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Dec 03 2012
History's 50 Hottest TV Actors: My List Comments (91)
Guy Madison in shower
VAN WILLIAMS shirtless

What follows is my personal list of History's 50 Hottest TV Actors. Feel free to chime in with the guys you think I left out, the ones I love who you hate and with any corrections. Before freaking out, read Part 2 (#51—#100). And check out list of History's 100 Hottest Movie Actors, too. As a bonus, in the gallery above are 15 extra shirtless shots of some of the hottest of the hot.

Jon-Erik-Hexum-shirt-openAnd Joan Collins tried to act like she barely remembered him when I asked her!

Jon-Erik-Hexum-eyes#1 Jon-Erik Hexum (1957—1984) An easy pick for favorite is Hexum, who smoldered so deeply in the '80s it hardly mattered whether or not he was straight; his sexuality was superseded by his overall sexual energy. He died tragically, a sort of masculine counterpart to Marilyn Monroe, albeit one who died before he could reach true stardom rather than after having conquered it in every way imaginable. Voyagers! (1982—1983), Making of a Male Model (1983), Cover Up (1984)

Van-WilliamsWilliams, bulging with raw talent

VanWIlliams2#2 Van Williams (1934—) TV's Green Hornet looks like he walked out of 2012 in beefcake shots he posed for 50 years ago. A classically handsome man with a bit of a Thomas Roberts air about him. And still handsome today as a geezer. Bourbon Street Beat (1959—1960), Surfside 6 (1963), The Tycoon (1964—1965), Batman/The Green Hornet (1966—1967), Westwind (1975)

HarrisonGregorySmallThis Trapper was a keeper

Gregory-Harrison#3 Gregory Harrison (1950—) He always looked like he'd just spent the previous night and early morning romping around with a couple of sex partners on Trapper John, M.D. Also, his self-produced For Ladies Only absolutely, positively wasn't. What I loved about him was a suggestive look he always managed to give the camera. That, and the fact that when I met him and we were about to pose for a photo, he suggested his best side was his backside. Logan's Run (1977—1978), Centennial (1978—1979), Trapper John, M.D. (1979—1986), For Ladies Only (1981), The Fighter (1983), Falcon Crest (1989—1990), The Family Man (1990—1991), Safe Harbor (1999)

Robert-conrad-90190614654I've wrestled with a lifelong Robert Conrad addiction

Hot-Robert-Conrad#4 Robert Conrad (1929—) The incredibly handsome lead of The Wild Wild West had a sardonic delivery as well as an ass that just would not quit, at least not in those allegedly period Western pants. He was still fuckable as all hell in Black Sheep Squadron, which gave him an excuse to parade about in a Speedo and struggle for male supremacy with guys half his age (he was only 47 or so himself) like Scott Baio on Battle of the Network Stars. Hawaiian Eye (1959—1963), The Wild Wild West (1965—1969), The D.A. (1971—1972), Black Sheep Squadron (1976—1978), Battle of the Network Stars (1976), A Man Called Sloane (1979)

Brian-BloomSo Bloomin' hot!

#5 Brian Bloom (1970—) I first fell for him when we were teenagers—he was so smokin' hot on his soap I was surprised he could be broadcast in the daytime. Back then, I never could have imagined that in 20 or 25 years he'd be buck-naked in a prison shower on television. Makes me wonder what we'll be watching during the "family hour" 20 years from now. As the World Turns (1983—1987), 2000 Malibu Road (2000), Oz (2001)

Hart-Bochner-War-RemembranceWar and Remembrance: I don't wanna fight...

#6 Hart Bochner (1956—) One of the most beautiful male faces on the big screen or small, he never became a household name in spite of working steadily from the late '70s on. He always looked better suited to being a model, but his presence made several otherwise dreary TV mini-series quite bearable. East of Eden (1981), War and Remembrance (1988—1989), The Starter Wife (2008)


#7 Joe Manganiello (1976—) From the Jon-Erik Hexum school of pure beef, Joe is a joltin' physical specimen, one of the closest to Muscle Beachdom in TV history. One Tree Hill (2008—2010), How I Met Your Mother (2006—2012), True Blood (2010—)

John-Travolta-shirtlessBack in the days when he could have charged to allow guys to massage him

