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Aug 23 2006
Birth Of A Salesman Comments (4)

PaperboyWhen you're liberal—very liberal—you're supposed to be against big business. To be sure, big business has a lot wrong with it. Where there's a money business, there's funny business. But am I alone as a liberal capitalist pig?

See, communism...would be a nice idea if it weren't so stupid. Sorry, Evangelicals, but communism is the answer to, "What would Jesus do?" And I'm an atheist.

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Aug 18 2006
On The Cover Of A Magazine Comments (0)

Getattachmentaspx_3Boy Culture gets its first cover—MCV, a queer weekly from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to John from the (in)famous emackinations.blogspot.com. It's a favorite gay blog of mine that's smart and sexy. Love the robe. If you look way down at the bottom, your imagination can run wild as to whether he's got anything on under there.