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Jun 25 2013
States Of Undress: A Review Of BROADWAY BARES 23, UNITED STRIPS OF AMERICA Comments (5)
IMG_0015 DSC01074 Broadway Bares
*IMG_8883 broadway bares
*IMG_8891 broadway bares sign
DSC01105 Max von Essen
DSC01125 Sidney Erik Wright
DSC01128 Sidney Erik Wright
DSC01137 Sidney Erik Wright
DSC01140 Sidney Erik Wright
DSC01168 Broadway Bares
DSC09896 Sidney Erik Wright
DSC09917 Broadway Bares
DSC09946 Broadway Bares
DSC09956 Broadway Bares
DSC09961 Broadway Bares
DSC00019 california
DSC00021 california
DSC00034 california
DSC01230 shirtless
DSC00055 california copy
DSC01232 shirtless
DSC00085 maine
DSC01246 maine
DSC00168 utah
DSC00171 utah
DSC00175 utah

DSC00191 illinois
DSC00197 illinois
DSC01381 illinois
DSC00244 billy porter
DSC01402 justin-smith
DSC00323 Broadway Bares
DSC00335 Broadway Bares
DSC00346 Broadway Bares
DSC01417 Broadway Bares
DSC01436 Broadway Bares
DSC00462 Broadway Bares
DSC01518 Broadway Bares
DSC01525 Broadway Bares
DSC01566 Broadway Bares
DSC00496 Broadway Bares
DSC00498 Broadway Bares
DSC01575 Broadway Bares
DSC00612 Broadway Bares
DSC00701 Max von Essen
DSC00747 Armando Farfan
DSC01665 Broadway Bares

Above, over 75 bonus shots from the night!

ABOUT THIS POST: Please let me know of any names I got wrong or am missing. Please feel free to pluck photos for posting on Facebook, but tag me and the people in them. Shots too naughty for this blog appear at my adult tumblr (Work Unfriendly). And finally, a whole separate post for "Rotation" photos is here. Enjoy, and please donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

As most of my readers know, I am obsessed with Broadway Bares, the annual show that benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Part of recovery is learning to admit you have a problem, and I have no qualms acknowledging that for someone wholly uninvolved with the production, I spend entirely too much time thinking about Bares.

DSC09691 Broadway Bares
*img522 Broadway Bares Peter Nelson copyPeter Nelson...that's the ticket!

I think about Bares so much that I have its many stand-out performers dancing around in my head in the days leading up to the show. This year, two days out, I spotted Peter Nelson—featured prominently in signage for the show—riding his bike, and promptly Facebooked that I'd seen him, and that it might herald the beginning of summer. Never mind that I've only met him briefly a couple of times. He gamely "liked" my comment and replied; a friend and I had been joking about this in terms of stalking, but I told him even most of my arresting officers agree that stalking has to be done on purpose, and chance encounters like this are just luck—his bad, my good.

DSC09696 Broadway Bares

Instead of laying off a bit this year, I doubled down—I decided to attend both the 9:30 and midnight shows. My reasoning was that perhaps I'd get lots of great photos from the first show and could then relax and watch the second one. This is the pretty lie I told myself.

*IMG_8880 sold out

*IMG_8882 broadway bares ticketI wound up with extra tickets for 9:30, so figured I'd pick them up early at the Roseland, around 3, and try to give them away. As I got my tickets, who is the only dancer walking up at 3 but Peter Nelson. We said hello and I promptly prayed for death; I hated the idea that he might think I was camped out at the theater hours early. If I made too much of a nuisance of myself, I worried I'd wind up in a half-Nelson, which isn't nearly as much fun as the full Monty.

I couldn't get rid of my tickets, so I offered the agents a swap—three G.A. tickets for VIP standing for the first show. Deal! I found myself in line with two really sweet guys, one of whom wound up being the boy pulled onstage by Brandon Rubendall in a video I'd shot for Boy Culture! It's a small, perverted world.

Justen-KillmerJusten time!

The most gorgeous guy ever came by selling souvenirs and making change; I just couldn't believe he wasn't a performer with an ass so bewitching it had something similar to the Medusa's power to turn men into stone upon viewing it. (Well, at least parts of them.) He gamely posed for a photo, thinking he'd never see it again. Later, I realized it was none other than Justen Kilmer, and had to beg him to let me post them. He thinks he looks out of shape, I think he looks like the last thing a straight man sees before swearing off pussy. You be the judge.

Not that we couldn't have watched the 250-pound drag queen working the entrance to Lucky Cheng's across the way all night, but it was a relief when they let us in early as a break from the steamy heat. Having never been to the first show, I was shocked to see very specific places to stand for priority vs. VIP vs. G.A. attendees, clearly marked off by ropes. I was afforded a spot flush against the central catwalk, a seemingly golden position. Determined to take great photos, I had to consciously overlook the wall-sized posters positioned everywhere, begging us to "respect the performers" and refrain from taking pictures. See, putting Peter Nelson's bare butt on a poster demanding that I not take a picture of it just does not work for me.

