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May 11 2009
Hard Times Comments (33)

Today, Mavety Media Group pulled the buttplug on all of their gay magazines—charmingly referred to as "sophisticates" in old-school publishing parlance. Puns aside, I wonder if people will notice what a major development this is in publishing, in gay history and in the porn industry.

Big_TORSO200705 The titles affected include Mandate, Torso, Honcho, Inches (and all of its ethnic permutations) and Playguy. The oldest, Mandate, has been continuously published since April of 1975—just over 34 years. It was published originally by George Mavety, an apparently heterosexual man (I say "apparently" only because having known him, I wouldn't put much past him sexually—but his obsession with women is well documented) who was a former Sunday school teacher.

Imagine this: A straight dude from Canada peddling the first monthly gay-porn entertainment magazine (after his own, short-lived Dilettante) from the trunk of his car. Mr. Mavety was tenacious in his belief that there was a big market for big penises, and he was never one to discriminate when there was money to be made. He because an expert on distribution and launched dozens more magazines in his day, including perverted-household names like Juggs and Leg Show (titles that live on, but for how long?).

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May 03 2009
Lady GaGa Live: Paparazzi Don't Preach Comments (10)
"All you need is love and art and each other!"—Lady GaGa, 5/2/09

As part of my dayjob, I was invited to see this rock group The White Tie Affair opening for Lady GaGa. TWA is not up my alley (nor is it meant to be), but Lady GaGa turns out to be—I have come to like her a lot after some initial misgivings.

Lady gaga8GaGa marches on your brain.

I first remember seeing/hearing about her just before she played the Miss Universe show in mid-2008. I scoffed—Miss Universe often has cheesy talent, but Lady GaGa seemed like some low-level dance artist to be granted so much air time. I barely watched her, if at all.

Later, as she began appearing in the media (thanks in part to Perez Hilton's adoption of her as one of his faves), I was intrigued. "Just Dance" was certainly a fun if generic song (don't get me wrong—I own my share of those), but her other tunes started crossing my path and I liked those even more: "Poker Face," a great remix of "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)." Seeing the Pet Shop Boys use her as a stand-in for Dusty Springfield was a pretty strong endorsement, too. I had her album on my computer and listened to it more.

Big Sister is watching you.

Going to the concert, I had decided I liked GaGa and so was hoping not to be disappointed. Far from it—I wound up being impressed and surprised. Plus, Madonna was there!

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