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Oct 29 2012
Madonna MDNA Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 2 Comments (0)
Madonna MDNA Yankee 43
Madonna MDNA Yankee 36
Madonna MDNA Yankee 35
Madonna MDNA Yankee 37
Madonna MDNA Yankee 38
Madonna MDNA Yankee 39
Madonna MDNA Yankee 40
Madonna MDNA Yankee 41
Madonna MDNA Yankee 42
Madonna MDNA Yankee 44*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 46
Madonna MDNA Yankee 47
Madonna MDNA Yankee 48
Madonna MDNA Yankee 50
Madonna MDNA Yankee 51*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 52
Madonna MDNA Yankee 53
Madonna MDNA Yankee 54
Madonna MDNA Yankee 55
Madonna MDNA Yankee 56
Madonna MDNA Yankee 57
Madonna MDNA Yankee 58
Madonna MDNA Yankee 59
Madonna MDNA Yankee 60
Madonna MDNA Yankee 61
Madonna MDNA Yankee 62
Madonna MDNA Yankee 63
Madonna MDNA Yankee 64


Here is part two of all my Madonna MDNA Yankee Stadium shots from her first night there. More from other shows/cities to follow in the near future.

Madonna MDNA Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 1 Comments (6)
Madonna MDNA Yankee 34
Madonna MDNA Yankee 1
Madonna MDNA Yankee 2
Madonna MDNA Yankee 4*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 5*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 3
Madonna MDNA Yankee 6
Madonna MDNA Yankee 7
Madonna MDNA Yankee 8
Madonna MDNA Yannkee 9*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 10
Madonna MDNA Yankee 11
Madonna MDNA Yankee 12
Madonna MDNA Yankee 13
Madonna MDNA Yankee 14
Madonna MDNA Yankee 15
Madonna MDNA Yankee 16
Madonna MDNA Yankee 17Madonna MDNA Yankee 18
Madonna MDNA Yankee 19
Madonna MDNA Yankee 20
Madonna MDNA Yankee 21
Madonna MDNA Yankee 22
Madonna MDNA Yankee 23
Madonna MDNA Yankee 24
Madonna MDNA Yankee 25
Madonna MDNA Yankee 26
Madonna MDNA Yankee 27
Madonna MDNA Yankee 28
Madonna MDNA Yankee 29
Madonna MDNA Yankee 30
Madonna MDNA Yankee 31
Madonna MDNA Yankee 32
Madonna MDNA Yankee 33

Here is the first of two galleries of photos I snapped at Madonna's first Yankee Stadium MDNA show in September. One more is on the way, followed this week (hopefully) by galleries of images I took at her Atlantic City and L.A. shows.

This first night at Yankee Stadium is probably the weakest, with softer photos (I was further away); but still well worth a look if you're into Madonna. If not, skip this post.

Warming Up To Chiller: Killer Heat, Scorching Celebs & S-s-s-s-samantha FOX! Comments (6)
Tom Wopat
Adrienne Barbeau
Andrew McCarthy
Lisa Loring
Bronson Pinchot
Barbara Carrera
Joan Collins
Lee Majors
Martine Beswick

  Valerie Harper
Samantha Fox
Virginia Madsen

A gallery of then-and-now

The celebrity clusterfucks are coming fast 'n' furious now, with Chiller Theatre going down in Parsippany just weeks after my most recent Hollywood Show experience.

*Joan Collins unflatteringAs THS is about to do, Chiller just moved to a new venue, from the Parsippany Hilton to the Parsippany Sheraton. Unlike with that brought by President Obama, I'm not sure this is change I can believe in.

The new venue looks like a castle, but the space inside was more cramped than ever and as hot as some of the careers inside were cold. As my friend Brian pointed out, Joan Collins, 79, began to melt the moment she arrived, even after discarding the fur-lined coat. Taryn Manning, 33, stripped down to what looked like a body stocking. I'm not sure, but I think a few of the celebrity guests may have wound the evening down in body bags.

Joan Collins art"Daaahhhling!"

