Sep 20 2020

You're Welcome: L'Homme Invisible's Daydream Line

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Boyculture-Daydream 08Just hanging out! (Images by Sandeep Sahni/L'Homme Invisible)

L'Homme Invisible's Daydream line leaves so little to the imagination you may not need any imagination after all. More of Jeremy Douillé after the jump ...

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Trump's Fake TikTok Crisis Over + Clinton On RBG-Seat Hypocrisy + The Pope: GOD LOVES YOUR CHILDREN AS THEY ARE + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: There are only so many '70s/'80s men who could truly be responsible for our gay-sexual awakenings, but Randolph Mantooth deserves a slot, no?

BELOW: Keep reading for a Teamm8 player, Trump's fake TikTok crisis averted (by Trump), Clinton on SCOTUS shenanigans and more ...

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Sep 19 2020

Fleshback: Heat Ray Danton

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Today was the anniversary of the birth of Ray Danton, a super sexy actor from the past who died at just 60. Follow Gr8erDays here, and keep reading for more ...

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Like A Casting Agent: Who Could Be Who In The Madonna Biopic

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Chloe-grace-moretz-madonna-movie-boycultureThere's one thing you miss ... and ... that's ... Moretz? (Images via IG & Herb Ritts)

Madonna's biopic may have seemed like a lark at first, but then again, revealing she was earnestly working on a screenplay with the seriously talented and successful Diablo Cody was probably a tip-off that movie-wise, Breathless was back in business.

Now that she has forced Universal's hand — the studio announced that the as-yet-untitled biopic will be produced by Amy Pascal and directed by non-charlatan Madonna herself — it's time to realize that this movie, its fortunes perhaps buoyed by the hits that were Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, could be not only an eventual reality, but on the proverbial fast track.

Presuming a suitable screenplay is completed within, say, another couple of months, and presuming that filming is not hopelessly hamstrung by the coronavirus, the movie could feasibly drop as early as 2022. 

In honor of this coming triumph or disaster (I am rooting for a triumph), I have taken a little time to list just a few of the people who may be depicted in the movie, and to cast them. You're welcome, Madonna!!!

It is impossible to know who will make the cut, because in order to squish the legend of Madonna into two hours, heads must roll. One could come up with dozens of ways to frame her life and career — imagine how different a biopic entitled Live to Tell would be from one entitled, say, Burning Up. Therefore, I am choosing almost 80 people who could appear in some capacity.

I wish Madonna and her team all the best, both for their own success and for selfish reasons — because what inveterate Madonna fan would not fucking love to have her make a brilliant movie about her life that reveals crazy secrets, cements her status as one of the most important and impactful artists in history and, I dunno, wins an Oscar or four?

My dream cast ...

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All The Ginsburg News You Can Handle, or Don't Give Up! — 12-PACK

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EXTRATV: RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a truly trailblazing, honorable American.

MEDIUM: President Obama remembers Justice Ginsburg.

NYT: Do NOT give up hope. Ginsburg's death is a catastrophe, but Democrats raised $12.5 million for Senate candidates via ActBlue in the two hours following her death. We must win.

NBC NEWS: Hundreds gathered outside the SCOTUS to mourn the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

TWITTER: Lindsey Graham has made it explicitly clear that he is against confirming a SCOTUS judge in the final year of any presidency. He said this:

I want you to use my words against me: If there is a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say, “Lindsey Graham said, 'Let's let the next president — whoever it might be — make that nomination,'” and you could use my words against me and you'd be absolutely right.

AXIOS: There is 100% chance that Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg. He ghoulishly told people privately last year that he was “saving” her among his picks to replace Ginsburg. Barrett is in the mold of Scalia, a so-called originalist, and is adamantly anti-abortion, so Trump correctly intuited how grotesquely satisfying it would be for him to erase Ginsburg's legacy — as he nearly has Obama's — with such a pick.

Sign HERE to Protest Seating of a New Justice Prior to Inauguration Day!

