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Jan 17 2015
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Via Gay Porn Overload.

Jan 16 2015
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Jan 15 2015
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Via Homo japonica.

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Via Hard cock, nasty mind. (That's what it's called.)

Jan 14 2015
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Via Pretty Gay Boys.

Jan 12 2015
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Check out the latest from FU e=fu8 Underwear—a shoot of Corey for JSAImageScouts.net. Corey wears the Pleasure X8 Cut.

Jan 11 2015
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Armando Adajar shoots Xavier Sanchez in Ergowear. Looks like that Ergowear can hardly contain him.

Jan 10 2015
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Club.

Our Curated Underwear Club is entering the final stages of its funding period. We’re getting backers every day and are thrilled with the progress. By curating your underwear drawer to your personal style and preferences, our Curated Underwear Club offers a customizable subscription that’ll change how you buy men’s underwear, forever.

No matter what kind of man you are, The Underwear Expert knows the brands, fabrics, and designs that will suit your tastes and spice your underwear collection with new flavors. A few readers have reached out to us with their underwear questions and concerns. For each of them, our Curated Underwear Club has a solution...

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