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May 07 2012
Enjoy This Strip—A Review Of Broadway Bares: Solo Strips Comments (15)

IMG_0398This was after Josh's third trip to dump money backstage

Last night was Broadway Bares: Solo Strips at XL in NYC, which is a sort of appetizer for the main event, Broadway Bares on June 17 @ Roseland. The concept is that 10 Broadway dancers do brief striptease routines for a paying crowd and then shake their literal moneymakers afterward, being generous with at least their tips in search of generous tips in order to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

IMG_6998The new WTC building had nothing on her

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz004Waiting for my sidekick, I watched a  6'4" (guessing) drag queen sashaying in and wondered if she could touch the ceiling inside. Just was hoping she wouldn't be standing in front of me; tall people can be such (high) heels about that sort of thing.

When I went in, I was crestfallen to hear a woman at the door reminding everyone not to take any pictures. If something happens and no pictures are taken, did it really happy at all? She didn't tell me, so that was my out, but I was kinda worried until the show began and nobody seemed to care.

Rotation1A tasteful shot of tasty Matt

These events can be aspirational, considering all the ridiculously built men milling about (onstage and off), and yet when I hugged charming (and single, boys!) Matt Skrincosky, who has to believe I'm a stalker by now and who was one of the perfect specimens selling raffle tickets, it had the dual effect of motivating and making me think, "What's the use?"

IMG_0416He swore my raffle ticket would win!

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz002I was at the stairs so had a fairly good view. There was, of course (as there always is) one tall asshole (kidding, but I've always found vertically gifted people to be a lot more entertaining horiztonal) in the exact spot where some of the down-and-dirtiest grinding was happening, but overall I was happy to capture a few sizzling moments. I ran into my Broadway Bares bud Andrew Glaszek, who is apparently at every event in existence and has already slept with everyone I have a crush on; he's younger, but could be my mentor. Or maybe my chorus-boy rabbi.

A reminder: Be sure you donate $ to this worthy cause if you're gonna ogle my pictures and videos, 'k?


1cPreparing to toss Cesar's salad

First up was Cesar Abreu, working an ambitious James Bond number that included a gorgeous chick (whose name someone will probably send me) and Josh Buscher, who popped up later in the show. The great thing was that he had a gun in his pocket AND was happy to see us.


2 NICK CI wanna say I'm just a little stuck on Nick

Evita's Nick Kenkel had a leisurely routine centered around a studios type with a harness under his clothes and a penchant for whipping out Madonna fetish gear during a Janet Jackson number. One of the evening's best bodies on an evening when all of the bodies were simply the best.

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May 03 2012
Card-Carrying Drag Racists: Meeting RuPaul's Queens @ XL Comments (9)

Sharon Needles knocks 'em dead!

IMG8864Monday was the live finale for RuPaul's Drag Race, with a special live event at XL in NYC (a fun place I recommend) that included one-on-one interviews with most of the queens.

Got there on time just as they were running out of VIP wristbands, which all of the press had been promised. I didn't get mine, but it wound up not mattering—everyone there received VIP treatment.

First up were the interviews. After keeping journalists shooed away from some velvet curtains, the PRs finally opened wide and let us descend on the queens, who were seated at various stations in the club area.

Redhot Willam DSC00718Willam serves it sickening

Willam IMG_0315I made a beeline for Willam, one of the most interesting and controversial characters from this season. Willam was barely dressed and could barely suppress her self-satisfaction at having managed to be kicked off in a way that raised awareness of herself and set her free for a big gig happening two days later.

Willam IMG_0325Bitch knows how to command attention

Best answer came when I asked what she looks for in a man besides a big dick: "Big balls." (Her 6'6" husband has the biggest dick she's ever seen on a white guy.)

Chad Michaels IMG_0343Killed a lot of time in line for Chad Michaels, who wound up having the longest line of the night, partly because of her popularity and partly because she has the gift of gab. In line, I met up with an adorable intern for Out (can't fire an intern!) named Evan who I would later tutor on all things editorial and pop cultural. I'm old, see, so I know stuff.

Chad Michaels DSC00734
Drag Chad Michaels IMG_0318
Hunger games drag Chad MIchaels IMG_0340Phi Phi watches a master in action

We had to peel off to get shots of all the queens in front of the step-and-repeat before I finally got Chad, who I loved.

Drag Queens IMG_0321
Top 3 DSC00733

Top 3 DSC00732While they posed, I shouted out, "Now Charlie's Angels!" and they did it

Sadly, a LOGO crew cut in-between me and Evan, so he had to wait a bit longer.

Latrice IMG_0316I then went for Latrice Royale, who had a fabulous Della Reese vibe. She was extremely warm and gracious, but also didn't hesitate to express at least some discomfort with Sharon Needles's recent racist Facebook post, the one question I asked everyone that got the widest variety of responses.

Latrice DSC00723
Latrice IMG_6758Latrice had a tropical jailbird look going—I'd (incarce)rate her a 10/10

I heard a rumor that Latrice might have propositioned one of the journalists!

Sharon Needles IMG_0357Sharon had a rather simple look—a pink-haired witch in black-and-white stripes—and seemed a bit exhausted, but was nice for someone who probably drinks human blood. She was fine talking about her racism scandal, if not exactly contrite. I think she thinks of herself as a shock jock and doesn't identify as a racist, so feels she can say whatever she likes and people shouldn't be so sensitive. I think the anti-PC thing only goes so far.

Sharon DSC00738
Sharon Needles IMG_0338
Sharon Needles IMG_6757Meet the Needles

But still, it was clear to me that she was the one to beat this season—and I'm glad no one did that.

Phi Phi IMG_0364Phi Phi O'Hara, my least favorite from the show, must have some redeeming qualities; one of her pals was this sweet queen with a wild '40s hat and lipstick that had even the hardcore drag queens asking, "What the fuck is that?" But Phi Phi was polite if clearly over the interview thang.

Phi Phi DSC00766
Phi Phi IMG_0341
Phi Phi IMG_6762
Drag Phi Phi IMG_0342The semi-girl you love to totally hate

I liked her look for the Q&As more than her later performance looks—she had this fantastic spiked dress that should have made it hard to sit. She also surprised me when I asked what she looks for in a guy: "First, he has to be a bottom."

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