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Sep 18 2012
Voicing Her Opinion Comments (5)
Shakira The Voice
Shakira and Usher are replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green on The Voice next season. Smart for Christina—she exits just as Britney Spears is entering The X-Factor, making it seem like her work is done/this genre is passé. But imagine getting vocal coaching from Shakira? Hers is so...unique! Good move for her that will help make her Topic A again, or at least B+. Hey, if J.Lo can be turned into the #1 Forbes star via a TV show, Shakira should be positioned nicely to do the same.
Sep 14 2012
X-Factor Follies Comments (14)

Don Philip Britney SpearsBritney's facial expressions are like a fifth judge

I found Don Philip's audition segment on X-Factor really hard to watch. The singer, who once recorded a duet with Britney Spears (she says it was 10 years ago, but it was actually recorded close to 15 years ago and appeared on her 1998 album), came out on the show but FOX edited that part out entirely.

Instead, we heard Philip sing "Halo" (I thought nicely—nothing special, but not a disaster, and I disagree with Simon saying he has no voice) and get shot down firmly by all the judges. Fair enough that he didn't wow them, but then the audience CHEERED his "no" votes. Bizarre.

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