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Dec 06 2012
History's Hottest TV Actors: My List—Part 2 (#51—#100) Comments (6)
Simon Baker


By popular demand, here is Part 2 of my personal list of the 50 100 Hottest TV Actors. (Here is Part 1, in case you missed it.)

You will note that a few duh-obvious choices continue to be missing, including George Clooney, Henry Cavill and Maxwell Caulfield. I have decided, only somewhat arbitrarily, to make this list completely separate from an upcoming list of History's Hottest Movie Actors. (Submit your suggestions for that list here.)

As I did last time, I'm offering up 15 bonus shirtless shots of some of the guys you see below in the gallery above.

Without further delay...

Jared-Padalecki-shirtless-supernaturalYou don't stand a ghost of a chance with him

#51 Jared Padalecki (1982—) It's okay to admit you fell for him first when he was "Dean" on Gilmore Girls, even if he was barely 18. But Padalecki quickly changed types—and transformed his body—from sweet geek to gym bunny for his stint on the eerily popular Supernatural, one of TV's most unapologetically beefcake-oriented shows Gilmore Girls (2000—2005), Supernatural (2005—)

Taylor-KitschEverybody's all-American lush

Shirtless-Taylor-Kitsch#52 Taylor Kitsch (1981—) Friday Night Lights had the honor of being one of TV's most acclaimed series while it lasted, and yet it was just plain lucky to have nabbed 25-year-old Kitsch for the role of a high school football player battling booze. Not only could he act, he had the kind of intense good looks that could keep riveted even viewers unfamiliar with the English language. Movie stardom will happen. Eventually.  Friday Night Lights (2006—2011)

Jon_hamm01James Marsden, Jon "Liz Lemon" the Wallis Simpson of TV?

Jon-hamm-don-draper-mad-men#53 Jon Hamm (1971—) Plugging away for years, Hamm didn't become a household name until he was pushing 40, anchoring AMC's sensational Mad Men. As good as he is at delivering straight drama (and filling out a suit), his roots are in comedy, making him a hysterical addition to (occasionally) 30 Rock and one of the few decent hosts of Saturday Night Live in recent years. His increasing presence in the movies is as likely as the appearance of a cigarette on his signature series. Then there is the not-so-little matter of whether he really is hung like a horse. Who cares if he isn't? With a face like that, you'll invest in cucumbers. Providence (2000—2001), The Division (2002—2004), What About Brian (2006—2007), Mad Men (2007—), 30 Rock (2009—), Childrens Hospital (2010—2012), Saturday Night Live—hosting (2011—), The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2012), A Young Doctor's Notebook (2012—)

Damon-wayans-jr-1Getting a Happy Ending every week from Junior would be must-see TV

#54 Damon Wayans Jr. (1982—) As shocking as it is, "Blaine Edwards" (In Living Color's Damon Wayans Sr.) really produced a hot piece, didn't he? As part of one of TV's funniest and best-looking casts of all time on Happy Endings, he combines his father's madcap humor with the face and physique of a model. On top of it all (fingers crossed!) he can also write and do stand-up. There's nothing sexier than a talented man, except for a sexy-looking man—and he's that, too. My Wife and Kids (2001—2004), The Underground (2006), Happy Endings (2011—)

LyleWaggoner-PG0673-06No laughing matter

#55 Lyle Waggoner (1935—) When I was a kid, I'd sneak to the bottom of my parents' bed to watch The Carol Burnett Show with them. It was mostly for the hilarious antics of the star and her hysterical crew, but the chance I'd get to see Waggoner without his shirt always hovered in the air, that same feeling when you're scratching off a lottery ticket. He never made me burst out in laughter, not once, but he made me burst out in other ways. And on Wonder Woman, this Rock Hudson of TV had the unique position of supporting two of my favorite actresses on TV—Lynda Carter's boobs. The Carol Burnett Show (1967—1974), The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (1975—1979)