My first mistake was banking on Andrew McCarthy, 49. Considering all of his Brat Pack movies hinged on Molly Ringwald (or someone else when she wasn't available) deciding between Andrew McCarthy Joan Collins fanand a more reasonable choice, I should have learned from that. Instead, I parked in his long but do-able line at around 5:30PM, thinking I could get him out of the way before venturing into the far longer line next door for Samantha Fox, 46, or what I assumed would be a nightmarish wait for Lee Majors, 73.

Let me tell ya, Joan Collins—who came from England—arrived before Andrew. Penny Marshall, 69—who came back from the grave (and looks healthy and happy now, BTW)—arrived before Andrew. Andrew showed up just past 6:30PM, a full 90 minutes after the pre-show and 30 minutes after the main show opened.

Andrew McCarthy autograph

Andrew McCarthy fanMcCarthy alert: He should be so Ducky

Andrew McCarthy Matthew RettenmundBut did I rip him a new one? Of course not. He was as charming off screen as on, and is still sporting voluminous hair. No baseball caps for him! (I'm talking to you, Tom Wopat, 61, and Jeremy London, 39...we don't care if you're thinning, we just wanna see your whole head for photos.) Andrew was hawking his new book, which I didn't get, instead taking a nice still. I told him I'd see him around my neighborhood, but he has apparently already pre-emptively moved. "I don't miss that Food Emporium," he noted.

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Oct 23 2012
Whatever Became Of...Richard Lamparski?: Exclusive Interview With Mr. Yesterday Comments (5)

What Ever Became of Richard LamparskiHe became, he saw, he conquered

As a kid, I discovered a '60s and '70s book series called Whatever Became Of...? by Richard Lamparski. If you've never read them, they each contain about 100 interviews with celebrities of Virginia Fieldyesteryear, meaning 20 to 50 years prior to their publication. As such, they work as introductions (if you've never heard of Virginia Field or Randolph Scott), reminiscences (if you have) and also, I would argue, as a treatise on the gay man as pop cultural voyeur.

The books sprang from a radio show, and created for Lamparski a long, illustrious career as a connoisseur of has-beens—all of whom could be proud not to have been never-weres.

Lamparski's were seminal books in my life, and influential to the point that I recently found myself asking, "Whatever became of...Richard Lamparski?"

After some Internet sleuthing, I found he was alive and living in Santa Barbara, where I was able to call him for a fascinating if  lengthy (you were warned!) chat the day before his eightieth birthday about his early life, his unforgettable books and his adventures as a fame tourist...

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Oct 22 2012
Take It To The Burbank: A Hollywood Show To Remember Comments (9)
*Dawn Wells then now
*Andy Dick Then Now
*Beth Broderick then now
*Catherine Hicks then now
*Daphne Zuniga then now
*James Darren then now
*Jane Withers Tommy Kirk then now
*John Amos then now
*John Saxon then now
*Jonathan Winters then now
*Judy Landers then now
*Audrey Landers then now
*June Foray then now
*Kevin Dobson then now
*Michele Lee the now
*Mariel Hemingway then now
*Marvin Kaplan then now
*Paul Dooley then now
*Richard Herd then now
*Trent Ford then now
*India Adams then now


Above, see then-and-now shots of most of the following stars!

1 Hollywood ShowAll good things must come to an end, and I'm not only referring to the lives of some of The Hollywood Show's older participants—I'm talking about the show's longtime association with the Burbank Marriott Airport, the hotel that's hosted the festivities for a number of years. After the show this past weekend, it moves closer to LAX, which had plenty of fans, vendors and stars bitching and moaning.

I'm also referring to my companionship with my previously inexhaustible Chexy, my right-hand man. He announced he was finally fed up with these events, so while I was able to crash with him a few nights I couldn't rely on him to play personal photographer for me.

2 PurellLanders sanitizer

Luckily, I nabbed my autograph-seeking cohorts Bran and Rich and we made a day of it.

Jonathan Winters Matthew RettenmundYes, I'm aware I look like a maniac—shazbot!

We started out in line for the biggest star there, comedy genius Jonathan Winters, 86. While I held our place in line, the guys used the bathroom and chatted up the Landers Sisters, who I wanted to get, too. I texted them to get their asses back over to me.