#8 John Travolta (1954—) As impossible as it is to imagine wanting to be intimate with John Travolta now, back in the '70s when he was anchoring Welcome Back Kotter (which should've been called I Can't Wait for Barbarino's Scenes), there were very few around who were finer. Plus he was funny. And could dance! Welcome Back, Kotter (1975—1979), The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976)

Christopher-meloni-spongebob-squarepants-02Hats off to one of TV's hottest-ever he-men

Chris_meloni_3#9 Chris Meloni (1961—) A he-man, but one with a sense of humor that allows the gay viewer to read him as queer, Meloni's neo-machismo and paleo-hot body just won't quit. 1st & Ten: The Championship (1989—1990), The Fanelli Boys (1990—1991), Dinosaurs (voice of "Spike" 1991—1994), The Boys (1993), Misery Loves Company (1995), NYPD Blue (1996—1997), Leaving L.A. (1997), Oz (1998—2003), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999—2011)

Marcus-Patrick-runningMarcus Patrick has real get up and go-go

#10 Marcus Patrick (1974—) Yes, he was on a soap I never watched, but it was impossible to avoid knowledge of Patrick after he was canned for shaking his can in exchange for money. Yes, a soap star-cum-stripper. With his model looks, the requisite soap-stud frame and a bulge that you could only see on TV if you were watching Robin Byrd, I like to imagine that he was hired by plenty in the industry even if he was fired by his employer. Passions (2006), All My Children (2006), Beyond the Break (2006—2007), Days of Our Lives (2006—2007)

Adrian-ZmedOn T.J. Hooker, he was the looker

#11 Adrian Zmed (1954—) I lived for Adrian Zmed with his shirt off, something T.J. Hooker offered more than once. And when it didn't it offered him in a police uniform. What an arresting image. Flatbush (1979), Goodtime Girls (1980), T.J. Hooker (1982—1985)

ZacEfronFor years, the whole world's been having a collective Zac Attack

Zac-efron-high-school-musical-4028328-346-378#12 Zac Efron (1987—) There were countless little boys on TV who had other little boys (and probably not a few adult men) climbing the walls for them, and there were countless adult men who had males from the stroller to this side of the grave climbing the walls for them. But Zac Efron brought them all together. He was 18 as Summerland ended and 19 when High School Musical made him the biggest thing to happen since David Cassidy, so he was young enough and old enough all at the same time. Stunning to look at and eager to build a body in order to show it off to all who cared to look, Zac's an all-time classic. Summerland (2004—2005), High School Musical (2006), High School Musical 2 (2007)

Biceps-Lorenzo-LamasHe looked mahhhvelous!

#13 Lorenzo Lamas (1958—) One of the first adult men I found myself hopelessly attracted to, so much so that I endured Falcon Crest for as long as I could. I kept a picture of him in a bathing suit, torn from a tabloid, under my bed. That and a Rolling Stone tear sheet of Sting nearly naked from Dune. California Fever (1979), Falcon Crest (1981—1990), Renegade (1992—1997), The Bold & The Beautiful (2004—2007)

Tim-MathesonTim time

Vimg_TimMatheson#14 Tim Matheson (1947—) How can you go wrong with Tim Matheson? He's been around long enough that he was a hot teen on Leave It to Beaver and he was the titular voice on Jonny Quest (and "Jace" on Space Ghost) , for Christ's sake. Whether playing nubile, a hippie, a yuppie or the vice-president of the United States on The West Wing, his eyes always signaled he would be up for a quick tumble. Leave It to Beaver (1962—1963), Sinbad Jr. (1965), Jonny Quest (1964—1965), Space Ghost (1966), The Virginian (1969—1970), Bonanza (1972—1973), Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (1971—1974), The Quest (1976), Tucker's Witch (1982—1983), Just in Time (1988), Charlie Hoover (1991), Wolf Lake (2001—2002), Breaking News (2002), Burn Notice (2008—2011), Hart of Dixie (2011—)

Hugh-O-BrianOn the high seas, O'Brian could always rest assured those tree trunks would float

#15 Hugh O'Brian (1923—) This guy was just straight-up handsome as Wyatt Earp, a man's man you'd love to engage in a little gunplay any day of the week. He didn't get married until he was 81 so there's hope for us all. The Loretta Young Show (1954—1955), The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955—1961), Search (1972—1973)