Queer-as-folk-saaarietv-11-gIt was like Rebel Without a Cause But With Anal Sex

#56 Gale Harold (1969—) I've never watched him as bad-guy gay-guy "Brian" on the U.S. version of Queer as Folk, fearing I'd regret never getting Boy Culture made into a series first. But Harold's brooding good looks are impossible to overlook, just like his rabid fan following—let's not even talk about his status, along with cute co-star Randy Harrison, in Japan. Queer as Folk (2000—2005), Vanished (2006), Desperate Housewives (2008—2009), Hellcats (2010—2011), The Secret Circle (2011—)

Magnum-PIHottest Hawaiian resident—handlebar none

Tom-selleck#57 Tom Selleck (1945—) The former Salem ciggies model was smokin' hot as Magnum, always managing to be flashing his hairy legs in impossibly short shorts or his shaggy chest from behind an accidentally unbuttoned shirt courtesy of his show's on-location location, Hawaii. With one of TV's all-time most iconic appearances—that mustache!—he invaded plenty of gay, straight and bi dreams, and it's no mystery why. It's unfortunate that he was later one of several buzz-harshing romantic interests on Friends. Magnum, P.I. (1980—1988), Friends (1996—2000), Las Vegas (2007—2008), Blue Bloods (2011—)

Chace-crawford-mobile-wallpaperThe Chace is half the fun

#58 Chace Crawford (1985—) He may be more than a pretty face, but he doesn't need to be; the Gossip Girl gob-smacker is from the Zac Efron/Ian Somerhalder school of overwhelming beauty. Gay rumors (imagine pillow fights with former real-life roomie Ed Westwick?) only serve to keep it interesting for his young—and old—fanboys. Gossip Girl (2007—)

Steven-Weber-shirtlessBetween Weber and Tim Daly, Wings was more softcore porn than sitcom

Steven-Weber#59 Steven Weber (1961—) A veteran of '80s movies and TV, Weber broke out and broke out the charisma on Wings in the '90s. His casual masculinity and the Oscar vs. Felix vibe he brought to his verbal duels with co-star Tim Daly made him one of the decade's most charming, effortlessly funny leads, reminiscent of screwball starrers of the silver screen 50 years earlier. Wings (1990—1997), The Shining (1997), All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series (1996—1998), The Weber Show (2000—2001), Once and Again (2000—2002), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006—2007), Brothers and Sisters (2007—2008), Happy Town (2010), 2 Broke Girls (2012—), Ultimate Spider-Man (2012—)

Tom-Welling-hottest-actors-828348_1280_1024Tom's the bomb

The Fog - Tom Welling shirtless#60 Tom Welling (1977—) Another in a long line of superhot Superman superstuds (George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, an upcoming turn by Henry Cavill), Welling exuded otherworldly perfection as the young American icon on the small screen. How many excuses did producers come up with over the years to have him shirtless and in peril? Not enough. Judging Amy (2001), Smallville (2001—2001)

Antonio-SabatoIf he could act, he'd be the perfect actor

#61 Antonio Sabato Jr. (1972—) A soap stud who parlayed his exposure into a successful career as a celebrity model (nothing comes between me and Sabato's Calvins) and fitness totty, this son of a movie actor always filled the TV screen and filled my head with ideas you'd be unlikely to find anywhere but on those sites that are blocked at work. A prime example of the body beautiful. General Hospital (1992—1995), Earth 2 (1994—1995), Melrose Place (1995), Fatal Error (1997), The Help (2004), The Bold and the Beautiful (2005—2007)

Eddie-CibrianRimes with...