POLITICO: Trump/McConnell could intentionally delay the confirmation of any justice until post-Election Day, but will install one prior to Inauguration Day (if Biden wins). By nominating someone now, Trump will tell his depressed base that he is the guy to trust when it comes to putting anti-abortion justices on the Court, but by forestalling a confirmation, he would dangle that carrot until after November 3, winning him the maximum number of votes possible.

Donate to McConnell's opponent Amy McGrath HERE.

Of course, there are other strategies. Please investigate this thread on Twitter, which suggests more competitive races than McConnell's, and explains why — although it was satisfying for me to give Amy money — the money, if you have limited resources, could be better spent elsewhere.

TPM: Ginsburg's death will be immediately (as in, prior to any replacement) impactful on the Court, and may have just sealed the fate of the entire ACA.

Brian-fallon-scotus-boycultureThis. Forever. (Image via Twitter)

MOTHER JONES: There is a rising appetite among Democrats for a Democratic-controlled (fingers crossed) Senate to add justices to the SCOTUS in order to even out the injustice visited upon the Court by Trump's stolen Kavanaugh seat and now his planned Ginsburg hypocrisy. I'm all in. I wouldn't just add two, either.

Doug-collins-georgiaI will never understand anti-choicers. Never. (Image via Twitter)

DAILY KOS: We slide ever more dangerously toward autocracy: The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, an independent federal board, is shelving its investigation into how to protect minority voting rights after its four conservative members voted to abandon it. Forty-something days before the most important election in U.S. history.

TWITTER: Doug Collins, running for the Senate from Georgia, gloated over Ginsburg's death on Twitter, instead mourning aborted fetuses.

Donate to Collins's (and Loeffler's) Democratic opponent HERE.

Donate to Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff (vs. Perdue) HERE.

KANSAS CITY: The Senate race in Kansas is far more competitive than it should be, considering the state is deep red. The race is closer than any in almost 50 years there. Democrat Barbara Bollier is behind Republican Roger Marshall — but according to FiveThirtyEight, she is not out of the running. In a blue-wave election, she could prevail:

FiveThirtyEight’s “lite” forecast — which only uses polling data — gives Bollier a 33% chance of winning. Meanwhile, the “classic” version — fundraising and a state’s partisan lean along with polls — puts Bollier’s odds at 28%.

Donate to Bollier HERE.

ShareClick here to join. (Image via Dr. Barbara Bollier for U.S. Senate)


Nominudes: Hot Male Emmy Contenders In The Nude

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The 2020 Emmy nominees include some of the most-stacked studs in Hollywood. This award season, you’re the real winner, because — thanks to this post by Mr. Man — you get to see the insanely hot nudity from the sexiest 2020 Emmy nominees right here, right now! We can't show you Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s massive thick cock and Olympic-sized balls, but we come close (so to speak) on Mark Ruffalo’s daddy dick. We’re also talking gay actor Andrew Scott’s bangable buns. We’re talking… too much. Time to get down to jizzness, with the hottest 2020 Emmy nominees in their nude roles ...

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Q&A With A&A: Modus Vivendi's Leather Line Models Speak

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Boyculture-Leather Line FW 20-21 No Logo (24)Adrian & Ale (Images by Joan Crisol/Modus Vivendi)

I recently posted the new Leather Line from Modus Vivendi. Now, for a deep dive into the minds of the models, Ale and Adrian, who wore it so well ...

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Sep 18 2020

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Dead At 87

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Via NPR, Ginsburg — who has died of cancer at 87 — dictated a statement days ago, as she knew she was dying:

My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.

Her impending death must have reached Trump's ears; this is why he randomly put forth his list of SCOTUS potentials, one of whom baldly proclaimed Roe v Wade would be eliminated, and the other of whom was first-class asshole Ted Cruz.

Look, her spot can be filled, full-stop, and will, possibly post-Election Day, pre-Inauguration Day. She could've retired under Obama, but probably assumed a woman, Hillary, would replace her, and liked that idea. Who knew?

We have to band together, get Biden in and expand the Court to nullify whatever goon the Trumpublicans ram through.

2020 fucking sucks.

Please, Joe Biden, keep breathing.