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Aug 29 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Peter Ward Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 8.31.15 PM

Join Peter Ward of Garçon Models on a ...

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Aug 28 2015
Your Nightly Briefing: Sean Zevran Comments (0)


Your chance to buy undies signed by Sean Zevran.

Aug 27 2015
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  Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(2) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(1) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(3) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(4) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(5)

Modus Vivendi's Abstract Lace line as modeled by Alexandros Kaltsidis and shot by Panos Misailidis.

Swim Meat Comments (0)
  Swim5-6 Swim5-1 Swim5-2 Swim5-4 Swim5-9

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

We hate to say it, but summer is dead and gone. Pretty soon, we'll be covering the latest thermal looks, underwear for Halloween and Christmas gift ideas. But before that happens, we want to look back on a few standout square-cut swimwear designs. We also want to appreciate for one last time, the summertime sexiness that is a swimwear photoshoot. Not that we ever run low on revealing pics here on The Underwear Expert. Model Matt Conrad just looks that good by a pool.

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Aug 26 2015
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Aug 25 2015
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Via Mouthwatering Men.

Aug 24 2015
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Via Shut the fuck up.

Aug 23 2015
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