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Oct 14 2012
Comic Con't: Strike A Posey Comments (3)

Wolverine Boy CultureComic Con, where everyone is multi-nerdgasmic

Today was my third and final day at New York Comic Con, and my review is in—I loved it. I'm not overly into all the genres covered, and at times am overly against them. I hate all video games invented after Joust, I 1,000% do not get the My Little Pony phenomenon and as for comic books, I think I owned a Richie Rich. Once.

Comic Con dogUltimate dog-shaming

But there's something fun about seeing a city-sized group of people getting off on stuff they love and enjoying themselves to the max. It's also fun for a voyeur like me to be able to approach anyone I like with a request to let me take a photo (novel idea!), knowing that each and every time the reply will go something like, "Of course! Sure. Thanks!" followed by a provocative pose.

Putting aside the occasional scent of underarms (hey, spandex + nerds = stank), the air is mostly filled with good spirits. Nobody was bitching, pushing, getting mad when bumped into or haggling over unfair deals. One boy was romping around to bestow shirtless hugs. Granted, he seemed high, but...most were high on shared obsession.

DSC08283 Tyler Posey copyTyler parries

Yesterday, along with my Walking Dead fanxtravaganza, I made it to the Teen Wolf panel with (ADORABLE!) Tyler Posey and his (ADORABLE!) showrunner, Jeff Davis. Close to 1,000 crazy fans packed a conference room as we listened to Davis diplomatically address the surprise departure of series regular Colton Haynes, who Posey identified as his best friend.

DSC08303 Tyler Posey copy"I'll miss Colton thisssss much!"

They talked up the next season (which isn't filmed yet) and Posey really, really worked the crowd with an extra-cutesy bubbliness. At one point, he referred to one of the male characters "thrusting" him, and a fan who asked about bisexuality on the show was given a serious and empathetic answer.

Tyler Posey copyI'd like to wolf this down

I had an all-access pass, so I waited backstage for when Posey came off and was able to snap a pic with him. He was supernice about it, and was very accessible to fans a bit later on when he and Jeff took to the main floor to sign autographs.

Tyler Posey Matthew Rettenmund copyTying one on

For my last day, I mostly just snapped photos. I've already posted a bunch of shots and more are coming—I'll do galleries of 10 or 20 every day starting tomorrow until they're gone. They're all well worth viewing! (Let me know if you have any issues with the new gallery system.) Who knew so many geeks had smokin'-hot bodies? (The girls were on point, too.)

Carrie Fisher autographHow many others can say they were glitter-bombed by Leia?

Carrie Fisher autographing copyBut I also made time to snag Carrie Fisher's autograph (no line at all, $60). She stood up as I approached and smeared glitter all over the side of my face.

"It's stardust," she asserted. "Your life will be good from now on—or even better!"

Nicholas Brendon autographBuffy bod

Nicholas Brendon Matthew Rettenmund copyI also got one from Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame ($30). Nicholas had a longer wait since he had been gone from his table for a spell, but he made up for it by being gushingly nice. "Hi, gorgeous!" he said as I stepped up, and both he and his handler totally knew what I meant when I said I wanted photos of and with. He topped it off (if only!) with a warm hug, which he is known for giving free—with purchase.

Nicholas Brendon at Comic Con copyPic-of

Scott Adsit Comic ConThen, I randomly noticed Scott Adsit from 30 Rock, who up until today I thought of as "the bald producer guy from 30 Rock." He was superthin and looked fantastic, not to mention had no problem posing for a photo right in the middle of a crowded throughway. The guy who snapped it for me stood a country mile away and had to set his hot dog on the floor to do it, but it worked out.

Scott Adsit with Matthew RettenmundScott totally (30) Rocks!

During the course of my photographic pursuits, I found the guy with the most gigantic bulge and the one with the biggest (in the best sense) butt—the latter was  bouncing around in ultra-tight green shorts through which I could plainly see his cut-away underwear/jockstrap. It was hard to be distracted from this, even when a person walked by with a television for a head.

Hot butt
BulgeBest in show

Funniest thing I saw but didn't shoot was a guy dressed up as a manta ray who would lurk about waiting for people to pose together then leap up on their backs to photo-bomb.

Hope you will enjoy my photos over the coming week. I'm sure I'll be back next year, now that I've developed a late-in-life fetish for guys dressed up as superheroes.