Dec 02 2020

St. Louis Drag Legend Michael Shreves aka Michelle McCausland Dies Of COVID-19

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Michelle-mccausland-boycultureShreves as Michelle McCausland (Image via Our Community Roots)

Via KSDK: St. Louis drag legend Michelle McCausland, Michael Shreves, died last week at 61 following a battle of COVID-19.

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Happy Birthday Suit, Brendan Fraser!

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Via Mr. Man: Looks like another '90s heartthrob has morphed into full daddyhood right before our eyes. Super handsome Brendan Fraser is turning 52 this week. As much as Mr. Man loves sexy daddies, they  prefer to take a trip to the '90s and revel in Brendan past ...

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Braunwyn-windham-burke-gay-lesbian-boycultureAs GLAAD points out, there are no rules when it comes to coming out. (Image via GLAAD)

Braunwyn Windham-Burke of The Real Housewives of The Real Housewives of Orange County came out as a lesbian via a GLAAD Zoom interview Wednesday.

She said, in part:

It's been something that I think everyone's kind of known has been coming, but I'm finally comfortable enough to say: I like women! I'm gay. You know, I'm a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am a lesbian. [Laughs] And it has taken my 42 years to say that.

Interestingly, she has seven children with her husband of over 20 years, and she (1) is still married to him, and (2) still lives with him, and (3) now asserts she has never been attracted to men.

I'm always fascinated by later-in-life coming-out stories; add to that a glitzy, reality-series backdrop, and it's fair to say that Windham-Burke's is a fairly unique situation.

This announcement was preceded by a high-profile same-sex kiss on the show that had tongues wagging.

Watch the full interview below — she's great at articulating her situation:

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Out Wrestling Legend Pat Patterson Dies @ 79

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WWE-boyculture-gay-wrestler-Pat-PattersonPatterson in his prime (Image via WWE)

Pat Patterson, a WWE wrestling legend who became the sport's first out gay man, has died of cancer at 79. 

Born in Montreal in 1941, Patterson began his wrestling career at 17. By 1979, he was the WWE's first Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, having come out as gay earlier in the decade.

Stars We Have Lost in 2020 ... So Far

In spite of coming out, his being gay was not publicly referred to again until the end of his life, but it was acknowledged at all levels within the sport.

Patterson came out as gay in 2014 on an episode of WWE Legends' House, saying, “For once in my life, I'm gonna be me,” before talking about losing his partner of 40 years to a heart attack:

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Fleshback: The Steven Bauer Of Love

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Have a Cuban! (GIF via GIPHY)

The very sexy Steven Bauer turns 64 today. Ever since Scarface and Thief of Hearts, he's been steaming up the big and small screens, and continues to knock down meaty roles, too.

Please follow Gr8erDays on IG here, and keep reading for more Bauer Power ...

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Harry Styles Goes Bananas On Candace Owens + Trump's Pardon Spree Is Coming + HAPPIEST SEASON Soars + Elton On Fauci + MORE! —12-PACK

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ABOVE: I need a Dan.

BELOW: Keep reading for Harry Styles clapping back, Happiest Season kicking ass, Trump's own AG declaring there was no major election fraud, Trump's pre-emptive pardon spree news and more ...

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Dec 01 2020

Fleshback: Always A Treat

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He could ring my Bell. (Image via Bell Telephone)

I've always loved Treat Williams, and he's turning the big 6-9 today!

Please follow Gr8erDays on IG here, and keep reading for more of this hunk of man with the ability to emit the squeakiest voice ever ...

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Drag Her! Linda Simpson's New Book Of Old Photographs Documents THE DRAG EXPLOSION

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Drag-explosion-linda-simpson-gay-boycultureA plastic-surgery addict's dream: No nose altogether! (Image via Domain Books)

Like Vivian Maier except with a lot of friends who tucked, Linda Simpson was a chick with a camera in the right places at the right times — and in possession of the right eyes.

Press-6Underwear's the party? With Little Whitney and sexy Juan Botas, RIP. (Image by Linda Simpson)

Her talents are on display, and I don't mean via wardrobe malfunction, in her new book The Drag Explosion, which gathers her many endearing and enduring images. I've seen her work, and she really was present at the moment when drag was underground one day and mainstream the next, chronicling that transformation one click at a time.

Rupaul-willi-ninja-boyculture-gay-linda-simpsonAn embryonic RuPaul with the late, great Willi Ninja — vogueing while seated. (Image by Linda Simpson)

Sounds like a Christmas-gift option, and it's available to pre-order here.