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Dec 19 2013
Need To Know: Duck Off; Super Cooper; Oh, Danny's Boys; Bieber Abdicates + MORE! Comments (0)

Phil-RobertsonHe had a right to talk trash, he talked trash, it had consequences. What's not to understand?

*widget boy culturePeople defending the Duck Dynasty douche's "free speech" don't get the concept. Adonis-dancer

*widget boy cultureDD dude is blissfully oblivious.

*widget boy cultureThe dancer at right will be here this weekend.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper is this fucking cute and can't help it.

*widget boy cultureDA CUBS: Bear Hill video.

*widget boy cultureInside a gay club in Sochi, Russia.

*widget boy cultureDanny Fitzgerald's first photo exhibit comes 13 years after his death. And it's amazing.

Hot-shirtless-boysBrooklyn bombshells

*widget boy cultureDJ Kidd Kraddick's fascinating life and shocking death. Hutcherson

*widget boy cultureOpenly gay swimmers and divers.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato leaving X Factor.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber leaving entertainment.

*widget boy cultureThe Voice's finale disappoints.

*widget boy cultureWhich popstar has hired Black Spark?

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson dies of cancer.

*widget boy cultureImagine making your body do this?

*widget boy cultureIf you're hesitating on Obamacare, watch this and get hard enrolled: 

Nov 01 2013
Monsieur X Comments (0)
Out singer Mika is now a judge on X Factor Italia, becoming a superstar in Italy in the process. Now, he's landed on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy.
Oct 28 2013
Need To Know: Let Kelly Eat Cake, Okla-homo, Katy Perry's New Release = Cognitive Dissonance + MORE Comments (0)

Lady-Gaga-X-FactorGaga is losing it...her clothing, anyway.

*widget boy cultureGaga hugs Sharon Osbourne, does G-A-Y nude, camel-toes the line on X Factor.

*widget boy cultureBut Kelly Osbourne is not impressed. Josh Groban, neither. And he's a card. Love Out Loud (Charity Cover)

*widget boy cultureHow to run a gay bar in Mississippi.

*widget boy cultureWarren Nomi's anti-bullying single "Love Out Loud."

*widget boy cultureMale couple same-sex married in...Oklahoma???

*widget boy cultureOlivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are preggers.

Sexy-Instagram-menI have an "i" for beautiful men.

*widget boy cultureCome check out my sexy Instagram...unless you're allergic to male beauty. OctThierry Pepin1

*widget boy cultureHo-bag Katy Perry sniffs at ho-bags.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Thierry Pepin undies snaps.

*widget boy cultureRon Howard for Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureMadonna loves nature, as well as art, freedom.

*widget boy cultureClive Barker announces Hellraiser reboot.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown is still an animal.

*widget boy cultureEpitome of cool/Downtown legend Lou Reed is dead at 71

Lou reedI saw him once with partner Laurie Anderson and was too gob-smacked to say so much as hello.

Sep 09 2013
THE X FACTOR UK Is Back! Comments (0)

X-Factor-Louis-Walsh-Sharon-Osborne-Nicole-Scherzinger-Gary-Barlow-2233292Featured post written by Sarah Fielding.

It’s back, back, back! Saturday and Sunday nights are now off limits for any kind of social life in the UK—The X Factor is bringing its ever popular formula of talent show, reality TV, sob story-fest and pantomime to our screens once again.

The X Factor UK is the most popular TV talent show in Europe, and the most watched. That’s pretty huge, and even though it’s now been going for what seems like aeons, the juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down.

This year sees yet another judges panel switch with the shock return of Sharon Osbourne. One of the original four judges from the show’s very start, she has fallen out spectacularly with colleagues over the years. She apparently made Danni Minogue blub just before the live show cameras rolled and she managed to throw water over Louis Walsh on live TV twice. He did accuse her of being on drugs though, so it’s probably fair enough,.

Along with Sharon is, of course, Louis himself, Gary Barlow (a sort of lukewarm Mr. Nasty in Simon Cowell’s place) and Nicole Scherzinger who actually brings some life to the show in a nice, sparkly way.

