Jun 25 2022

Why WEEKEND Is Still The Hottest Explicit Gay Film

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Via Mr. Man:

Weekend is a seminal 2011 gay drama about two men who hook up after meeting at a club. That’s it. Except that it’s not. The two handsome men have playful, hot and passionate gay sex, and proceed to spend the rest of the weekend with one another. But are hookups made to last, or will this brief but passion-filled weekend be the only time the two men enjoy each other’s company?

Tom Cullen and Chris New play the brief boy toys here, and Weekend does not hold back on showcasing their undeniable sex appeal! Weekend blessedly embraces male eroticism. We get a full-frontal shot of Chris New’s endowed penis, a brief glimpse of Tom Cullen’s penis as he masturbates in the tub, and even a look at Tom grabbing a hold of Chris’ big erection when the two make out on the couch!

Weekend is quickly becoming gay canon, and we hope that these GIFs entice you to check out the full movie. After all, everybody’s jerkin’ for the Weekend!



Jun 24 2022

It's A Celebration: Madonna's FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE Promo Show At Terminal 5

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Madonna-finally-boycultureIMG_2927 copyMadonna's latest comeback was a minor miracle. (All images by Matthew Rettenmund, unless noted)

Madonna-pride-IMG_2966 copyWith the Supreme Court overturning Roe and Casey, and Clarence Thomas putting in writing his belief that the Court should get rid of marriage equality, gay sex and contraception on the heels of abortion, it feels frivolous writing about Madonna.

But we have to go on, and Madonna is the thinking person's diva — one who has expressly stood up for abortion rights (and was honored for that by Gloria Steinem) and, from the dawn of her career, LGBTQ rights. So, while much of my take on her show last night at NYC's Terminal 5 is escapist, I would like to remind everyone that Madonna is rarely a guilty pleasure. Rather, she has often been a progressive treasure, an inspiration for underdogs of various stripes.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 5.20.21 PM
IMG_3004Inside out

Lately, she's made missteps and — more disheartening — suffered an obvious physical setback, all of which combined to make her feel a bit less like Madonna to some.

Madonna-finally-enough-love-boycultureOne of her best marquees ever!

Following her regrettable appearance onstage with Maluma, I am excited to report that Madonna is bouncing back. I don't have insider info, but it feels to me like after a period of intense personal struggle (not that she would ever play the victim card), she used her club show both to promote the 16-track abridged edition of Finally Enough Love (out today) ahead of the 50-track version due out in August, as well as to get her bearings and to broadcast to her core audience that bitch, she's Madonna ... and always will be.

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Daryl McCormack: GOOD LUCK With That!

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Via Mr. Man: Biracial Irish hunk Daryl McCormack is the boy toy we didn’t know we needed until we saw the new Hulu Original Film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Daryl plays the titular sex worker who is hired by widowed teacher Emma Thompson to help her have her first orgasm in her sixties.

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Seth Sikes Sings Fire Island's Praises

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Seth-sikes-pride-fire-island-gayHot on the heels of Jane Russell's 101st birth anniversary (Image via video still)

Seth Sikes offers his latest update of a vintage recording, belting “Ain't There Anyone Here for Love” on the sands of the great gay getaway ...

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Supreme Court Overturns Roe & Casey — Next Up: Gay Marriage, Gay Sex, Contraception

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It hardly seems real that in 2022, E0HOCdGUYAAe3RQthe Supreme Court would be this out of step with reality, but by 6-3, the Court has overturned both Roe and Casey, finding there is zero right to privacy in the Constitution.

Because of this, abortion — reproductive freedom — will soon be banished in half the U.S. states. Women will be forced, under threat of imprisonment, to give birth in many of those states, regardless of their health or the health of their eventual child.

And in case you are wondering what's next, Clarence Thomas tells us: They want to end gay marriage, gay sex in the privacy of our own bedrooms and contraception.

Thomas — married to a white woman — is NOT going after interracial marriage.

This is the worst day I can remember, but it was caused by the most gut-wrenching day I can remember — when Hillary Clinton lost. Because people were fooled by Russian meddling, thought thought she had it in the bag, wanted to try someone to shake shit up, voted third party ... because those people did not vote for the qualified and accomplished woman, we no longer have abortion rights across the land. And it's the first step.

This is a gay blog, so here is GLAAD's Sarah Kate Ellis on why LGBTQ people are affected, other than the obvious fact that LGBTQ people actually do get pregnant/make people pregnant all the time:

The message here is clear and distressing: Americans are losing protected access to abortion, a constitutional right they have valued for nearly fifty years, and other rights to personal liberty are at risk too. The anti-abortion playbook and the anti-LGBTQ playbook are one and the same. Both are about denying control over our bodies and making it more dangerous for us to live as we are. Both divide our country into free and less free, the opposite of what the United States should be. Our bodies, healthcare and our future belong to us, not to a meddling politician or extremist Supreme Court justices, and we will fight back.

We dissent:



Jun 23 2022


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Jean-smart-hacks-boycultureA winning combo (Image via HBO Max)

The Dorian TV Award nominees are here, representing honors bestowed by the country's top LGBTQ+ critics! Hacks cleaned up in nominations. I voted, and was said I Love That for You didn't make any categories ...

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MadonnaEarly set-up at Terminal 5 on June 23 (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Looks like Madonna's hinted-at appearance at an NFT party has blossomed into a proper performance — one that will include a bevy of drag entertainers and probably a full set.

Madonna-boyculture-IMG_9277 copy

The World of Women NFT event rented out Terminal 5 in NYC's Hell's Kitchen, and a sponsor will be Belvedere Vodka. Invites went out to scenesters and tickets were available to World of Women members only.

Considering the elaborate signage, and the fact that her Finally Enough Love dance-hits collection is dropping Friday, it seems likely Madonna will perform several songs. One surefire performance — it's Pride, it's her #1 dance hit ever and her Blond Ambition dancer José Xtravaganza is set to appear with her for the first time in 30+ years — is “Vogue.”

Along with “Vogue, she is likely to do “I Don't Search I Find” (in which the lyric finally, enough love is found) and maybe ... “Deeper and Deeper”? Other possibilities: “Frozen” has been on her mind via TikTok, and “Material Girl” is her most popular streamed song lately.

Have fun, all who go.



Life's Still A CABARET, Ol' Chum: 50th-Anniversary Release Of Cinema Classic

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Liza-minnelli-joel-grey-cabaret-boyculture(Image via Fathom Events/Turner Classics/Warner Bros.)

With Trumpism and the compromised Supreme Court ushering in a new era of Nazism, Cabaret is — unfortunately — more timely than ever. 

See the classic on the big screen July 17 and 20 via Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Warner Bros. And if you need a trailer of Cabaret, I pity you, but it just so happens one is available: