Jul 28 2021

Swann's Annual Queer Art Auction Extraordinaire

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Swann-galleries-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boyculture-auctions(Images via Swann Galleries)

Check out the new LGBTQ+ auction at Swann Galleries, with a wealth of queer art that includes everything from drag photo albums to Keith Haring penis art to Tom Bianchi, Bruce Weber, gay pulps and a spectacular Tom of Finland.


Hot Anchor + Ed Buck GUILTY X 9 + Dua Lipa Disavows DaBaby + Taylor Greene & Gaetz Run Like Cowards + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: This is my recipe for soup.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hairy chest for the ages, Ed Buck gets his comeuppance, Dua Lipa disavows DaBaby, Nancy Pelosi calls a moron a moron and more ...

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Jul 27 2021

Darlene Love Ball: Turning 80, Bringing The '60s To Life

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Darlene-love-boyculture-1Love with Paul Shaffer (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

The concept of a musical performance being magical is a cliché, but there is something otherworldly about a Darlene Love concert.

Her pipes are transcendent, she channels gospel as if calling the angels and she looks like no 80-year-old woman you've ever seen, challenging doubts about man's ability to time-travel. For all the world, it feels like the '60s when Love channels them, making an evening with her feel like witnessing a link to the past, to how music sounded, was played, was sung.

And yet she is very much in the now, enjoying herself and enjoying touching you with her blessed instrument.

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Seen & Heard: MDL CHLD's FUNK (ABOUT YOU) Is a Deaf-Inclusive Song & Video

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Boyculture-MDL_CHLD_Funk_About_YouJust facts! (Image via video still)

MDL CHLD's new track and video is described as “queer, cute, deaf and funky” ...

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What's Poppin' With Poppers? + Death Of The U.S. As We Know It? + EXORCIST Trilogy + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: A great place if you've never been.

BELOW: Keep reading for the biography of poppers, more from the January 6 hearings, return of The Exorcist and more ...

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Officer Fanone, Beaten Unconscious On January 6, Condemns DISGRACEFUL GOP Dismissal Of What Happened

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Insurrection-fanone-boyculture(Image via video still)

Officer Fanone's statement on Day 1 of hearings into the January 6 insurrection was powerful, and to the point:

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Give It To Him RETRO

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Retro-kyle-motsinger-music-boycultureA song extolling the virtue of short-shorts is timely! (Image via video still)

Kyle Motsinger, a self-described “persistent and passionate ginger,” is giving it to us retro:

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Jul 26 2021

BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES — World Premiere At Outfest!

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Darryl-Stephens-Derek-Magyar-Outfest-gay-boyculture-Boy-Culture-7Get your tickets while they last! (Image via School Pictures)

It's (finally) official: The world premiere of Boy Culture: The Series is happening at Outfest in a matter of weeks!

The screening is August 19 at 9:45 p.m., and is paired with Noah's Arc: The 'Rona Chronicles.

Also available will be streaming tickets, for the period of August 20-22.


Today, Outfest L.A. announced its 39th annual lineup, which includes its first-ever outdoor gala with Cinespia at Hollywood Forever on August 13 — the much-talked-about Everybody's Talking About Jamie — and a closing-night August 22 screening of Fanny: The Right to Rock, a doc about the first female rock band ever to release an album with a major label. The latter film will include a live reunion performance by Fanny.

Among almost 200 films chosen for this year's fest are the first two (of five) episodes of Boy Culture: The Series, which reunites Derek Maygar (X) and Darryl Stephens (Andrew) in a follow-up to the 2006 film based on my novel of the same name. The new series explores aging — in gay culture, in sex work, in life — and adds Jason Caceres to the cast as a young, upstart sex worker who is X's de facto pimp.

Guest stars in the first two episodes include Steve Grand, Jonathan Lisecki, Joel Michaely, “Prince of Twerk” Jojo Guadagno and Kevin Stea.

(You can glimpse RuPaul's Drag Race Pit Crew member Bruno Alcantara and porn sensation Cazden Hunter in the mix, too.)