Aug 16 2022

Out Player + Manspreading Workout + Mariah Wants To Own Christmas + BLACK, QUEER & HERE + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Also, most molesters are family members. Has a drag queen EVER molested a kid?!

BELOW: Out player, manspreading for dollars, Mariah Carey makes her move on Christmas and more ...

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Aug 15 2022

Ross Lynch Has The Moves

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Ross-Lynch-shirtless-boyculture(Image via Allie L. Brown)

Ross Lynch was always so cute, but good grief — he is a sex machine onstage:

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BEACH HOUSE + Rudy Giuliani Target Of Criminal Probe + Andrew Yang Spanked + THE UNSURE MASSEUR + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Dr. Oz's web team HATES him.

BELOW: Carly Rae Jepsen's newest, Rudy Giuliani criminally targeted, tales of a masseur and more ...

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Fleshback: He's So Vine! Mike Henry Gallery

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The original image (Image via AIP)

The creatively retouched image that is all over the Internet (Image via AIP)

Another HOT Tarzan, Mike Henry, was born 86 years ago today, dying in 2021. More if you follow my Gr8erDays Instagram, or just check him out below ...

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Aug 14 2022

Chicks Cover Olivia Newton-John

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Chicks-onj-boyculture-gr8erdays(Image via video still)

The Chicks covered Olivia Newton-John at one of their concerts — and it's a lovely tribute ...

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Gay History Lesson

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Aug 13 2022

Dick Slip + Armie Hammer's Tats + Trump Messes Up Defense + AGs vs. Don't Say Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: How much is your Bill Cable?

BELOW: Keep reading for a dick slip, Trump's crumbly defense and more ...

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Aug 12 2022

Anne Heche Is Dead @ 53 After Fiery Crash

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Anne-heche-boycultureHeche in one of her biggest B.O. hits — I Know What You Did Last Summer (Image via Mandalay)

Sadly, actress Anne Heche — forever known to LGBTQ people as Ellen DeGeneres's first post-out girlfriend — has died at 53 following a fiery car crash a week ago.

I'm haunted by the image of Heche springing up from under a sheet while being extricated from the scene. I wish I hadn't seen it, knowing now she was so bad off that she would soon slip into a coma, and now into brain death.

All the Stars We've Lost — SO FAR — in 2022: HERE

As of this writing, her heart is pumping while suitable organ donors are sought.

More here.

Bizarrely, Lynne Mishele, the woman whose home was destroyed when Anne drove into it ... could have been played by Anne Heche in a movie. Plus, her turtle has the same name as one of Anne's Another World characters.

67205553_1659831204910831_r.Lynne Mishele (Image via GoFundMe)