Jan 26 2021

Michael B. Jordan: Head To Toe + Haley: Insurrection Isn't No Biggie + Biden On Racial Justice, Ending Private Prison Deals + Bathhouses Are Back + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: An example of the type of photo posted by Saverio Pescucci on a roommate-seeking service. It ... didn't go the way he expected. (Or did it?)

BELOW: Keep reading for hot guys, Biden's racial justice plans, Nikki Haley's laughable admonition for us all to move on already and more ...

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Hey, QAnon — What Ya Say About Kellyanne Conway Photographing Her 16YO's Breasts?

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UPDATE: Claudia sent out a video statement absolving her mother and saying she will take a break from social media.

Kellyanne Conway stands accused of surreptitiously copying a topless photo of her 16-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway.

The accusation stems from a photo of Claudia's breasts that was tweeted from Kellyanne's account, possibly due to a hack.

Claudia has confirmed the photo is genuine, saying:

I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something. I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it.

Claudia says her mother deserves to go to prison for the alleged act.

Claudia has previously accused her mother of verbal abuse, which she has documented on social media, but has expressed hopelessness that she could ever achieve emancipation because:

She's way too powerful.

Meanwhile, remember how the right is so morbidly obsessed with child sex-trafficking that they fantasize all Democrats are in on a worldwide ring? Yet, they don't flinch at Trump's association with Jeffrey Epstein, and likely won't care much about this. Just try to imagine for one second if Hillary had done this to Chelsea! (You can't, because Hillary is not abusive and insane.)


Fleshback: I Feel Like A Newman

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Young Blue Eyes (GIF via GIPHY)

Remembering the dazzling Paul Newman on the anniversary (96th) of his birth.

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Liz Cheney Scratches Matt Gaetz's Eyes Out + Biden Moving To Put Tubman On $20 Bill + QAnon: President Trump Returns March 4 + McConnell Caves + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: More like him here.

BELOW: Keep reading for Liz Cheney emasculating Matt Gaetz, Harriet Tubman about to get her due, new QAnon theory puts Trump at the wheel by March and more ...

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Jan 25 2021

They're Just Guiltier: Walk Away Founder Brandon Straka Arrested For Capitol Riot Involvement

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Brandon-straka-boycultureHow it started ... how it's going! (Images via Twitter & KETV)

Brandon Straka, the preening head of the Walk Away (from Democrats) movement, the same gay man who this very week posted a side-by-side of Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki and posited of Republicans, “We're just hotter,” has been arrested for his alleged part in the Capitol riot.

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Biden Ends Trans Ban + Matthew Camp Speaks Out On Arson + Spotlight On Gay Elders + Newsom Lifts Stay-At-Home Order For California + MORE! — 12-PACK

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Robert-farah-shirtless-boycultureHappy feet (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Robert Farah — and others — proves that tennis players were made for social media.

BELOW: Keep reading for Biden's pro-trans Week 1 action, Matthew Camp speaking out on the attempt on his life, Hawley whining about cancel culture, a major Senate development and more ...

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Considered Qualified To Be Governor In Arkansas — No, Really

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Sarah-huckabee-sanders-boyculture(Image via video still)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Trump's former lyin' mouthpiece — is bragging that she needed Secret Service protection because she was such a truth-teller, claiming that a servicemember called her former job as tough as his and, of course, railing against cancel culture in her video announcing she is running for governor of Arkansas.

I can't imagine living in a state that believes she is qualified to be anything other than a demagogue. She leans hard on all the attacks on freedom and ideas, but:


Also, she says (in vilifying “the radical left”):

As governor, I will be your voice — and never let them silence you.

So much for unity, launching a campaign built on us vs. them.

She also announces that Arkansas is some kind of amazing land of opportunity because of Walmart ... but, like, how many businesses actually thrive there again?

The surest sign yet that Trumpism is not close to dead.


Nomi Ruiz & Nick Sasso Heat Up HAYMAKER

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Haymaker-nick-sasso-nomi-ruizWhat a bodyguard ... and she's got plenty of body to guard! (Image via Gravitas)

A haymaker is quite a punch, Haymaker-poster-boyculturewhich is what Nick Sasso's directorial debut of the same name hopes to do when it drops January 29 after being acquired by Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures in November.

Haymaker stars Sasso as a retired fighter who takes a job protecting a sultry trans singer (Nomi Ruiz). As the two get closer than close, he makes a surprise return to his dangerous former career, with potentially disastrous results.

Haymaker — which Sasso also wrote and edited — features a special appearance by Udo Kier, who is having another moment in 2021, thanks to Bacurau, and co-stars John Ventimiglia, Veronica Falcón, Zoë Bell and D.B. Sweeney.

Among the film's other offerings, there's a club performance that oozes film-noir glamour.

Haymaker is in theaters, on digital and available On Demand from January 29.