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Feb 03 2006
Madonna, Over Easy Comments (4)

I must have slept through the announcement that the short subject (read: home movie) Madonna starred in during her high school years, which shows an egg being "fried" on her stomach, has resurfaced. I wrote about the existence of the movie in my book Encyclopedia Madonnica but have never seen it until now. Gotta love—it's got amazing rarities. This Madonna short, which looks from its condition to have been filmed sometime between the Civil and the First World War, reminds me of Kenneth Anger movies and also thatMadgeeat dubious old porn loop purporting to be Marilyn Monroe recycling a Coke bottle with her vagina. Nothing X-rated happens, though Madonna looks bitchin' in a bikini, suggestively eats and spits out a raw egg (foreshadowing the bukakke craze of the 2000s) and allows a friend to eat the fried egg off of her washboard abs. Yes, she was Madonna even back then. Journey back to home to read more of my blog, journey to the original Madonna post on or feel free to comment.

UPDATE: The original was removed, while others have gone up. I am wondering which third party is claiming copyright over this material?