TonyDow_onCatalinaIslandThis Dow was anything but average

E182c71e-25e4-4c72-8f69-2ef9c74efe59#16 Tony Dow (1945—) As the Beaver's big bro, Dow was all kinds of hot, made all the more so by his antiseptic surroundings. They say WWII brought homosexuals together and inadvertently helped spawn the gay movement. But Tony Dow brought homosexuals together, too, around their TVs; he may not be personally responsible for Stonewall or anything, but if he were a drag queen, we'd call him "sickening!" Leave It to Beaver (1957—1963), Mr. Novak (1963—1965), Never Too Young (1965—1966), The New Leave It to Beaver (1983—1989)

Mark-HarmonHarmon was St. Elsewhere's male answer to Blanche Devereaux

MarkHarmonAd#17 Mark Harmon (1951—) The bonus of having Mark Harmon on St. Elsewhere was that there was no need to claim him as a sex symbol—that was entirely the point. His character banged every woman in sight, allowing the viewer to imagine his off-screen time as some combination of screwing and trying to get semen out of undergarments. Alas, he didn't spend any of that time rubbering up—he became the first character on a TV show to be diagnosed with HIV. The real Harmon went on to be just as hot in a variety of other series and in the movies and to perform real-life heroics from time to time. Sam (1977—1978), Centennial (1978—1979), 240-Robert (1979—1980), Flamingo Road (1980—1982), St. Elsewhere (1983—1986), Reasonable Doubts (1991—1993), Charlie Grace (1995—1996), Chicago Hope (1996—2000), NCIS (2003—)

Scott_bakula_2011_01Light years ahead of most others on TV

#18 Scott Bakula (1954—) Who was really watching Quantum Leap for the stories? Bakula is like the hot dad in your neighborhood when you were growing up, the one you wished was your own dad—but then were really glad wasn't.  Gung Ho (1986—1987), Designing Women (1986—1988), Eisenhower & Lutz (1988), Quantum Leap (1989—1993), Murphy Brown (1993—1996), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996—1997), Star Trek: Enterprise (2001—2005), The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006—2010), Men of a Certain Age (2009—2011)

Matt-BomerWhite meat

#19 Matt Bomer (1977—) Has to be one of TV's all-time greatest "face men." The fact that he's openly gay can not be lost on the legions of teenage boys coming to terms with their sexualities the way guys from my era did when we had to pretend our idols might be gay (even when so many were!) since zero of them were out. Guiding Light (2001—2003), Tru Calling (2003—2004), Traveler (2007), Chuck (2007—2009), White Collar (2009—)

Tony_danzaTony, Tony, Tony has done it again

#20 Tony Danza (1951—) Usually playing dumb as a post, he nonetheless always seemed well aware of the effect his naturally studly build could have on the naked eye, doing things like squatting in locker rooms whenever cameras were around. Imagine the agony Danny Pintauro must've been in back when they were filming Who's The Boss? Taxi (1978—1983), Who's the Boss? (1984—1992), Baby Talk (1991—1992), Hudson Street (1995—1996), The Tony Danza Show (1997—1998), The Practice (1998), Family Law (2000—2002)

Jack-ScaliaBe Italian...

Jack-Scalia#21 Jack Scalia (1950—) You'd think from my list that I'm just a whore for Italians, but you'd be wrong—I wouldn't charge. Least of all Jack Scalia. He has that impossible handsomeness and yet that air of assholishness that go so well to make a man stand out for me and make me want to kneel for him.  A former athlete, he has starred in something like a dozen TV shows, none of which I recall—but he's unforgettable. At least, to look at. The Devlin Connection (1982), Berrenger's (1985), Hollywood Beat (1985), Wolf (1989—1990), Dallas (1987—1991), Tequila and Bonetti (1992), Pointman (1995), All My Children (2001—2003)

Ricky-Nelson-hotOh, Ricky, he's so fine

Ricky-Nelson-1980#22 Ricky Nelson (1940—1985) Lots of guys are hot, lots of guys are sexy, but very few are so blindingly beautiful you just want to put a drop cloth over them until you can figure out a way to charge admission to gaze upon them. Ricky was all that and more on The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, and damned if he couldn't sing, too. He was the first teen idol and remains one of the best. A side-by-side comparison with Justin Bieber would not be advantageous for the latter. Sumbitch looked great up until he died, too, at age 45 in a tragic New Year's Eve plane crash. Here Come the Nelsons (1952), The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952—1966)