#62 Eddie Cibrian (1973) The whole LeAnn Rimes thing cheapened the legacy of this dimples dispenser, whose career as a soap hunk was punctuated by a cute but laughable attempt at being a singer. Even then he was shirtless and surrounded by fellow soap actors—never one to miss a chance to trade on his looks. His more recent TV stints have seen him maturing nicely into a handsome, suave seducer, though it probably wouldn't take much sweet talk for him to get past whatever barriers you've thrown up. The Young and The Restless (1994—1996), Baywatch Nights (1996—1997), Sunset Beach (1997—1999), Third Watch (1999—2005), Ugly Betty (2008), CSI: Miami (2009—2010), Chase (2010—2011), The Playboy Club (2011), Rizzoli & Isles (2012)

Richard-HatchThe original, and far more attractive, Richard Hatch

#63 Richard Hatch (1945—) This quintessential '70s everyman actor had the advantage of being both pretty and earthy, a natural for countless spots on shows and in the movies of a pretty earthy decade. But it was in Battlestar Galactica where his looks and bod were at their most stellar. Fly me to the moon... The Streets of San Francisco (1976—1977), Battlestar Galactica (1978—1979), Dynasty (1984—1985), Battlestar Galactica (2004—2005)

Burt-WardIn that get-up, Ward was a true urban outfitter

#64 Burt Ward (1945—) Batman's beautiful Boy Wonder, embodied by Burt Ward, was cute as a button—and enthusiastic! So good-looking he inspired thoughts worthy of "BANG!" "BOOM!" and "KA-POW!" balloons, he also knocked down more pussy in the '60s that Sister George, filling a sordid tell-all with all the deets. If you're a fan of straight porn, it ain't half bad. Holy double penetration, Batman! Batman (1966—1968), The New Adventures of Batman (1977—1978)

Robert-urich-143424TV's private dick of death

Urichbob#65 Robert Urich (1946—2002) One of the few dead guys on this list, and from all accounts a sweetheart torn from this world (by cancer) way too soon. I remember it like yesterday when his Vega$ (that show was the first Ke$ha) character "Dan Tanna" showed up on Charlie's Angels, and his handsome, sleepy-eyed face lit up a surprising number of semi-successful '70s/'80s TV series for many a future queer. And our moms. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973), S.W.A.T. (1975—1976), Soap (1977), Tabitha (1977—1978), Vega$ (1978—1981), Gavilan (1982—1983), Spenser: For Hire (1985—1988), Lonesome Dove (1989), American Dreamer (1990—1991), Crossroads (1992—1993), Spenser TV movies (1994—1995), The Lazarus Man (1996), The Love Boat: The Next Wave (1998), Emeril (2001)

Boris-Kodjoe-shirtlessCraving a plate of Soul Food

Sexy-Boris-Kodjoe#66 Boris Kodjoe (1973—) This chunk of guy candy's good looks are like a ton of bricks, but are softened by his sophisticated air—maybe due to a cosmopolitan upbringing by multi-ethnic doctors hailing from Europe and Africa. Wherever it comes from, he's got it—and with that model-ready face and physique, I'm hoping he'll be a fixture on TV for years to come. Boston Public (2003), Soul Food (2000—2004), Second Time Around (2004—2005), Undercovers (2010—2011)

Patrick_dempsey_greys_anatomyJust what the doctor ordered—no rubber gloves necessary

#67 Patrick Dempsey (1966—) Kinda on the young side for a dude who's been around forever, Dempsey first made an impact as a looker of a lad in '80s movie comedies, but has been a steady presence on TV. By the time he hit the jackpot with Grey's Anatomy, we were already pretty familiar with most parts of his—he felt like an old friend, or an old flame. McDreamy's at least as steamy as McSteamy, but it's not such a stretch that he's since played a version of McPrince Charming. Fast Times (1986), Once and Again (2000—2002), Grey's Anatomy (2005—)

Eric-Nies-furryQueen Latifah to the Grind host: "How much do they pay you to show your nipples?"