How this particular panel combination will work throughout the series remains to be seen but, so far, the indications are that they’re gelling well. We are, of course, only in the preliminary rounds which this year start with an audition in front of the judges followed by a live audition in front of 4,000 people. Then comes boot camp, judges houses and the coveted live finals.

So far, we’ve had a prison worker who stunned the panel and various acts who are coming back for a second, third, even fourth bite at the X Factor cherry. Even though a lot of past winners have actually faded into obscurity pretty quickly it hasn’t stopped tens of thousands of wannabes auditioning, begging, crying, talking about their dead grandparents and, occasionally, singing in a bid to get a spot on the show.

So popular is the series these days that betting on The X Factor has become a huge thing - if you’re a big fan and good at analysing the odds early on (try sites like Freebets to give you a good rundown of the odds offered by different bookies to help you decide) then you could potentially be in line to make a decent wad of cash out of this series.

It’s a bit early perhaps to be calling out likely winners but Sam Bailey, the previously mentioned prison offer, wowed the panel so much that she was immediately boosted to 6-1 odds to win by various bookmakers. It’s up to you to decide whether the recent press regarding her secret professional singing past will affect her odds—it could be worth hanging on and waiting for a bit before deciding who to back.

Jun 02 2013
A Case Of The X Comments (0)

Two exclusive shots of Mika in Italy, just after completing judging duties on X Factor in Genoa. Wish he were a judge on an American show; I'm sure he has a lot of insight and would charm audiences.

MikaCourtesy of Giulio Mazzoleni

Dec 20 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Scott-Herman-gay-RepublicanOne of these Scott Hermans just change political parties

Widget boy cultureGay Republican loses BIG, becomes gay Democrat. Hot-model

Widget boy cultureAustralian politician marries partner in Spain.

Widget boy culture7 countries that execute atheists.

Widget boy cultureMadonna gives fans a "Spanish Lesson".

Widget boy cultureMTA chief resigning to run for NYC mayor.

Widget boy cultureZillionairess Jessica Simpson loses 50 pounds.

Widget boy cultureMiss USA wins Trump's Miss Universe.

Widget boy cultureLeAnn Rimes's voice breaks up with her.

Widget boy cultureMarriage-equality pioneer Richard Adams dies.

Widget boy culturePencils, paper...bulletproof backpacks.

Widget boy cultureBrazilian male models are always in fashion.

Widget boy cultureThe Times of Harvey Milk in Nat'l Film Registry.

Widget boy cultureBlake Griffin strikes a pose.

Widget boy cultureSanity vs. Westboro's Newtown picket threat.

Widget boy cultureRecently married gay man in scandal-tainted suicide bid.

Widget boy cultureFranco recreates Cruising's lost SM sex scenes:

James-Franco-Interior-Leather-BarTurning a thematically anti-gay, commercial movie into...art?

Oct 02 2012
For Your Entertainment Comments (0)

GaybyHavin' my gayby...

Boy culture WIDGET

New arrivals: Gay film Gayby coming to DVD, gay film Judas Kiss to Blu-ray.


Khloe Kardashian (an "It" girl or an It, girl) and Mario Lopez will be hosting X Factor.

WIDGETOut country artist Drake Jensen's new video for "Pancho and Lefty."

Boy culture WIDGETBarbra Streisand thinks it's going to rain today.

Zac Efron underwearBaby got Zac

Boy culture WIDGET

The Paperboy gives us Zac Efron in his underpants and a sassy gay director.

Boy culture WIDGET

First National Judy Garland Talent Search is on, Mama. Sky-Ferreira-e1349176300203

Boy culture WIDGET

Are you a "MadonnaWannaBe"?

Boy culture WIDGET

Somehow, Socialite Life found "45 Great Songs from 2000—2005."


To shamelessly somnambulant sexpot Sky Ferreira, "Everything Is Embarrassing".


Thirty years on, shouldn't it be raining old men by now? (Martha Wash remains ageless.)

Surf's Down Comments (2)

According to RadarOnline.com, Britney Spears has to share a cellphone and her Internet usage is monitored (with blocked Web sites to keep her from reading negative articles) as part of her never-ending conservatorship.

If she's this fragile, how is it okay for her to tour and now to sit on the panel of a stressful, at times emotional show where she is criticizing others? I'm not a shrink, but this all seems counterproductive.


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