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Sep 24 2018
You're Welcome L'Homme Invisible's Viridios Line Comments (0)

16 Viridios(Images via L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible is releasing its Viridios (lacy) line for your wearing — and viewing — pleasure.

11 Viridios

More to come below ...

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Sep 21 2018
You're Welcome: Giacomo Salsano Comments (0)
Giacomo Salsano by Junior Franch for Brazilian Male Model_00(Image by Junior Franch for Brazilian Male Model Magazine)
This editorial of 22-year-old model Giacomo Salsano is by Junior Franch and is exclusively Brazilian Male Model Magazine. Keep reading for more ...

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Sep 18 2018
You're Welcome: Ross Haslam Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.05.40 AM(Image via Instagram)

Diver Ross Haslam is worth taking the plunge for. His Insta is beginning to fill up with pro shots ...

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Sep 15 2018
You're Welcome: Rafael Say Comments (0)

Gym_318-1-768x497(Images by Stéfanie Renoma)

Rafael Say by Stéfanie Renoma for Gym Class B #3, as seen on Yearbook Fanzine. One more after the jump ...

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Sep 14 2018
You're Welcome: Josh Kempton Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.47.26 PM(Image via Instagram)

Keep reading for more of this natural wonder of the world ...

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Sep 10 2018
You're Welcome: Guilherme Scopel Comments (0)
Guilherme Scopel X Rodrigo Marconatto X Yup Maganize_028(All images by Rodrigo Marconatto)
Guilherme Scopel poses for Rodrigo Marconatto for Yup Magazine. My response? Yup.
Guilherme Scopel X Rodrigo Marconatto X Yup Maganize_007Waking up to this? Yup.
Guilherme Scopel X Rodrigo Marconatto X Yup Maganize_031
More after the jump ...

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Sep 07 2018
You're Welcome: Yves By Verner Degray Comments (0)

Yves by Verner Degray 2(Images by Verner Degray)

Some very hot shots of Yves (Insta here) by Verner Degray ...

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Aug 29 2018
You're Welcome: Cristian For Garçon Model Comments (0)
Garcon model underwear + Cristian by karim Konrad 4(Images via Garçon Model)
Cristian (@cristianofal) sports Garçon Galaxy briefs.

Also, the brand is launching its first $500 Garçon Model gift card sweepstakes — enter here! (Offer expires September 31st 2018). 
Keep reading for more Cristian ...

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