Darren-CrissMusic to my ears, art to my eyes

#23 Darren Criss (1987—) On Glee, he's gay. Off Glee, he's not. But he has a softness that makes you want to hug him closely while he's doing awful things to you down there. Adorable. Little White Lie (2009), Eastwick (2009), Glee (2010—)

Trevor-DonovanThere's real zip in that zip code

#24 Trevor Donovan (1978—) Undeniably one of the most horny-making TV blonds ever, he's got a look that would have fit into any of the last few decades. Now we just need to get him on a watchable TV show. Days of Our Lives (2007), 90210 (2009—)

John-Schneider-bulgeThe Bo and the beautiful

#25 John Schneider (1960—) One of the blondest guys I've ever had a crush on, Schneider endeared himself to gay fans with a penchant for showing off his manhood in his Levi's, often in ways that the censors didn't notice. His sexy vibe was shock-and-aw-shucks. The Dukes of Hazzard (1979—1985), Heaven Help Us (1994), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993—1998), Smallville (2001—2010), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008—2009), 90210 (2009—2010), Twentysixmiles (2010)

Ben-MurphyWanna get lucky?

#26 Ben Murphy (1942—) He's probably better known for Alias Smith and Jones, but I love Murphy from his short, short stint on Lottery! He's not only cute as a button, he has an impish quality which, when the two are combined, is like hitting the jackpot. The Name of the Game (1968—1970), Alias Smith and Jones (1971—1973), Gemini Man (1976), Lottery! (1983—1984), JAG (1997—2004)

Ted-McGinleyPrince (Bad-Luck) Charming?

#27 Ted McGinley (1958—) His blond highlights were the highlight of many a TV series in the '70s, '80s and '90s. It was (unfairly) said his presence on a show doomed it...but what a way to go! Happy Days (1980—1984), The Love Boat (1983—1987), Dynasty (1986—1987), The John Larroquette Show (1995—1996), Married With Children (1989—1997), Sports Night (1998—1999), Charlie Lawrence (2003), Hope & Faith (2003—2006)

Tom_Wopat-1Kissable cousin

#28 Tom Wopat (1951—) Every bit as hot as his TV cuz, Wopat was the brawny brunet to John Schneider's blond prettyboy. Loved him, even if he never really seemed to be having as much fun as anyone else on Dukes. The Dukes of Hazzard (1979—1985), A Peaceable Kingdom (1989), Cybill (1995—1998)

AndrewStevens2He later became a producer, and definitely inspired a lot of gay teens to be productive

#29 Andrew Stevens (1955—) Not my typical type, Stevens definitely tarted up many a TV series, whether as a regular or as a guest star. Someting about his look is so '70s-slutty I can't resist it. He's the kind of guy you just know won't use underwear because he wants everyone to see. The Oregon Trail (1976—1977), Code Red (1981—1982), Emerald Point N.A.S. (1983—1984), Dallas (1987—1989)

Idris-elba-400x295Arms and the man

#30 Idris Elba (1972—) Elba is one of those guys who almost seems too hot for the small screen, whether playing it straight on the comic The Office (oh, jeez, the desktop fantasies that provoked) or on the heavily dramatic The Wire. Just a ton of bricks. Might've ranked higher had I seen any of his British work. The Wire (2002—2004), The Office (2009), Luther (2010—2011)

Mario_lopezI don't trust that smile, yet I don't mind

#31 Mario Lopez (1973—) Always so buff, even before adult fans should have been noticing, he's continued to use his body and that mock-innocent grin to his advantage in TV, from Saved By the Bell to playing Greg Louganis to hosting Extra. Saved By the Bell (1989—1993), Saved By the Bell: The College Years (1993—1994), Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story (1997), Pacific Blue (1998—2000), The Bold & The Beautiful (2006), Dancing With the Stars (2006), Nip/Tuck (2006—2010), Extra (2008—), The X Factor (2012—)

Ryan_kwanten_1302630088Would love to go Down Under on him. You?

#32 Ryan Kwanten (1976—) Already known in his native Australia for a soap, Kwanten tried a couple of times before striking series gold on True Blood, where his blond good looks, sensitive eyes and rather insensitively buff bod make him sort of like a walking, talking, acting Soloflex man for the 2000s. Home and Away—Australia (1994—2002), Summerland (2004—2005), True Blood (2008—)

Sean_faris_20121019_1380748211Be fun to have a Sleepover with him...

