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Jun 15 2012
On The Drag Comments (3)

Tobi Marsh 1956Wayne Anderson—who some of you may recognize from World of Wonder or as one of Joe.My.God.'s most vocal commenters—turns in a fascinating look at a place I'd never heard of, the drag establishment Club 82. The place existed for about 20 years from the '50s to the '70s, and to hear how Wayne describes the memories of surviving performer Tobi Marsh (pictured), a wild time was had by all.

Apr 18 2012
Some Girls Comments (2)

As I wrote over in the comments section at World of Wonder, I thought Girls was pretty great. And if they're all rich and connected, better they spend their time making a subversive, self-effacing show about class and the narcissism of youth than partying and shopping.

But. This is still evilly inspired.

Apr 10 2012
That Sinking Feeling Comments (5)

I hope they're children. But I know they're probably not. More here.

Apr 04 2012
Harvesting Eggs Comments (0)

Screen shot 2012-04-04 at 11.23.18 AM
An egg-citing interview with the legendary Tanya Roberts. Well, not really (and I'm meeting the real one this month). But even better...

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Mar 06 2012
Past Perfect Comments (0)

Superbomba guy tumblr_lvlksaeUZi1qz5hcoo1_1280

With thanks to the indispensable World of Wonder: Loved discovering the exquisite taste of Superbomba!, which has many unusual, some sexy and universally compelling vintage images.

Superbomba boy tumblr_lvejc3AR6m1qz5hcoo1_1280

No, the images are not all of pretty guys but this is Boy Culture, after all.

Boy suicide tumblr_lsuperbomba guy uxmxj3F5H1qz5hcoo1_1280

Feb 08 2012
Nice Werk! If You Can Get It Comments (0)


RuPaul's new mixtape is free for the taking and easy to get—just like all of the contestants on her show! Click here to sample mash-ups between Ru and some of the biggest singing sensations of all time.

Sep 19 2011
Do Tell: A Review Of The Strange History Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Comments (0)


I was invited to a special screening of The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, IMG_1975 the new documentary by World of Wonder wizzes Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey that debuts at midnight tonight on HBO—DADT is history as of that time.

Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know, this pop documentary (it's got lots of visual candy to make all the complex policy talk idiot-proof) underscored a few things for me, such as the fact that DADT, considered a "step forward" back in Clinton's 1993, was actually the first time it became illegal to be gay in the military as opposed to being in violation of a policy. It was definitely a case of two steps back to get forward 20 years later.

IMG_1973Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Victor Fehrenback, Mike Almy & Aubrey Sarvis

Also interesting was the history of our country's policies on gays in the military (a quickie look at gays in the armed services over the past few thousand years was a bit cutesy for me)—I'd had no idea that WWII was the first time it became against policy, and loved the film's argument that the very notion of a gay community came from gay soldiers during WWII being discharged and dumped at ports...like Manhattan and San Francisco. Anchors aweigh we go, Mary!

SafariScreenSnapz001Via Towleroad: DADT R.I.P.

The filmmakers have crafted an almost shockingly apolitical film Yes, John McCain is a delicious villain, but he's not manipulated nor is he a metaphor for all anti-gay people; he was there in '93 and there again in '10 for the birth and death of DADT. The film depicts Bill Clinton as an idealist who grossly underestimated the necessity of getting the military to buy into his plan to open its ranks to gays, and depicts Barack Obama as more of a pragmatist, who wanted the ban lifted and who set about doing it methodically. Neither man comes off poorly, and Republicans are not singled out by party; instead, we are able to see each individual man and woman who testified or worked for or against DADT in his or her own words. It's quite weird to see a film about something that just happened, yet to see so many of the players already relegated to the sidelines—Patrick Murphy in particular.

NOV09_CoverChoi & Fehrenbach

IMovieScreenSnapz002 The film is greatly boosted by interviews with actual servicemen and servicewomen whose lives were heavily impacted by DADT, including the heroic Margarethe Cammermeyer, Victor Fehrenbach, Mike Almy (pictured, right) and Dan Choi. Their testimony about how DADT affected them stands in stark contrast to the sophomoric nonsense about shared showers and "unit cohesion" parroted by the powers-that-were, including Colin Powell.

Noh8VictorFehrenbachNot exactly the best way to change the minds of gay-squeamish troops, but...wow!

IMovieScreenSnapz001 I highly recommend the film. It's therapeutic to watch it and remember, "Whatever happened from Point A to Point Z, we won this sucker."

After, we were able to quiz the filmmakers, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network's Aubrey Sarvis as well as Fehrenbach and Almy, who gave terrific answers:

IMovieScreenSnapz001 My question was the one someone asked last, which is: If a Republican wins the presidency and decides to reinstate DADT, would that happen? The answer seems to be it totally could happen, but the military (ironically) would probably protest:

Clearly, more still needs to be done:

Afterward, I had a chance to meet all involved. I missed shaking the hand of Melvin Dwork, the 89-year-old man who just this week had his "undesirable" discharge from 70 years ago converted to an "honorable" discharge. (Now to take care of the 99,000 others!)

IMG_1963SLDN'S Aubrey Sarvis with the newly desirable Melvin Dwork

Mike Diamond, whose fisting parody of Katy Perry's "E.T." will have you (and your duodenum) in stitches, threw himself at the servicemen so shamelessly I had to borrow some Crisco from him to lube them up and pull him off. But it's okay—gay people have every right to become servicemembers in the military, and those of us not in the military have every right to attempt to service the members of anyone on or off active duty.

IMG_1974Because I, too, am a hussy

Sep 08 2011
Getting Some Plaque-tion Comments (0)

These toothbrushers get down and dirty here.


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