#68 Eric Nies (1971—) When this stud appeared on MTV's experimental-feeling Real World reality series, little did we know how persuasively adorable and annoying he would become, and how fully we would find ourselves inhabitating hopelessly smitten Julie's head as the two flirted up a storm to no great end. Nies was like a pre-"Joey Tribbiani," one of the ultimate '90s bodies in motion. He and his hot brother modeled, too. The Real World (1992), The Grind (1992), The Challenge (2002—2005), Confessions of a Teen Idol (2009)

Gardner-McKayHe had the write stuff

#69 Gardner McKay (1932—2001) A brief but inarguably beautiful presence on the boob tube, dashing Mr. McKay had to be arm-twisted to engage in the few series he signed on for, but eventually decided he hated being a star. Instead, he focused on writing, turning to drama criticism, and according to IMDb "hiked in the Amazon, rode camels in Egypt, and crewed on Caribbean yachts." Boots and Saddles (1957—1958), Adventures in Paradise (1959—1962)

Victor-Webster-victor-webster-6754796-440-600Have face, will travel—TV's go-to good-looker should play Gardner McKay!

#70 Victor Webster (1973—) This freakishly good-looking guy was a soap stalwart forever before branching out to episodic appearances all over the dial and the occasional movie role. People calls him an eligible bachelor, so perhaps his far-future New York Times obituary will note that "he never married." One can hope! Days of Our Lives (1999—2000), Sex and the City (2003), Mutant X (2001—2004), Related (2005-2006), Charmed (2006), Lincoln Heights (2007—2008), Harper's Island (2009), Melrose Place (2009), Castle (2010—2011), Continuum (2012)

Gil-gerardBuck yeah!

#71 Gil Gerard (1943—) Before manscaping, this hairy hunk made for a strapping "Buck Rogers," one with a far out smile. A real go-getter, not many know he wrote his own vehicle—a film called Hooch—to kickstart a career that wasn't progressing at warp speed. Made a dazzling couple along with breathing mannequin Connie Sellecca and was prolific in TV movies. The Doctors (1974—1976), Killing Stone (1978), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979—1981), Sidekicks (1986—1987), Nightingales (1989)

John-Wesley-ShippForgive me, Father, for I have sinned

John_wesley_shipp_02#72 John Wesley Shipp (1955—) On Dawson's Creek, he became not only one of TV's hottest dads, but if our gaydar wasn't on the fritz, one of those few TV dad you couldn't help suspecting might reciprocate our post-adolescent crushing. Sure was distracting wondering if he ever actually made it up "Dawson"'s creek. But regardless, Shipp's hotness was already well known to avid TV viewers from his days as a stunning soaper and appearances such as a heart-stopping nude sequence on NYPD Blue. Great body, great face—great genes in general. Guiding Light (1980—1984), As the World Turns (1985—1986), Santa Barbara (1987), One Life to Live (1989—), The Flash (1990—1991), Sisters (1994—1995), Dawson's Creek (1998—2001), Palmetto Pointe (2005), Teen Wolf (2012—)

Adam-McCordI know that's not a gun in your pocket because you've already whipped it out...

#73 Kent McCord (1942—) Brought into the biz by fellow stunner Ricky Nelson, McCord will always be remembered as the looker who kept the peace with Martin Milner on Adam-12. Arresting eyebrows. The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1962—1966), Dragnet 1967 (1967—1968), Adam-12 (1968—1975) Galactica 1980 (1980), Unsub (1989), SeaQuest 2032 (1994—1995), Silk Stalkings (1996—1998), Farscape (1999—2003)

Alexander-Skarsgard-004-1920x1200Being with him definitely wouldn't suck

#74 Alexander Skarsgård (1976—) Thank you, Sweden, for Greta Garbo, and thank you, Sweden, for Alexander Skarsgård, a tall drink of water who'd prefer to drink the red stuff on True Blood. Enjoy him on the show while it lasts because he'll do nothing but movies as soon as it's over. Generation Kill (2008), True Blood (2008—)

