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May 19 2013
Can-Do Attitude: Bryan Hawn Tops THE LIST Comments (1)
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Above, a gallery of 10 scorching-hot Bryan Hawn images.

If you haven't heard of Bryan Hawn, you're behind on your behinds.

Currently in possession of the Web's best back-up plan, Hawn is a fitness model, singer (A Decade of Music) and author, his latest book being THE LIST (What the Top Fitness Models Don't Want You to Know).

There's very little I don't want to know about Mr. Hawn, so I ended up interviewing him to find out some of those secrets, and to ask about the guy with the caboose that seems to be laying golden eggs for him...

Bryan-HawnBoy Culture: Which came first, your interest in fitness or your interest in music?

Bryan Hawn: Throughout my childhood, music and fitness were both a strong interest and equally monopolized my time. As I enveloped myself in both, they each created their own path and exciting adventures. At 16, I signed with CLICK models, my first modeling agency, and at 18, I signed my first record deal and moved to Los Angeles.

BC: I've read you were a stripper. What was that like?

BH: Living in L.A. was expensive, so dancing was an amazing way to finance my living expenses. I also met a few major record execs, agents and songwriters working at different clubs and venues, so it was a great networking tool for me as well. My most memorable moment was when Anastacia came up to the stage to tip me. When someone mentioned who she was, I didn't believe them. So she belted out one of her songs right in front of me. My mouth just dropped was definitely her!

Sexy-Hawn-singerWhatever your favorite song is, Bryan's probably got it covered.

I told her I was a singer, too, and she invited me out to eat with her and her crew after the club closed. While we were waiting for our food to come out, she made me sing a cappella in front of the entire diner. It was an amazing experience. She is still a good friend of mine to this day.

"In a world that is quite critical and filled with rejection, to believe that we are more than enough to go for our dreams can be challenging."

BC: What's your favorite of your songs?

BH: In 2008, the music video for my song "More Than Enough" hit #1 on Logo's Click Countdown and was named the #2 video of the year. I was very proud of that. I think the vocal is strong and the message is very inspiring. In a world that is quite critical and filled with rejection, to believe that we are more than enough to go for our dreams can be challenging. I think the song is a great reminder that we have everything we need inside of us

BC: What can readers expect from THE LIST?

Bryan-Hawn-undiesBH: It's based around the idea that it's not about working hard, but working smart. "How do I get the most out of my workouts and diet?" It is filled with information I learned over the years from working with top fitness models in the industry. It covers everything from the best exercises, most detrimental mistakes, and the importance of timing. Doing your workout in the wrong order can be the difference between results...and wasted effort.

BC: How is self-publishing (the latest trend in publishing) working for you?

BH: It has been a great avenue for me, having a huge social-media fanbase. A few of my YouTube videos marketing my ass-ets have produced lucrative results for my book, making it one of the best-selling fitness e-books on the market. If somebody has an innovative marketing strategy, then I highly recommend self-publishing.

"I've always been a believer that anything is possible."

BC: Is it even possible to build a butt as incredible from yours if you're not born with the raw materials?

Bubble-buttBH: I've always been a believer that anything is possible, and if you want something bad enough in life, you will find a way to make it a reality.

Anything worth having in this life requires hard work. If it was easy, everyone would have it, and it wouldn't be special.

As far as building a perfect ass, my book is not for average joes looking for some easy way to have a bubble butt magically appear without doing anything. However, it is a great roadmap for someone who has the work ethic and just doesn't know where to start.

Having a great ass is something that is absolutely possible for anyone if they put in the work.

HawnNot to burst your bubble, but ya gotta work for it if you want a rump like that.

BC: What are some of your fitness tips for people just getting started, or starting out later in life?

BH: Buy THE LIST! [Laughs] It will help you understand why the body burns fat and builds muscle. This knowledge will help you make smart decisions in any situation or circumstance versus a list of dos and don'ts that leaves you restricted and frustrated. If you understand why you are making certain choices, not only will you be consistent, but you will see results.

HawnIt's The Keister Bunny!

BC: Why do you think so many people fail at fitness?

BH: I would say the biggest problem and reason why people don't reach their goals is because they don't understand the nature of change. Change is difficult and uncomfortable. In order to be somebody different, you have to start doing things that you haven't done before. Most people don't mentally prepare for that and fall off the wagon when they come to the conclusion that their new rituals for change are not as effortless as they initially intended.

"The worst thing you can do is tell a human being that they can't have something. They will inevitably consume it."

BC: Is there any food you would never eat?

BH: I don't focus on restrictions. All that does it make somebody want to indulge. The worst thing you can do is tell a human being that they can't have something. They will inevitably consume it.
Instead, I try to focus on eating with a purpose. Every food that you put in your body is strategized to accomplish the building of muscle or burning of adipose fat tissue. This gets the mind focused in a direction that is productive versus setting yourself up for epic fail and disaster.

Hawn1BC: You've been photographed countless times. What's your favorite Bryan Hawn shoot?

BH: My favorite photo shoot was a campaign that I did for PLAY underwear. It was in department stores nationwide and on phone kiosks throughout New York City. Having your friends call you from Times Square telling you they see your picture everywhere definitely created a supermodel moment for me. I loved it!

BC: What makes a good shoot?

BH: A good shoot is done with a photographer that understands the importance of lighting and planning out the shot. They are always paid and there is usually an assistant to do hair and makeup. The shoot most likely has an important purpose like an ad campaign or the launch of a new designer.

Bryan-Hawn-hot-musclesBryan's book is filled with strong principles.

A nightmare shoot is a photographer who is doing trade for prints or trade for CD. They are usually looking to prey on models who are new to the business and try to get them as naked as possible. They attempt to put you in uncomfortable, high-pressure situations and hope that you will compromise your morals and values to appease their dirty fantasies. Most of that can be eliminated by only doing paid shoots.

Bryan-Hawn-hotFrom the uncensored Web trailer for THE LIST.

BC: You're out, a rarity among working models and fitness gurus. Are you single or taken?

BH: Currently, I am happily single and my time and energy is focused toward my career goals. I haven't found someone to distract me yet, but if they were to rock my world, they would have a passion for fitness, be a huge dreamer and be able to light up an entire room with just their smile.

Check out Bryan's YouTube channel here and like him on Facebook here.



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