Oct 28 2020

Yikes! Mississippi Senator Cites Military Ramp-Up In Response To BLM Question

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Cindy-hyde-smith-boycultureHyde-Smith's comments on COVID-19 were egregious, too. (Image via video still)

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi is seemingly cruising to a win on November 3; her challenger, Mike Espy, who would be the state's first Black male senator since Reconstruction, has kept her in the single digits.

Below, she answered a question about her state's completely peaceful BLM protests by segueing into her desire to further strengthen ... the military. (The people whose votes Trump wouldn't mind dumping, apparently.)

Erin-pickens-mississippi-matters-cindy-hyde-smith-trump-racism-blm-boycultureErin wasn't buying it. (Image via video still)

The Black woman who asked her the question gets the final word — with just her facial expression.

Watch and squirm:

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Amy Coney Barrett Recuses Herself From First Major Voting Rights Case

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200She'll come into the fold post-Election Day. (GIF via GIPHY)

This is a shocker — Amy Coney Barrett, groomed by the Federalist Society as an anti-voting rights, anti-reproductive rights, anti-equality, anti-LGBTQ rights SCOTUS warrior — actually recused herself from the first major voting rights case to come before her, one involving counting ballots in Pennsylvania.

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If You Like 'Em Bendy ...

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Quinn-jaxon-shirtless-boycultureHe really went the extra mile in this shoot ... (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More of Quinn — and others — at my OnlyFans here. Just $9.99 a month.


THIS ISN'T THE POLAR EXPRESS: Satirist Blair Erskine Gets Cold Over Trump's Nebraska Abandonment

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Blair-erskine-nebraska-trump-parody-humor-boycultureYou have placed a chill in my heart ... (Image via video still)

Immediately after it was reported that Trump's last-second Nebraska rally had resulted in hundreds being stranded in the freezing cold, humorist Blair Erskine crafted this priceless bit of comedy that's almost less outrageous than what real Trumpers say and believe ...

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Trump-the-villages-florida-boycultureFlorida Man got a make-over! (Image via video still)

I'm glad seniors have discovered TikTok:

Listen, I live in The Villages, Florida, okay? And they have a saying here: The way The Villages goes, that's the way Florida's gonna go. In 2016, Trump was the king here — he was the man. Not anymooore! He's done. Enjoy your last couple of days, guys. We're all gonna be back to normal again, and we're gonna get rid of this orange buffoon.

Watch him gloat:

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Even Fox Business Is To The Left Of Rudy Giuliani

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Rudy-giuliani-lisa-kennedy-christopher-steele-fox-boycultureYou, sir, are no Lisa Kennedy ... (Image via video still)

Even Fox Business right-winger Lisa Kennedy (yes, Kennedy of MTV fame) is not buying what Rudy Giuliani is selling. Watch her compare him to Christopher Steele (the man behind the Trump dossier), provoking Giuliani's raspy-throated (he 100% has had COVID-19) outrage:

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You're Welcome: Chris Meloni

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Chris-meloni-shirtless-boycultureJesus, Chris! (Images via Instagram)

What must it be like to have a dad who consistently and thoughtfully serves up all the fetishy images his gay fans desire (feet! pits! ass! shirtlessness galore! daddy issues!)?

Follow Chris Meloni — because that's his best angle anyway.

Meloni-butt-boycultureMy one and Meloni (Image via video still)


DNA's Birthday Suit + Guns At Polls Okayed In Michigan + Trump Abandons Nebraska Voters + Kim Kardashian: Guillotine Idol + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: Bath that thing up.

BELOW: Sizzling-hot DNA cover, Biden on the latest police execution, Trump abandons his Nebraska voters and more ...

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