Dean_cain_01Steeling looks

#75 Dean Cain (1966—) One of my favorite Republicans, this handsome "Superman" was the first to bring some ethnicity into the story—he's part Japanese. As cute as he was in his tights, I was also fascinated by stories of his getting professional virgin Brooke Shields to shed that role while the two attended Princeton. Met him at an autograph show, and he couldn't have been nicer. Beverly Hills, 90210 (1992), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993—1997), The Division (2003—2004), Las Vegas (2005—2006)

Lee-MajorsNot hard to see why Farrah thought he was mayjah

Lee-Majors-hot#76 Lee Majors (1939—) After having set hearts fluttering on The Big Valley, TV's "Six Million Dollar Man" was a great source of fantasy material for a gay kid like me, who spent time wondering what a bionic dick might look like. His unflappable expression made him particularly suitable for the inevitable action figure that came next. Even more perfect was his role as an aging stuntman on The Fall Guy, where he could break things up (including his bones, occasionally) with a little humor. The Big Valley (1965—1969), The Virginian (1970—1971), Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (1971—1974), The Six Million Dollar Man (1974—1978), The Bionic Woman (1976), The Fall Guy (1981—1986), Tour of Duty (1990), Raven (1992—1993), Too Much Sun (2000), The Game (2007—2009)

Batman-adam-west-cast-comparisonThere was no masking his sex appeal

#77 Adam West (1928—) A less obvious hottie than "Superman" thanks to that darn mask with its Jean Harlow eyebrows, "Batman" nonetheless displayed a fine form even as his alter ego, "Bruce Wayne," gave good face in the form of handsome Adam West. The '60s version of Batman was pure camp, adding a nice dash of queerness to the otherwise stiff kiddie comic. The Detectives (1961—1962), Batman (1966—1968), The New Adventures of Batman (1977), The Last Precinct (1986), The Secret Files of the SpyDogs (1998—1999), Family Guy (2000—), The Batman (2004—2006)

Man-from-atlantis-duffyHe sure knew how to make a splash on TV

Patrick-Duffy#78 Patrick Duffy (1949—) Yes, yes, he was sexy on Dallas; but to the extent that anyone thought I was all wet for excluding Duffy from my Top 50, it was all due to his sinewy appearance on the memorable, short-lived Man from Atlantis, in which Duffy was shirtless 90% of the time. Tall, strapping, wholesome and doomed to film that entire series underwater and lacking clothes, Duffy was destined to make this and any other list of sexy TV men. He can't seem to escape water—who can forget what he forgot in that shower on DallasMan from Atlantis (1977—1978), Dallas (1978—1991), Step By Step (1991—1998), The Bold and The Beautiful (2006—2001), Dallas (2012—)

Taye-diggs-2Everybody digs Taye

#79 Taye Diggs (1971—) This musical-theater actor has been a welcome presence on TV, where his perfect looks have not gone to waste. Perhaps best known for Private Practice, many viewers would love an opportunity to practice on his privates but only wife Idina Menzel gets to. Ally McBeal (2001), Kevin Hill (2004—2005), Will & Grace (2006), Day Break (2006—2007), Private Practice (2007—)

EricDane-714159Smooth operator

#80 Eric Dane (1972—) "McSteamy" on Grey's Anatomy always has the look of a man who's been exerting his lower back all night long. That plus his tiny eyes (is he staring at me? at me?) and his sexy scrubs puts him over the top as one of TV's all-time sexiest docs. Gideon's Crossing (2001), Charmed (2003—2004), Grey's Anatomy (2006—)

Jenson-jensen-ackles-28911272-712-538So cute it's spooky

#81 Jensen Ackles (1978—) This boyish blond hasn't been unemployed since making a splash in the soaps, which made him a staple of fan magazines. But what's really taken him to the next level is his cool appearance on Supernatural, where he shares a "Bo & Luke Duke" chemistry with fellow ghostbuster Jared Padalecki. Mr. Rhodes (1996—1997), Days of Our Lives (1997—2000), Dark Angel (2001—2002), Dawson's Creek (2002—2003), Still Life (2003—2004), Smallville (2004—2005), Supernatural (2005—)

