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Apr 17 2018
Free Amy Schumer Tix + Zander Hodgson Comes Out + Zac Efron's Bro Squeeze + Madonna Camping It Up + Go-Go's Musical + Morrissey Calls Hitler A Leftist + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Gettin' it done? More like undone.

Below: Keep reading for a young actor's coming-out video, Zac Efron's bro-love, Madonna in good form, Morrissey's latest gross comments, free Amy Schumer tix and more ...

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Feb 14 2018
Zac Efron In Dis-Harmony + Trump's Lawyer's New Lie + Daley & Black: We'll Be Dads Soon! + Trump Jr. vs. Rippon, Adrian Escobar Nekkid + Shawn Mendes Almost Nekkid + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: It's that time of the year again!

Below: Keep reading for Zac Efron's questionable new role, Trump's lawyer's questionable new Stormy claim, Daley & Black becoming daddies, Trump Jr. going after Adam Rippon, Canada gay gold, Adrian Escobar naked, fur-tastic hottie, Shawn Mendes melts holes everywhere, an end of the world, Bristol Palin loses her latest man and a No Wave party at MoMA...

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Jan 18 2018
Zac Efron's Killer New Role As Ted Bundy Comments (0)


Speaking of hot guys playing hot but amoral serial killers, now we have Zac Efron checking in as Ted Bundy ...

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Dec 15 2017
Zac Efron, James Corden, Hugh Jackman Take Over Broadway (The Outside Part) Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 8.23.53 PM(Video still via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

James Corden, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya — with a cast of hundreds — did the latest Crosswalk the Musical in NYC. Find out how they and Zac's increasingly self-consciously masc voice did ...

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Nov 02 2017
THE BOYS IN THE BAND Coming To Broadway: Here Come The Happy Homosexuals! Comments (0)

Boys_In_Band-mikenemoryVia THR: The Boys in the Band is heading where it belonged all along — to Broadway.

Mart Crowley's legendary 1968 show has long polarized gay men since it's about a group of gay guys tearing each other to shreds which, obviously, is soooo far from the truth.

Speaking of obvious, it will be directed by Joe Mantello and produced by Ryan Murphy, who of late has been like a gay kid in a gay candy store, revitalizing all things past and casting fun, sexy, gay-and-otherwise actors in juicy roles in can't-miss projects ...

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Oct 25 2017
He's Mousekeeer, He's Queer: Disney Channel To Feature Gay Character Comments (0)

17266009_1312169518904183_7925460214520741888_nAs some of my readers know, I ran, for 14 years, a teen-entertainment magazine that I founded. It was squeaky-clean, and Disney Channel was our bread, butter and the knife used to spread the butter.

Disney being conservative when it comes to its fare once took exception to my plans to run a shirtless spread on then-new Zac Efron. The word that came back (and I'm not saying it was a corporate directive; it could've been more individual) was that the shots were too Brokeback aka too gay. Just because he was shirtless.

Now, Disney Channel is about to debut a 13-year-old queer kid on its show Andi Mack, and that sounds a hell of a lot like progress to me ...

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Oct 18 2017
Zac Efron Turns 30, So Here's 30 Pavlovian GIFs To Celebrate Comments (0)


It's true — Zac Efron turns 30 years old today. Keep reading for 29 more reasons he pops up in many gay men's wet dreams ...

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Oct 01 2017
Zac Efron's Choice Of Gay-Sex Scene Partners + Retired General Blasts Trump + Man Convicted Of Murdering Wife, Gay Son + Speedo Sunday + O.J. Is Free + Hugh Jackman For Gay Marrage — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.37.23 PMHave you ever spent any time envisioning Zac Efron participating in a same-sex love scene in a movie?

Zac has.

Keep reading to hear who he wants to swaps spit with, plus other hot links of the day, including the retired general who's calling out Trump and Hugh Jackman's take on marriage equality ...

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