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Mar 20 2013
Puking In The House Is Not Permissible (The Dog Might Eat It) Comments (8)

In the '80s, when my parents were leaving on a rare trip without my sister, my hilarious mom left me this meticulously crafted note, spelling out all the rules of the house. Thankfully, she's always had perfect penmanship, so it can still be enjoyed today.

I love how stern it seems...until you get to the parenthetical aside about drunken puking being verboten because "the dog might eat it." But the ultimate has to be the third line of (5).


Mar 18 2013
On The Red Carpet & On Stage @ The 24th GLAAD Media Awards Comments (0)



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Faces Of The 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Comments (0)

Bernadette-PetersBernadette Peters

Andy-MientusAndy Mientus, Smash

Avan-JogiaAvan Jogia, StraightButNotNarrow.org

BEEKMAN-boysAmazing Race winners Brent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Countess-LuAnnCountess LuAnn de Lesseps

Jake-ShearsJake Shears

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Mar 17 2013
Madonna Is Scout & Proud @ GLAAD For Anderson Cooper Comments (14)

Madonna-photo copyOh, den mother, why aren't you here with me?

Downton-AbbeyThe 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards—full list of winners here—were a mish-mash of political activism, back-slapping, genuinely emotional moments largely tied to the venerable org's new push for transgender rights and—oh, yeah!—a Madonna/Anderson Cooper one-two punch that was an instant-classic appearance for Madonna (even if the evening was to honor Coop).

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Mar 14 2013
The Brother I Never Had: A Tribute To Dan Routhier Comments (7)

Fifth-gradeI had all my fifth-grade classmates sign this. Dan put his name next to his girlfriend, Yvonne Williams, who was a babe and twice his height.

In the fifth grade, I became best friends with one of the most popular boys in our class. It was a coup for me, having just transferred to that school the year before and being a fat "brainiac." Dan was a jock, an accomplished hockey player. Despite being short, his humor and his innate coolness made him an opinion-maker, to the extent that those exist in the fifth grade. What am I talking about? They are fifth grade.

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Mar 10 2013
Girls Behaving Badly: Reviews Of ANN & SCRAPING THE BOTTOM Comments (0)

Holland Taylor as ann richards on broadwayThis Ann Richards is Taylor-made


Vivian Beaumont Theater, written by and starring Holland Taylor, directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein; open-ended run.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: ***1/2 out of ****

Holland Taylor has worked steadily for years, first on the stage, sometimes in movies (Romancing the Stone) then on TV (Bosom Buddies and Two and a Half Men are her most famous roles in the medium). She's often played hoity-toity women just shy of "bitch" territory, her comic delivery making them more amusing than infuriating. She knows how to play a character while still allowing her own persona to shine through, one that urges the audience not to take things too seriously.

In Ann, the one-woman show (if you don't count taped offstage commentary by Julie White) she wrote for herself, Taylor gives herself over to the subject, the late, great Governor of Texas, Ann Richards, and it's a performance that is both a revelation and a suitable final act in her long career—not that she has any intention of slowing down. Judging by the legwork it took for her to research Richards and get Ann up, let alone on Broadway in the expansive Vivian Beaumont, it would appear Ms. Taylor is only working harder as the years go by, the sign of a true artist.

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Mar 04 2013
Improving Upon Perfection: The 25 Best Madonna Remixes Comments (20)

3AF8"The Ciccone Shuffle"

I was astounded when, as a kid who spend every week at the local Sam Goody or Coconuts (don't judge) buying up 7" singles, I discovered what a 12" single was. Even then, I knew that 12" sounded Madonana-remixeseven better than 7", but who knew that most songs that saw lives as radio singles were also remixed and in some cases entirely reconfigured, and that the general public could buy them? It was like buying the same song over and over again, an ideal situation for an OCDiva like me.

The first one I ever bought was Debbie Harry's "In Love with Love," a song I maintain to this day should have been massive and would have if she hadn't already turned 40.

When it comes to Madonna, I have to admit I think most of her songs work better in their original forms. (And some never should have been remixed at all...remember those ear-slaying "Take a Bow" do-overs?) But that's not to say that the undisputed Queen of Dance Music hasn't been on the receiving end of some killer redos.


Check out my list, and remind me of the many, I'm sure, that I'm missing...

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Mar 02 2013
Give It 2 Him: Madonna To Present GLAAD Award To Anderson Cooper Comments (13)


On March 16 in NYC, Madonna will make her first appearance at the GLAAD Awards to present Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award, which is given to out public figures who have had a major impact on gay visibility and rights.

Tickets will set you back a few bucks, but they're mostly tax deductible. Click here to purchase.