Carter-oosterhouseIf he wrecked ya like you're hoping he would, he could turn right around and fix ya

#82 Carter Oosterhouse (1976—) Representing all of TV's reality stars on this list, Oosterhouse deserves to be the stand-out in a field filled with cuties. Why? Take a gander at him shirtless. Now put him in a sweater and focus on the face alone. As handsome as a movie star, he's so far been content to fix stuff on TV. And he sure looks like he could easily fix your wagon. Trading Spaces (2003—2007), Three Wishes (2005), Rachael Ray (2009—), Million Dollar Rooms (2012—)

Greg-EviganI'm not sure about a bear, but "B.J." sure could've passed for a cub

Greg-Evigan-now#83 Greg Evigan (1953—) Considering the state of gay rights today, My Two Dads might be ripe for a re-invented remake. But as sexy as he was being paternal, his real heyday was  in an excruciating piece of fluff called B.J. and the Bear. Combining the then-popular trucking craze with the always-popular animal craze ("the Bear" being a monkey), that show made Evigan a teen heartthrob overnight. Since then, he's popped up on various series and in a slew of TV movies. And hey, a little "B.J." every once in a while is certainly welcome. A Year at the Top (1977), B.J. and the Bear (1978—1981), The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (1979), Masquerade (1983—1984), My Two Dads (1987—1990), P.S.I. Luv U (1991—1992), TekWar (1994—1996), Melrose Place (1996—1997), Pacific Palisades (1997), Family Rules (1999), Big Sound (2000—2001)

William-LevyA feast for fancy-footwork fetishists

#84 William Levy (1980—) After a history on telenovelas, all it took was a stint on Dancing With the Stars to make Levy into Topic A. He was even offered a part in Magic Mike (but he and his part turned it down). The existence of some pre-fame modeling shots showing the stud in see-through underwear does little for cultivating mystery, but what's revealed in them is solid evidence that the concept of mystique is overrated. Olvidarte jamas (2006), Mi vida eres tu (2007), Accoralada (2007—2008), Cuidado con el angel (2008—2009), Sortilegio (2009), Triunfo del amor (2010—2011),  "I'm Into You"—Jennifer Lopez music video (2011), Single Ladies (2012) Dancing With the Stars (2012)

Dack-RamboWhen his hair went gray, he wore that well, too

#85 Dack Rambo (1941—1994) A twin (talk about lighting striking twice), this dashing dude went from being a pretty teen in '60s series to a pulse-quickening leading man in soaps, in guest spots on dozens of series and on nighttime dramas. Just gorgeous, and what a shame he died so young from AIDS shortly after discovering that he was HIV-positive and right after coming out publicly as bisexual. The New Loretta Young Show (1962—1963), Never Too Young (1966), The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967—1969), Dirty Sally (1974), Sword of Justice (1978—1979), All My Children (1982—1983), Paper Dolls (1984), Dallas (1985—1987), Another World (1990—1992)

John_slattery_02Speaking of silver-haired devils...

#86 John Slattery (1962—) This Mad Men macho man is in the dictionary under "aging gracefully," right under a picture of him staring serenly out from a gray suit. He only just turned 50 but exudes an air of masculinity and experience that most Hollywood stars would gladly trade for their original hair and/or hair color. One of TV's sexiest daddies—ever. Anderson who? Dirty Dozen: The Series (1988), Homefront (1991—1993), From the Earth to the Moon (1998), Maggie (1998—1999), Ed (2001—2002), K Street (2003), Jack & Bobby (2004—2005), Desperate Housewives (2007), Mad Men (2007—), The Cleveland Show (2011—)

Daniel-Sunjata-4It's not just the roof that's on fire

#87 Daniel Sunjata (1971—) I haven't been able to forget seeing this smoothie naked as the day he was born on stage in Take Me Out, but having him to look at on Rescue Me definitely saved me a few brain cells' worth of imagination. Smoldering. D.C. (2000), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2000—2004), Love Monkey (2006), The Bronx is Burning (2007), Rescue Me (2004—2011), Grey's Anatomy (2010—2011)

Brian-Kelly-Flipper-shirtlessHow many viewers flipped for Kelly?

