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Oct 21 2012
Comic Con Halloween Inspirations Comments (2)
  Comic Con Catwoman
Comic Con Asian goddesses
Hot unique costumes
Comic Con spandex butt and front characters

Comic Con Rocky Horror GAS MASK
Comic con Joker
Comic Con big nose
Comic Con characters
Comic Con couple
Comic Con zombie Snow White
Comic Con Invisible Man
Comic Con nightmare
Comic Con wings
Comic Con exotic
Comic Con elaborate costumes

I had a little too much fun at New York Comic Con, as is evidenced by all my hot-guy galleries. But along with male pulchritude, there were so many amazing, creative costumes that I couldn't resist snapping.


Some were of characters I couldn't identify for a million bucks, but they were cool nonetheless.

I especially got a kick out of Michael J. Fox...when you look this much like him, what else are ya gonna do?