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Mar 18 2018
You're Welcome: Meat Market Insta Comments (0)

One more Meat Market Blog guy after the jump ...

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Mar 01 2018
You're Welcome: Hayden Monteleone Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.11.43 PM(Image by @tonybeephoto)

I mean, if you like that sorta thing (haha).

More of Hayden to come ...

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Feb 12 2018
You're Welcome: CHULO Underwear Comments (0)

IMG_1473(All images by Wilson Models)

I had to miss the latest — and greatest?! — CHULO Underwear event, held at the Museum of Sex in NYC.

IMG_1501CHULO's Ricardo Muniz soaks up the adulation after the big event!

Luckily, my buddy Jeff of Wilson Models was on hand to capture the fashions and the boys in all their glory ...

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Feb 05 2018
You're Welcome: Zeus Gonzalez — Again! Comments (0)

ACM_3977(Images by Adrian C. Martin)

Adrian C. Martin again shoots Zeus Gonzalez in Curbwear, this time in Masapalomas, Spain.

More to come ...

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Jan 29 2018
You're Welcome: Nath Wyld Comments (0)

One more after the jump, and take note that his account is wall-to-wall wow ...

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Jan 26 2018
You're Welcome: Locky Brownlie Comments (0)

Above, a TBT, but below, a current, platinum-blond, leotarded '80s look — with more junk in a bigger trunk ...

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Jan 20 2018
You're Welcome: Ryan Craven Comments (0)

Annnd there's one more to come ...

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Jan 12 2018
You're Welcome: George Stephenson Comments (0)

Unnamed-2(Images via

George Stephenson has a great, '80s-GQ look. And if you wanna '80s-GQ look at 'im in his underwear, keep reading ...

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