#88 Brian Kelly (1931—2005) As "Porter Ricks" on Flipper, Kelly had the unenviable task of vying for attention against kids and a dolphin. But for those not into fish, so to speak, he came through loud crystal clear. 21 Beacon Street (1959), Straightaway (1961—1962), Flipper (1964—1967)

Erik-EstradaAll that and a bag of CHiPS

#89 Erik Estrada (1949—) At the time, Estrada seemed like the hottest thing on legs—or rather, on a motorcycle—as "Ponch." Perhaps the years haven't been kind to that initial image, adding layers of cheese and dragging him down the list a bit. But back in the day, there was no cop in the world you'd rather have pull you over. Unlike Zsa Zsa, who slaps them in the face, you'd probably have been more likely to ask him to slap your face with it. A guilty, caliente pleasure. CHiPS (1977—1983), The Bold and The Beautiful (2001), Sealab 2021 (2000—2005)

Gal-chamberlainTime to cut apples out of your diet permanently

#90 Richard Chamberlain (1934—) More so for women even than for gay men, Mr. Chamberlain has kept TV viewers hot and bothered for decades, primarily in scrubs as "Dr. Kildare" and later in a priest's frock as "Ralph de Bricassart" in The Thorn Birds, one of the most successful mini-series of all time. When he came out late it life, it was confirmation of a long-repeated rumor, and a consummation of a million gay ex-children's dreams. Dr. Kildare (1961—1966), The Portrait of a Lady (1968), Centennial (1978—1979), The Thorn Birds (1983), Island Son (1989—1990), Brothers and Sisters (2010—2011)

Doug-mcclureOne of the best in the West

#91 Doug McClure (1935—1995) An absolute fixture on '50s and '60s TV, his best work and—to paraphrase Tyra Banks—his best look came on The Virginian. You could do worse than a strapping blond with a big gun. You have him (in part) to thank for, "Hi, I'm Troy McClure!" on The SimpsonsOverland Trail (1960), Checkmate (1960—1962), The Virginian (1962—1971), Backtrack! (1969),  Search (1972—1973), Barbary Coast (1975—1976), Out of This World (1987—1991)

Tim-daly-2These are a few of my favorite Wings

#92 Tim Daly (1956—) Alongside Steven Weber, Daly was one half of a truly fuckable TV duo in the great tradition of The Dukes of Hazzard. His cleancut, Ozzie Nelson look and cerebral air have always mixed nicely with his barely suppressible big build. Dreamy. Almost Grown (1988—1989), Wings (1990—1997), From the Earth to the Moon (1998), Storm of the Century (1999), The Fugitive (2000—2001), Eyes (2005—2007), The Sopranos (2004—2007), The Nine (2006—2007), Private Practice (2007—)

ParkerStevensonShaun who?

#93 Parker Stevenson (1952—) The (far) sexier "Hardy Boy," Stevenson told me that when he was doing the series, girls would be camped out at the studio gates and he'd have to tell them, "Shaun's coming behind me." Nobody cared about him. How this is possible, I don't know. With that gorgeous hair and those piercing blue eyes, all I could think when I met him was how eagerly I'd allow him to "slip me the big one." Even as sloppy seconds from Kirstie Alley. And I wouldn't even drink a Coke after her. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977—1979), Falcon Crest (1984—1985), North and South, Book II (1986), Baywatch (1989—1999), Melrose Place (1993)

