Oct 22 2020

Ryan Murphy Is Going To THE PROM

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I disliked this saccharine musical, and I think adding Ryan Murphy (which makes it feel like a Glee reboot) and miscast big names like Nicole Kidman and James Corden (Streep will be fun) to the mix isn't going to change my mind, but ... The Prom is pro-LGBTQ and therefore not my enemy so here you go!


60 MINUTES: A Tale Of 2 Candidates

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60-minutes-trump-biden-stahl-boycultureYou can choose chaos or normalcy. (Image via video still)

Watching Trump and Biden answer questions from 60 Minutes is a study in why they are where they are in the polls. Biden allows discussion of a hot-button topic in a thoughtful way, Trump trumpets his past (illusory) successes.

The Trump portion was from before he stormed out of his interview with Lesley Stahl in a fit of pique:

Biden is open to adjusting the Supreme Court, but he also — sensibly — sees how this could be a dangerous and even futile precedent. There is nothing I would like more than to toss Cardi B and a Democratic fetus onto the Court in retribution for the packing the Court has endured, but it's not a bad thing for the Democratic nominee for POTUS to be cautious on this topic.

Meanwhile, Trump told Lesley Stahl — same reporter — in 2016:

You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you.

Also worth noting: Trump had previously said he would leak his 60 Minutes interview before airtime in retribution for unfair treatment ... and it was another broken promise.


Oct 21 2020

Pietro Boselli: Nude Greek God + Peeking At Shawn Mendes's Big Doc + USPS Slowing + Romney Didn't Vote For Trump + Hugh Sheridan On Being Out + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: A different kind of hunk.

BELOW: Keep reading for Pietro Boselli's naked ass, a Shawn Mendes doc, Trump's latest tax scandal and more ...

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Obama, Fired Up, Decimates Trump In Pennsylvania Drive-In Rally For Biden/Harris

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Obama-biden-harris-trump-pennsylvania-boyculture(Image via video still)

President Obama's fiery campaign rhetoric hasn't skipped a beat, at least judging from his torching of Trump at a Biden/Harris drive-in rally in Pennsylvania tonight.

Trashing Trump as a reality-show-absorbed, ratings-obsessed failure with a secret Chinese bank account, Obama gave the kind of speech that certainly sounds like it will go viral ...

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Yes, Gay Gift Boxes Are A Thing — Luckily!

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Boxoloco-boyculture-gay(Image via BoxoLoco)

Got gay gifts to give?!

Although curated gift boxes make up a substantial market share in online retail, finding one that is created by gays and for gays was virtually impossible — Until BoxoLoco emerged.

In recent years, curated gift boxes are a huge thing — and rightfully so. Finding a gift for a friend, sibling, son or partner is oftentimes a tricky matter that requires a lot of thought, research and web browsing. A curated gift box saves all of that. All you need to do is choose a theme, find the right website and purchase the perfect box. Your loved one (or you, because you deserve to pamper yourself) will receive a variety of cute items all wrapped in a pretty box right to their doorstep.

But a few years ago, when Adi and Kim, a proud gay couple, searched for a gay-themed gift box - they couldn’t find one. That was the spark that started BoxoLoco — a brand that offers stylishly curated gay gift boxes. After speaking to other gay friends, they realized it wasn’t just a whim of theirs, but an actual necessity. Gay people’s needs are often underepresented in retail, and LGBTQIA+ led businesses are few and far between.

That’s why they made sure every item in every box is manufactured and sold by businesses owned by LGBTQIA+ individuals or community allies. Supporting other gay businesses is crucial for our community growth and prosperity.  Another important matter was quality. They assembled the top brands in beachwear, underwear and grooming to ensure every piece is no less than perfect. These brands include PUMP!, Addicted, Andrew Christian and more.

Since every box includes a number of items, it can better represent different aspects of the gift-receiver's personality. Each of us has a more spontaneous, party-animal side and a serious, chill side. The items in BoxoLoco’s gay gift boxes range between romantic, wholesome and humorous to kinky, daring and sexy. In other words — a perfect match to anyone.

So next time your gay couple of friends celebrates an anniversary, your son has a birthday coming up, your bestie came out or your brother got a promotion — you’ll know what to get them. We guarantee they’ll love it.


Giuliani, Who Says Biden Is A Demented Creeper, Is Exposed As A Demented Creeper In BORAT Sequel

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Giuliani-borat-boycultureLock him up! (Image via Amazon Prime)

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel — Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (out October 23 on Amazon Prime) — includes a bat-shit crazy sequence with Rudy Giuliani, a run-in we first heard about in July when Giuliani belatedly got wise and called the cops.

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Pope Francis Comes Out In Support Of Same-Sex Civil Unions

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Francesco-pope-francis-civil-unions-gay-boycultureThe Pope's latest remarks are making history. (Image via Rome Film Festival)

Pope Francis, in a seismic shift, has broken with the Catholic Church on the subject of homosexuality, supporting same-sex civil unions for the first time.

The Pope made the remarks in a new documentary, Franceso by Evgeny Afineevsky, that premiered Wednesday at the Rome Film Festival. He said:

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Trashy People Are STILL Refusing To Wear Masks On Flights (And Seatbelts!)

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Masks-miami-flight-atlanta-delta-boycultureDelta has confirmed the two passengers refused to comply with safety measures. (Image via video still)

I'll be so glad when this is an anachronism — idiots refusing to properly mask up (or wear seatbelts!) on a flight from


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