#33 Sean Faris (1982—) He's nothing less than gay pornstar Bill Henson come back to life, a wholesome-looking lad with your-place-or-mine eyes. The Cindy Crawford orally-fuck-me beauty mark is added torture. Undressed (2001), Life as We Know It (2004—2005), Reunion (2005—2006), The Vampire Diaries (2010)

Jameson-ParkerParker's robe to perdition

#34 Jameson Parker (1947—) Simon & Simon wasn't up my alley, but I often wished Jameson Parker was. A blond dish whose looks diversfied when he became a permanent and founding Movember man thanks to a nearly handlebar mustache, he can work any outfit or any facial-hair situation. Simon & Simon (1981—1989), The Legend of Prince Valiant (1992—1994), JAG (2003—2004)

Alex_o_loughlin_03Waves of pleasure

#35 Alex O'Loughlin (1976—) He's just about the perfect choice for a series lead because he's a pleasing combo of handsome and pretty, young and mature, and he's got a body that stands out even where he films, in Hawaii. Oh, my Jack Lord, but he's sexy. The Shield (2007), Moonlight (2007—2008), Three Rivers (2009—2010), Hawaii Five-O (2010—)

John-stamos-john-stamos-21332116-1174-1611Teenage dream

#36 John Stamos (1963—) Whether soaping it up or joking around as moronic Uncle Jesse on one of the most unwatchable shows I've ever, oxymoronically, watched, Stamos is a Patrick Nagel drawing of a man—glamorously perfect from his luxurious eybrows and shaggy mane to his presumably perfect feet. General Hospital (1982—1984), Dreams (1984), You Again? (1986—1987), Full House (1987—1995), Thieves (2001), Jake in Progress (2005—2006), E.R. (2005—2009), Glee (2010—2011)

Mark-Paul-GosselaarTeacher's pet

Mark_paul_gosselaar_01#37 Mark-Paul Gosselaar (1974—) A rare case of a teen boy who drove them crazy—on Saved By the Bell—growing into equally crazy-inducing adult roles, Gosselaar has rocked it as a blond you shouldn't touch and a brunet fond of primetime showers. Saved By the Bell (1989—1993), Saved By the Bell: The College Years (1993—1994), Hyperion Bay (1998—1999), NYPD Blue (2001—2005), Commander in Chief (2005—2006), Raising the Bar (2008—2009), Franklin & Bash (2011—2012)

Summerland_Christian_2003_01Was Summerland the worst show with the hottest cast of all time?

#38 Shawn Christian (1965—) Another unbelievably built man with a hairy chest who looked more like he should be on a gay-themed gag birthday card (in a good way) than on a TV show, he heated up Summerland. As the World Turns (1994—1997), Wind on Water (1998), Charmed (1999), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1999), Birds of Prey (2002—2003), Summerland (2004—2005), Las Vegas (2006), Days of Our Lives (2008—2012), Venice the Series (2010—)

Colton_haynes_teen_wolf_a_pMy baby's got a secret

#39 Colton Haynes (1988—) Helped along by a gay-photo scandal, Haynes—already the prettiest little thang you ever did see—became a gay heartthrob during his time on Teen Wolf. He is ridiculously good-looking, enough to make any man bay at the moon. The Gates (2010), Look (2010), Teen Wolf (2011—2012)

Walker, Clint_01Is this how the West was won?

#40 Clint Walker (1927—) The Cheyenne star is another of those big hunks of man I seem to favor. Truly, though, even if you only had the face to work with, his pentrating gaze definitely conjures up images of, well, penetration. Cheyenne (1955—1962), Kodiak (1974)

Guy-Madison-vintage-beefcake-8850020-467-479This is from his far more prolific movie career, but...I mean...I had to

#41 Guy Madison (1922—1996) Looks-wise, Madison's the closest thing to an American Alain Delon as we ever got, a film-industry stunner who stooped to do TV in Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok. Did the real Hickok look that good? Nope—but not many did. Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951—1958)

Chris-messina-photosDoctor, Doctor, gimme the news, I got a bad case of lovin' you...

