Mar 07 2021

Lock Him Up! NYC's Ubiquitous Naked Cowboy Jailed In Florida

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Naked-cowboy-by-matthew-rettenmund-boycultureBare and Square (Image by Matthew Rettenmund 2008/head shot)

Robert Burck — known in NYC as the Naked Cowboy, who has haunted Times Square for at least 15 years in his underpanties — was arrested in Florida while attending Dayton Beach's Bike Week.

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Murder At The Townhouse + Dems Bringing COVID-19 Relief To Americans + Remembering Divine + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: A boy and his cog.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay true-crime book, Dolly Parton art show, the late Divine and more ...

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AIN'T NOTHIN' ATTRACTIVE ABOUT THAT: Missouri Pastor Should Practice What You Preach

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Stewart-allen-clark-melania-trump-boycultureJesus ate. (Image via video still)

This is unreal. Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark of Missouri is an eyesore, yet feels empowered to preach (literally) that women need to watch out and not “let themselves go” because “the chase ain't never over.”

A clip of his thoughts on how women should look — delivered in slob couture — is going viral.

He says:

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Mar 06 2021

Billy Eichner's Hollywood Screen Kiss + COVID-19 Relief Bill Passes, Transphobic Amendment Fails + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: Art that can be enjoyed by anyone!

BELOW: Keep reading for Billy Eichner's rom-com, passage of the American Rescue Act and more ...

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Fleshback: Alias Ben Murphy

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Who needs Playgirl with friends like this? (Images via Viva)

Happy 79th (March 6) to always-handsome, blue-eyed Ben Murphy, a highlight in the history of Battle of the Network Stars and a great anchor of Alias Smith and Jones and other series.

Yes, he did a softcore magazine spread for Viva in 1973, too. Keep reading for more of this hunk, and please follow me on Instagram ...

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Mar 05 2021

Ends Of The World: Doughnut Duff

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It's time to make the ... doughnuts:

Context here.


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Playfully Votes Down A Living Wage

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THIS is how Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D???-Arizona) chose to look and act while voting against a $15 minimum wage — cutesy, with a bouncy li'l thumbs-down.

We need to primary the fuck out of this clown.

Am I too harsh? Did I mention she brought a big ol' cake for this vote? Yeah. Marie Antoinette of the Southwest. Do NOT put it past her to switch parties. Formerly a Green (!) member, she is now one of the most conservative Democrats, albeit one who pretends to be hip because she's bisexual and does stuff to her hair.


Modus Vivendi Model Aggelos Pirikkis On What He Finds Sexy & The Win We All Need

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Modus-vivendi-boyculture-Knitted Line_Lifestyle_No Logo (20)How much for that pair? That exact pair! (Images via Modus Vivendi)

Aggelos Pirikkis is the face and body of one of Modus Vivendi's new lines, the Knitted Line of underwear.

Modus-vivendi-boyculture-Knitted Line_Lifestyle_No Logo (8)

Here, he opens up wide about his personal life — a peek behind the underwear, so to speak ...

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