Darryl_Stephens-3Plenty of you animals would like to perch on "Noah"'s arc

#94 Darryl Stephens (1974—) It's a matter of personal taste whether you found Stephens sexy in the midst of his performance as "Noah" on Noah's Arc, on which he flounced (and, to the show's credit, pounced) as a sort of African-American prince(ss) version of Sex and the City's "Carrie." But even if you demand masc only in your Craiglist ads, you can't deny that the goods are there when he's not being a "Noah"-it-all, making him one of TV's best-looking and most advantageously lip-equipped series leads, albeit one whose attractiveness hasn't been on display on TV often enough. Noah's Arc (2005—2006), DTLA (2012—)

Kyle-ChandlerWhy Friday Nights turn into Saturday mornings

#95 Kyle Chandler (1965—) With an expression that's all business, this great-looking guy has been a hot, young series lead and will probably mature nicely into playing yearn-worthy dads. Love the eyebrows. Tour of Duty (1990), Homefront (1991—1993), Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III (1994), Early Edition (1996—2000), What About Joan (2000—2001), The Lyon's Den (2003), Grey's Anatomy (2006—2007), Friday Night Nights (2006—2011)

Chad-EverettCenter of attention

#96 Chad Everett (1936—2012)  Most famous as "Dr. Joe Gannon" on Medical Center, this man's man has been all over episodic TV with his firm jaw and means-business glare. His machismo while performing the duties of a doctor was impressive, not to be challenged until the Grey's Anatomy cast decades later. The Dakotas (1963), Medical Center (1969—1976), Centennial (1978—1979), Hagen (1980), The Rousters (1983—1984), McKenna (1994—1995), Mulholland Dr.—originally shot for TV (2001), Undercovers (2010—2011), Chemistry (2011)

Cartaz-tarzan-ron-ely-jack-mahoney-vendetta-di-tarzan-italy_MLB-F-2960249622_072012Do you think "Tarzan" swings?

#97 Ron Ely (1938—) This TV "Tarzan" had a very different look from how the vine-swinger was usually portrayed, tall and lanky and looking very much like the Texan he is. A highly respectable man-of-the-loincloth. The Aquanuts (1960—1961), Tarzan (1966—1968), Miss America—host (1980—1981), Sea Hunt (1987—1988)

936full-simon-bakerBaker: Now yer cookin'

Simon-Baker-Heartbreak-High#98 Simon Baker (1969—) There really aren't enough Australians on this list...maybe they all prefer to focus on movies over TV? Baker bounces back and forth from one to the other, but seems extremely comfy on the small screen, where he's led a number of series here and where he broke into the biz Down Under. A perfect blond babe. Home and Away (1993—1994), Heartbreak High (1995—1997), The Guardian (2001—2004), Smith (2006—2007), The Mentalist (2008—)

James-FranciscusMy readers wanted to skin me alive for forgetting Mr. Franciscus

#99 James Franciscus (1934—1991) This classically handsome man might've done more episodic TV than just about anyone—check him out at IMDb and be prepared to scroll. Most famous for his '60s series, he would've been far more so had he been able to accept the lead on Dr. Kildare, which instead went to Richard Chamberlain. He wound up producing when the roles dried up, and in spite of his mischievous look was apparently a squeaky-clean family man. Naked City (1958—1959), The Investigators (1961), Mr. Novak (1963—1965), Longstreet (1971—1972), Doc Elliott (1973—1974), Hunter (1976—1977)

James-PattersonMan, oh, man...that's a man

Seinfeld#100 Scott Patterson (1958—) There are so many guys who could've had the hundredth spot, everyone from Rick Springfield to Chad Michael Murray to Freddie Prinze to Bobby Sherman to Mike Evans to Lucky Vanous, but it's gotta be Patterson, the most sponge-worthy of all the guys lucky enough to invade "Elaine Benes"'s castle on Seinfeld. More importantly, he was the gruff-and-ready diner owner who "Sam and Diane"-ed with Lauren Graham. Man, he would've looked good in gladiator gear in the '50s. Gilmore Girls (2000—2007), Aliens in America (2007—2008), The Event (2010—2011)