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Nov 02 2008
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IMG_2956 Today, I received word that a young man I'd met only once had suddenly died, killed in a car crash in my hometown of Flushing, Michigan, at an intersection I'm very familiar with. His name was Zach Morley, and he was the boyfriend of my second cousin—one of the daughters of my cousin who used to babysit me, and who I looked up to as being cooler than Pinky Tuscadero at the time. I hope I'm not invading her privacy in writing about his death—it's just that it absolutely breaks my heart. 

I'd been introduced to Zach, who was just 18, at my grandmother's 90th birthday party in Frankenmuth. He and Alyssa were an adorable couple. I had not seen her since she was small enough for me to send kiddie Christmas gifts, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she and her sister had grown into offbeat, smart, hilarious young women who struck me as being almost to the left of me...which is hard to do, harder still in my own family. Zach seemed to be a kindred spirit to her, and I immediately related to him. They'd even gone to see the True Colors Tour together, and he was studying poly sci, looking forward to voting in his first election (for Barack Obama, as it turns out).

UPDATE: More details about Zach—he was a gifted musician, passionately against our country's illegal war in Iraq and was killed while going to the store for milk.

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