Jonathan Winters autograph

After suffering a fall earlier in the year, he'd canceled a previous Hollywood Show. I had a photo of him with Phyllis Diller that she signed for me shortly before her death, so I presented that to Jonathan for his autograph. He was touched when I told him Phyllis had inquired about his health during our last visit, then he launched into a (non-serious) tirade about how Bob Hope wasn't funny and couldn't tell a joke to save his life. Winters is in a wheelchair now and very soft-spoken, but managed a big smile for our photo.

Marvin Kaplan Matthew Rettenmund copyOh, Henry!

Marvin Kaplan autographSince he was right next to him, we went for Marvin Kaplan, 85. Best known to me as "Henry" on Alice, he was really sweet and enjoyed seeing the vintage photo I brought for him to sign.

This was my biggest show for having unusual photos that the stars went ape over; I had to pause while no fewer than four of them had the photos scanned for their archives.

Landers sistersI'll be appearing in a warped version of Love Letters with Audrey & Judy

Landers Sisters Matthew Rettenmund Hollywood Show copyNext up was a trip to the Landers Sisters' table. I started with Audrey, 56, asking her what it had been like to compete on The $25,000 Pyramid, an obsession of mine. She told me, "I was pretty smart—back then!" and said it was the most stressful thing she's ever done because she always felt the pressure to win for the contestants. She said she was glad she did it but that she wouldn't want to do the new version.

Did a photo with her in her funky, green-sequined party dress, then got Judy, 53, to join us in making a Matthew sandwich on Landers.

Audrey Landers Matthew Rettenmund copy
Audrey Judy Landers autograph

Both were bubbly and sweet but did seem to have a slight reserve about them, like they understood the oddball nature of the event. Judy had her bombshell daughter Kristy, 20, with her, a gorgeous girl who attracted the attention of Nickelodeon TV star Drake Bell, 26.

Drake Bell Kristy copyDrake's belle

I reminded Drake that he knows me from my stint as a teen-mag editor and he was superfriendly and did a nice shot with Brian, who likes these kiddie shows more than kiddies do. I warned Drake to double-check Kristy's age and he immediately said, "Already thought of that. She's 20."

Sam Trammell copyNecks were lined up, begging to be sucked

Sam Trammell autographRight across the way was True Blood's Sam Trammell, 43, and while I have never watched the show, he was too cute to pass up. I had a pretty unflattering but pretty shirtless photo of him with a surfboard that my friends insisted was too horrible to show. I made Brian promise not to call attention to it, but I of course was later referred to as "my friend who brought you that horrible picture of you."

Sam Trammell Matthew Rettenmund copyTrue love

Sam cringed as he looked at his imperfect (but still, to me, unattainable!) bod. But a classy pro, he gamely signed it and couldn't have been nicer.

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Oct 21 2012
Comic Con Halloween Inspirations Comments (2)
  Comic Con Catwoman
Comic Con Asian goddesses
Hot unique costumes
Comic Con spandex butt and front characters

Comic Con Rocky Horror GAS MASK
Comic con Joker
Comic Con big nose
Comic Con characters
Comic Con couple
Comic Con zombie Snow White
Comic Con Invisible Man
Comic Con nightmare
Comic Con wings
Comic Con exotic
Comic Con elaborate costumes

I had a little too much fun at New York Comic Con, as is evidenced by all my hot-guy galleries. But along with male pulchritude, there were so many amazing, creative costumes that I couldn't resist snapping.


Some were of characters I couldn't identify for a million bucks, but they were cool nonetheless.

I especially got a kick out of Michael J. Fox...when you look this much like him, what else are ya gonna do?

Oct 19 2012
Hot Guys Of Comic Con: Part 6 Of 6 Comments (9)
*hot superhero
* hot boy
*green spandex
*hot man
*hot dog
*hot man as Han Solo
*hot men comic con
*hot superman bulge
*shirtless guy

*wolverine hottie

Here is the final Comic Con Hotties gallery. Well worth a look, with some shirtlessness and some Wolverine hotness, too. As usual, keep me posted as to whether the load times work for ya.

Oct 18 2012
Hot Guys Of Comic Con: Part 5 Comments (6)
Future photo features should be in my new gallery system, which we've improved so that it will load faster. This one is malfunctioning, so here are the images one after another. If you get a chance, test other galleries at sites like and let me know if they seem to work well compared to my galleries. Until then, here are some of the sexiest Comic Con guys yet...

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