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Oct 21 2014
Need To Know: Wicked Popular + Eat, Drink & Be Married + It's Only A Play + Stinko DeMaio + Going Downey + Bader To The Bone + MORE! Comments (0)

Wicked Gay BlogI got somethin' to say...

*widget boy cultureWicked Gay Blog's most commented posts EVER.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama: Gay marriage is a constitutional right.

*widget boy cultureThe Death of Klinghoffer is the new Corpus Christi.

*widget boy cultureFashion icon Oscar de la Renta dies @ 82.

*widget boy cultureGay, anti-gay, maybe grab-assy GOPer Carl DeMaio is also a misogynistic fat-shamer.

*widget boy cultureShonda Rhimes exiles anti-gay tweeter from Shondaland.

*widget boy cultureMariah proves she only looks like shit, but sounds great!

*widget boy cultureWHAT THE SHELL?: Could turtle-like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lose???

*widget boy cultureBuffy star Nicholas Brendon arrested in bizarre Boise incident. Is sorry.

*widget boy cultureWould you f*ck this Chili's cook?

Opsexycookofchilis1Me love you long time, short-order cook!

*widget boy cultureSeth Rogen still fighting mad over Freaks & Geeks cancelation.

*widget boy cultureRobert Downey Jr.'s dick should have a Learning Annex class.

*widget boy cultureJessica Lange & some other heifers cover Elle's Women in Hollywood ish.

*widget boy cultureRuth Bader Ginsburg vs. the GOP's voter-ID scam.

*widget boy cultureTbe rebirth of the word “Maverick” as it relates to Madonna (and more).

*widget boy cultureWyoming gay-marriage ban = unconstitutional.

*widget boy cultureDr. Nancy Snyderman's quaratine-pooh-poohing might end her NBC career.

*widget boy cultureLance Bass & Michael Turchin have set a wedding date.

*widget boy cultureThe Comeback's comeback continues, unabated.

ComebackGreen-screen queen

Oct 06 2014
Marriage Equality Comes To 5 More States Comments (0)


In denying to review seven cases, the Supreme Court just brought marriage equality to Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Utah.

Gotta love that some of those states are among the last one would ever have expected to have marriage equality:

“It also will bring along six other states located in the judicial circuits overseen by those appellate courts: North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. The action will bring to 30 the number of states where gays and lesbians can marry. Appeals courts in Cincinnati and San Francisco are considering cases that could expand that number further, presuming the Supreme Court remains outside the legal fray.”

Good luck stopping marriage equality, Neanderthals.

Sep 30 2013
Do Who I Say, Not Who I Do: Sen. John Barrasso Outed Comments (0)

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) has been outed by Mike Rogers, who's never wrong. Repulsively enough, Barrasso (who married his second wife just before winning election to the seat he'd held after being appointed) is vehemently anti-gay in all of his votes.

Jul 17 2013
Need To Know: Gender Snaps, Gay-Union Jacks, Miami Isn't Nice, Oprah Throws $$$ At Lindsay + MORE Comments (2)

Transgender-Men2-thumb-500x600-13537I can move, move, move any mountain.

*widget boy cultureLorenzo Triburgo's "Transportraits" series is a can't-miss. Rolling-Stone-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev

*widget boy cultureMarriage equality a done deal for England.

*widget boy cultureCory Monteith ODed on heroin and alcohol.

*widget boy cultureTsarnaev Rolling Stone cover sparks concern. (Not from me.)

*widget boy cultureGIMME SHELTER: Miami considers jailing the homeless.

*widget boy cultureIs there a vaccine for Jenny McCarthy yet, or is she drug-resistant?

*widget boy cultureYes, Oprah, because giving Lindsay Lohan $2 million will really help.

*widget boy culturePROOF: Rich people are assholes.

*widget boy cultureZendaya's lyric video for her dreamy single "Replay."

*widget boy cultureLiz Cheney running for Senate in Wyoming. Senate should run faster.

*widget boy cultureTwo males "mating" doesn't advance the species. Nor does two idiots mating.

MapplethorpeGazing upon this Mapplethorpe masterpiece of two men "mating"...what's the point? (Oh, wait...)

Jul 07 2013
Need To Know: Disaster Movie, Bush On Marriage, Pratt Could Eat No Fat + MORE Comments (2)

San-Francisco-Asiana-plane-crash"You're filming it..."

*widget boy cultureDetails of yesterday's tragic—and nearly catastrophic—SF plane crash. Hot-Diego-Miguel

*widget boy cultureTeresa Heinz Kerry in critical condition.

*widget boy cultureGeorge W. Bush gets cryptic on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureDiego Miguel is delish.

*widget boy cultureChris Pratt looks SO HOT shirtless now.

*widget boy cultureRacist & homophobic skanks catch hell for Big Brother rants.

*widget boy cultureRebecca Black and Jon D cover Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop."

*widget boy cultureLiz Cheney to wage Republican Civil War for Senate seat.

*widget boy cultureSex makes you look much younger.

*widget boy cultureSen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a fucking idiot, proves it with this song:

Jan 29 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

Sacha_by_Micha_Verbeek_07Are you an undies fundie?

*widget boy cultureSacha by Micha Verbeek is worth a leering look.

*widget boy cultureImmigration reform to include same-sex marriage provision.

*widget boy cultureBoy Scouts reconsidering gay ban.

*widget boy cultureSandy Hook victim's dad heckled by gun nuts.

*widget boy cultureAndroxx's "Like a Virgin" for sale + check out his show. Like A Virgin Med

*widget boy cultureGay porn explained.

*widget boy cultureThe ins and outs of auctions.

*widget boy cultureHolocaust items on display. (Pay attention, Berlusconi.)

*widget boy cultureTina Fey bringing Mean Girls to Broadway.

*widget boy cultureDomestic partnerships for Wyoming?

*widget boy cultureMan Meadow's "How Does It Feel".

*widget boy cultureThe making of Madonna's MDNA Tour:


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