Sep 27 2020

You're Welcome: Chris Gray

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Trump's Former 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, Hospitalized After Threatening Suicide

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Brad-parscale-trump-fort-lauderdale-suicide-boycultureThings are going GREAT when your recent campaign manager is suicidal. (Image via video still)

When things come undone, they sometimes come undone spectacularly.

Brad Parscale, the extremely unpleasant man who until not long ago was running Trump's current re-election campaign, was just hospitalized after barricading himself in his home and threatening self-harm.

Only the best people, Donald!

Via The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

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You're Welcome: DNA #249

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Dna-magazine-shirtless-muscles-boycultureHot stuff! (Image via DNA)

The new DNA's cover is equal parts hot and queer-positive. Buy it — and support your local magazine publisher! — here.


New Trump Tax Bombshells: He Wrote Off $70K For Hairstyling

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TenorHair-raising revelations ... (GIF via GIPHY)

The New York Times has completed a major new investigation into Trump's taxes, and the results are shocking, which ... is not a shock.

Read it all here.

Some highlights:

Trump paid no federal income taxes — at all — 11 out of 18 years that were seen by the reporters. In 2017, he did pay federal taxes ... of $750. So you likely paid more than billionaire Trump.

His taxes were reduced in sketchy ways, including a $72.9 million tax refund that is still being audited, apparently.

His taxes are so low, in part, because many of his businesses are losing money hand over fist.

He wrote off $70,000 in hairstyling.

Ivanka is involved in his tax scams — she received fees that helped reduce his bill.


Could A Blue Wave Wash That Graham Right Out Of Our Hair?

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Sen. Lindsey Graham is facing a stiff competition for his Senate seat in South Carolina, with challenger Jaime Harrison out-raising him by millions.

Now, a new poll places him within a single point of Lady G. Man alive, I'd love to depose that witch.

The same poll shows a big lead for Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham over incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina, but shows Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff trailing incumbent Sen. David Perdue by 5 points in Georgia.

These are incredibly tight races. A huge Democratic turnout could win Dems every one of 'em.



Fleshback: Lusty Rusty — Tragic Roger Herren

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He got screwed. (Image via 20th Century Fox)

I looooved Roger Herren in the fairly hard-to-watch Myra Breckinridge. He was the male Farrah Fawcett in it, just exquisitely lovely. Sadly, the movie bombed and his scenes — he gets raped by Raquel Welch with a dildo — besmirched his career. He spent the rest of his days close to a beach, and died before hitting 70.

Today would've been his 75th.

Please follow Gr8erDays on IG here, and keep reading to enjoy Roger in his glory days ...

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Jacob Elordi's Body vs. Towel + Jill Biden Shuts Down Gaffe Question + Biden's Nailing It In Polls + How Do You Solve A Problem Like Amy? + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Having an art-on.

BELOW: Keep reading for lovely Jacob Elordi, the inevitability of Amy Coney Barrett, Biden killing it in polls with less than 40 days to go, more Republicans peeling off for Joe, Charles Barkley taken to the woodshed and more ...

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The Rock Endorses Biden/Harris In New Video

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Biden-harris-the-rock-boycultureYes, this is a big deal. (Images via video stills)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, yes, a movie star, but he has the kind of across-the-board likability of a Tom Hanks — and is, like Hanks, someone who has often been talked about as a possible future presidential candidate.

Now, Johnson is explicitly endorsing candidates for the first time, lending a full-throated endorsement to Biden/Harris in a new campaign video that is quite effective at pushing a Biden/Harris plank: TRUTH ...

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