Oct 06 2022


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Via Mr. Man:

High Heat is Netflix’s sleeper hit Mexican firehouse telenovela — a TV category that we didn’t realize we desperately needed. Forget Netflix and chill — Netflix has no chill when it comes to the gratuitous firefighter content we get here!

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Urban Bear Culture: Putting The Grrr In Gear!

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Unnamed-8(All images by UBC)

Oh, my God — do you longtime Boy Culture readers remember a site I frequently linked to way back when called Homotrophy? Well, its founder has gone on to create Urban Bear Culture (UBC), a new line of shirts that is designed with bears' needs in mind.


No more triple-XL baggy shirts, these shirts — designed in Berlin, made in Athens — look like they're a cut above.

Check out UBC here and let me know if you like what you see. (This is NOT a paid promotion.)



Oct 05 2022

You're Welcome: Tom Berklund

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Tom-berklund-boyculture-gay(Images via Instagram)

Actor Tom Berklund went spray tanning and, well, I'm sold ...

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Trace Michaels aka Aaron Michael Dobbins Accused Of Cold-Case Murder

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Trace-michaels-gay-murder-boyculture(Image via video still/RubHim.com)

I'm shocked to read over at Queerty that rather enthusiastic retired porn star Trace Michaels stands accused of murder in a cold case that was cracked via DNA under the victim's fingernails.


Let's Have A Chi Chi + Musk Nears Deal To Own Twitter + Gigi Hadid Slams BULLY Kanye West's WHITE LIVES MATTER Stunt + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: How handsome, right?!

BELOW: Keep reading for a Chi Chi kiki, Musk advancing on Twitter and more ...

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Oct 04 2022

KJ Apa In His Undies + ANOTHER GAY MOVIE ... Again! + Gay Reading + SCOOBY's Velma Goes Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Janet's been everywhere lately.

BELOW: Keep reading for KJ Apa in his skivvies, a tribute to Another Gay Movie and more ...

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Oct 03 2022

Herschel Walker's Gay Son Christian — His Biggest Fan — Turns On Him

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Herschel-walker-boyculture-christian-gay-georgia(Image via Twitter)

He's not backing down:


Shawn Mendes On Being Vulnerable + Bolsonaro A Strong 2nd Place In Brazil, Runoff Coming + Billy Eichner On BROS Bombing + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: One of my favorites. Follow Gr8erDays HERE.

BELOW: Shawn Mendes plays reptilian, Bolsonaro overperforms in Brazil and more ...

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