#42 Chris Messina (1974—) He was a movie actor first, but thank God they pulled him into Mindy Kaling's show because I need as much Messina as possible, and often. He has a '70s news room look that I find hot off the presses. Six Feet Under (2005), The Newsroom (2012), Damages (2011—2012), The Mindy Project (2012—)

Blair-Underwood-Suit-LineSharp-dressed man

Blair-Underwood-4#43 Blair Underwood (1964—) The quintessential GQ man, his good looks have usually been a major part of many of his TV roles. Doesn't get more handsome than this, and he has gotten better—or at least been treading water—as he's aged. One Life to Live (1985—1986), Downtown (1986–1987), L.A. Law (1987—1994), High Incident (1996—1997), City of Angels (2000), Sex and the City (2003—2004), Fatherhood (2004—2005), The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006—2010), Dirty Sexy Money (2007—2009), In Treatment (2008), The Event (2010—2011), Secret Millionaire (2012)

Don-Grady-My-Three-SonsHe's the Don of cuteness

#44 Don Grady (1944—2012) Similar to Tony Dow, Grady was a scorching-hot brother on a wholesome family show. If they didn't want guys to moon over him, they shouldn't have hired someone with that cleft in his chin and that dreamy hair. The New Adventures of Spin and Marty (1957), My Three Sons (1960—1971)

Ryan-O-Neal-Peyton-PlaceDrama king

#45 Ryan O'Neal (1941—) As a star of Peyton Place, he sure was hot blond tail. He got even hotter as he aged into the '70s and eschewed TV, before losin' it big-time and becoming somewhat of a hapless douche. But we'll always have thoughts of him grinning in his convertible 50 years ago to wash away thoughts of him accidentally trying to have sex with his daughter. Empire (1962—1963), Peyton Place (1964—1969), Good Sports (1991), Bull (2000—2001), Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals (2011)

James-garner-as-maverickYippy-kai-ay, motherfucker

James-Garner-Rockford-Files-Rocky#46 James Garner (1928—) A bona fide TV icon, he was hot as fire on Maverick and still retained his tough-guy allure later as the world-weary detective on The Rockford Files. I see a direct line between him and Bruce Willis, later, on Moonlighting. But either way, I like the way Garner's hips shoulders related to his hips. Cheyenne (1955—1957), Conflict (1956—1957), Maverick (1957—1962), Nichols (1971—1972), The Rockford Files (1974—1980), The New Maverick (1978), The Young Maverick (1979), Bret Maverick (1981—1982), Man of the People (1991—1992), The Rockford Files TV movies (1996—1999), God, the Devil & Bob (2000—2001), 8 Simple Rules (2003—2005)


#47 Adam Rodriguez (1975—) Shamefully overlooked in Magic Mike, he was at least sexily portrayed on CSI: Miami, where he brandished the boob tube's best set of lips week after week. Brooklyn South (1997—1998), Felicity (1999—2000), All Souls (2001), Resurrection Blvd. (2001—2002), Roswell (2001—2002), CSI: Miami (2002—), Ugly Betty (2009—2010)

Dennis-Cole-Felony_SquadFelonious fella

#48 Dennis Cole (1940—2009) A chiseled blond with a nude-modeling past, he enjoyed a three-year run on a show you've never heard of called Felony Squad but will always be dear to me for attempting—and failing—to kill "Kelly Garrett" (real-life, short-lived wife Jaclyn Smith) on Charlie's Angels. Felony Squad (1966—1969), Bracken's World (1969—1970), Bearcats! (1971), Medical Center (1971—1975), Police Story (1974—1977)

Steven-r-mcqueen-2I'm gonna git you, sucker

#49 Steven R. McQueen (1988—) Yes, he's related; he's the grandson of sexy, big-screen icon Steve McQueen. But he has a completely different, dark-haired/-eyed look  that he gets from his Filipina granny, Neile Adams. Killer bod on this one. This guy-vamp's a champ. Everwood (2005—2006), Minutemen (2008), The Vampire Diaries (2009—)

Shemar-Moore-shemar-moore-1154803_1082_1500Free your Criminal Minds...the rest will follow

#50 Shemar Moore (1970—) As the resident stud on a soap and just about everywhere else he's appeared, he's really just an unapologetic hot piece of ass. What else is there to say? The Young & and The Restless (1995—2005), Miss USA—host (1999), Birds of Prey (2002—2003), Criminal Minds (2005—2012)