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Apr 30 2013
End Game: When Will My Fascination With Autograph Shows End? Comments (10)
Angie-DIckinson copy copy

Above, see all the stars as they appeared then...and as they appear now!

Dean-CainAt the most recent Hollywood Show, held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport, I was discussing with one of my A-hound (that's "autograph") buddies just how long we could continue coming to these shows, considering so many of the attendees are people we've already met, and other potential guests are dropping like flies.

HearseNot even kidding—this hearse was in front of the hotel as I first drove up!

Don told me, "Oh, I'll be here in 20 years in my Rascal, scooting around for Lindsay Lohan's autograph." He was joking, though. He couldn't care less about LiLo or most modern stars. For him it's Jane Withers through about Dallas, Don and most of the others who attend these shows can't be bothered. When does it end? I guess, as with life, it ends when it ends, so have fun while it lasts.

This was my shortest show. I only spent part of the first day and a few minutes on the second, since I had the GLAAD event and other stuff to do. But I couldn't not come, not with Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman and Mamie Van Doren in the mix.

Here are my interactions, in order as they occurred:

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Apr 19 2013
27 Indispensable Musical Performances In Non-Musical TV Shows Comments (19)

Peter Brady Time to Change 3

When I was growing up, I watched TV in search of offbeat musical performances that would come out of nowhere, particularly on cartoons but often elsewhere.

What follows is a list I hope you'll enjoy of the 27 most outstanding in my memory. Please comment with some of your favorites (I'm sure I'm missing a ton of Seth MacFarlane and Simpsons possibles) and help me flesh this out.

Let me know which ones I missed...

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Apr 15 2013
Bubbling Under: 50 '80s Songs I Still Can't Believe Didn't Hit The Top 40 On Billboard's Hot 100 Comments (24)

Alphaville-Shiraz-FumanAlphaville's Marian Gold by Shiraz Fuman

I recently ruminated about the fact that Debbie Harry has never had a Top 40 solo hit in the U.S., and had no problem at all coming up with 12 of her songs that deserved it.

ShannonNow, I've put together a list of 50 of my favorite songs of the '80s that failed to hit the Top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100. In some cases, these are the biggest songs of the decade, songs you simply can't believe were not bigger chart hits. In other cases, these are fantastic pop singles that simply failed to cut the mustard. And in still other cases, these are just songs that seemed squarely aimed at the Top 40 and were by acts who'd had not trouble breaking through earlier.

Enjoy, and please comment back with your own suggestions for songs I forgot...

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Pecs-Elated: Philip Fusco Does Gregg Homme Comments (4)
Philip "The Body" Fusco is the star of the latest titillating Gregg Homme ad. The first part has more intrigue that "Who Shot J.R.?" and more skin than you'd find on a fleet of Jell-O pudding trucks...

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Apr 13 2013
Does He Give You A Chubby? Comments (8)
A Tumblr of stocky, cubby, chubby guys. It's wildly (Work Unfriendly) in spots.
Apr 08 2013
Hold Out For Pleasure: 12 Debbie Harry Hits-That-Never-Were Comments (11)


Debbie-harry-the-jam-was-moving-chrysalis-2Some readers expressed disbelief when I posted that Debbie Harry has never been in the U.S. Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist. It's true! And what follows are the dozen singles, in ascending order, that really should've been massive hits for her in the U.S.. (We all know "Mind Over Matter" would've been a solo #1, but I'm only selecting songs that were actual singles.)

Good vocals, good music and great beauty do not always trump age at radio...

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Apr 07 2013
Starry-Eyed: Hugh Dancy Comments (1)
Spotted Hugh Dancy strolling up Tenth Avenue this past week.
Apr 06 2013
Best Bette: Midler Channels Mengers In I'LL EAT YOU LAST Comments (4)

Bette-MidlerLiza Minnelli & another fan get first dibs on I'll Eat You Last

BOY CULTURE RATING: **** out of ****

The first thing I ever blogged was a take-down of Bette Midler.

It's not that I totally detest Bette Midler; the elusive gay gene disallows that. But she was not the fierce (snap!) advocate I felt she should be back then. Then there is the little matter of her frequent, often well-placed (the worst kind!) barbs about that other Divine Miss M, the one who is currently fulfilling her destiny as the wind beneath Malawi's wings.

BETTE-MIDLERBut when I heard Bette Midler was going to play the very-recently-late Hollywood superagent Sue Mengers in I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers, a one-woman show on Broadway directed by Joe Mantello, I was on board. What a perfect marriage of personalities, made all the more perfect artistically because the two women, while outspoken and lewd, are not clones so much as each possesses a "je ne sais fuck you" vibe that makes the casting so fun you don't even have to see the play to get your first delighted chuckle.

But now that I've seen the very first preview, I can say: You do have to see this play, because this is not just a great idea, it's also a great execution.

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