star (he opened for Elton John—hopefully not in that way!) from the U.K., is absolutely adorable and has presence, though his vocals were a bit ethereal, at least that night. He has great chemistry with Caissie Levy, who's got pipes to spare and reminded me of a young Bette Midler singing "With  You." In the famous Whoopi Goldberg role ("You in danger, girl!") is Da'Vine Joy Randolph. I found the song she sang a bit pat ("I'm Outta Here") but there's no denying her voice and star quality.

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Sep 02 2011
Thank Ya, Jesus! Comments (1)

Sister Act is hosting a boys' night on September 7. The package includes a discounted 1 ticket and a pre-show reception at Industry (355 W. 52 St.) that begins at 6:30PM.

If you want to get in on the Sister Act, the prices are $87.50 for orchestra/front mezzanine, $65.50 for rear mezzanine A-E, $51.50 for rear mezzanine F-J, and you can get them using the code SABYSN97 at Broadway Offers or by calling (212) 239-6200.

I am seeing the show at the end of the month, so I can't tell you if it's great or not—but people I know who've seen it have found it divinely inspired.

Oct 28 2010
Go To Mel Comments (5)


I don't usually like Joan Rivers, but I'm with her on this one—Whoopi Goldberg (and Jodie Foster, too) is wrong to give her buddy Mel Gibson cover. Joan's right that it's not about one-on-one relationships, it's about what someone says and espouses. Had Mel slipped up and said something offensive and apologized, that would be different. Instead, he's shown a clear pattern of being anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-Latino...the list goes on. Just because he can play nice with the very famous, rich black lady, that doesn't negate those things...video after the jump...

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Aug 05 2010
GLAAD Is Team Jill Comments (0)

Bethenny Frankel may have GLAAD-handed the press at GLAAD Manhattan, but as I pointed out, she left without ever going up to the party in spite of being signed on to host. The New York Post now makes note of her faux pas.

I still like her better than Jill, and I will boycott any GLAAD event that glorifies these slimy Tareq & Michaele Salahi characters!

Jul 30 2010
The View Kills Comments (1)

TheView-420x0 According to a press release, The View's Obama edition was its most-watched telecast ever, with 6.59 million total viewers, or just over half the number of kids who watched the series debut of iCarly in 2007. Anyway, it had a lot of viewers.

I thought they did a decent job, but I didn't like Joy's pop-culture segment so much; I would have preferred a question on DADT or gay rights in general. Obama was very good. Still, though, I think he's so bad at manipulating and running down his opponents. All this high-ground stuff was great as an antidote to Bush, but these are different times (already)—he needs to be more aggressive.

Jul 26 2010
From The President's Point Of View Comments (0)

President Obama will tape an appearance on The View Wednesday that will air Thursday—the first time a sitting U.S. president has appeared on a daytime talk show. Kudos to Barbara Walters for this big get; Walters will be returning for the first time since her heart surgery for this episode. 

This is going to be a huge deal. Not only will Obama have to be on his toes for whatever right-wing bullshit Elisabeth Hasselbeck will spring on him in order to score points with her base, he'll also have pointed, I would assume, questions from the left's Joy Behar. After all, things have changed since his 2008 appearance as a candidate.

I wonder which will bring up Don't Ask, Don't Tell or gay issues in general—the left-leaning crew, out of genuine interest, or Hasselbeck, out of a desire to stick a salty finger in the wound between the president and gay activists?

He's got a lot of other stuff to be grilled about, too—BP, the economy, Afghanistan and Iraq, fluffy stuff, the upcoming elections, Shirley Sherrod. Hope he takes it as seriously as one last Hillary Clinton debate.