*IMG_8890 broadway bares signIn a twist of fate, I now own this giant "don't photograph the dancers" poster. Peter has to sign it!

Unfortunately, my spot lost its charm early on. In spite of the gorgeous Latin guy across from me whose dark skin glowed under the blue gels, I had to deal with a jerk in front of me who pushed his way in after I'd staked my spot. He also maneuvered to get two more friends against the stage, pressing me into the seam between the catwalk and its circular termination. Not comfy, but a good way to brace myself for disrespecting every performer who came near. (Later in the show, he leaned back hard on me to get me to back off, so I said directly into his ear, "My shoulder is in the exact same spot it was when I first got here. You're pushing me. I'm not moving—at all—and I'm not going anywhere." He stopped.)

DSC09892 Broadway Bares singer frontClearly, Cearley looks good in red, white and blue. More of him at my adult tumblr.

A male/female singing duo called The Skivvies took to to stage as the openers, or as they put it, the "fluffers." They were fun, singing a medley of America-themed songs. (But no "American Life," boo.) The adorable dude, Nick Cearley, went bare-assed at the end, but too quickly for me to shoot...yet another reason seeing both shows would come in handy.

Finallly, it was time for Broadway Bares 23: United Strips of America to begin. From here on out, I'm talking about both shows combined, mixing and matching the best of both worlds.

First, let me get out of the way my scant criticisms. (Hey, I'm slavishly devoted to the show, but it can't all be goodness and Judith Light.) I thought the show overall was less special than some previous years have been. I wasn't wild about the American theme, which gave us numbers based on states like Nebraska, Maine and Georgia, and the writing was not funny. It was also a huge let-down that Cyndi Lauper didn't "surprise" us; she did Bares one other time and she and the show's creator Jerry Mitchell just won Tonys for Kinky Boots, so a visitation seemed a shoo-in. There are so many gigantic stars on Broadway who would've been a treat to have pop up, not least of which was Bette Midler. If Bette had shown up in a towel, it would have been legendary.

But really, these complaints are not meant as attacks or to downplay the incredible stamina and talent of everyone involved; it's like ranking orgasms or Madonna tours...they're all amazing, even if some are your favorites and some are not.

On the plus side, the show, directed by Nick Kenkel, had to overcome not featuring some of its most high-profile performers from years past, including Matt Skrincosky, Josh Buscher, Matthew Steffens, Brandon Rubendall, Andy Mills, Guto Bittencourt, Steven Wenslawski and many others, and did so admirably, minting new stand-outs (though all had done the show before) like Nelson, Patrick Boyd, Jamal Story, Daniel Robinson, and others. And as for the choreography (by Kenkel, Derek Mitchell, Paul McGill, Michael Lee Scott, Al Blackstone, Jon Rua, Peter Gregus, Kate Rockwell, Marcos Santana, Mark Myars and Marc Kimelman), it was never less than rigorously entertaining.

Also catching my eye was the fact that the show felt more ethnically diverse, less overwhelmingly male and more peopled with mature men.

DSC01114 Max von Essen
DSC09913 Michael CusumanoMax and Michael (top and hopes), envision a Miss America with testicles.

The show's conceit is that two gay lovebirds (my boo Michael Cusumano as "Jay" and formerly mustachioed Evita star Max von Essen as "Jason") are stranded on opposite coasts, so wil travel cross-country and meet in Nebraska (of all places). Both are beyond adorable, though were not given as much to do as last year's central pair, Kyle Dean Massey and John Carroll (neither of whom were in the show this time around). They do make a disturbingly cute couple—cute enough that I could've stood more flesh from both!

DSC09905 Christopher SieberThe hosts with the most attitude, Sieber and Margherita.

DSC09902 Sidney Erik WrightDaniel Lynn Evans and Sidney Erik Wright get a leg up on the competition.

DSC01154 Broadway BaresMiss Georgia thinks of a polite way to threaten to "cut a bitch."

DSC01130 Sidney Erik WrightGiving America what it wants: Sidney Erik Wright's nipples???

DSC01162 John Paul LaPorteJohn Paul LaPorte was pageant-ready.

DSC01170 Christopher Sieber
DSC01174 Christopher Sieber
DSC01185 Christopher SieberThey hope for world piece.

The kick-off number—"United States of America"—featured Christopher Sieber (revealing shots of him here) and Lesli Margherita as smarmy beauty-pageant hosts, sniping at each other as they announce the Top 10. Cusumano and von Essen are picking the show apart by phone, and wind up fantasizing what it would be like if the producers gave America what it really wants...which turned out to be drag queens and hosts who are way into the SM scene—and whose safe word appears to be, "Harder!" Sieber looks good in a harness, by the way.

Next up, my buddy Andrew Glaszek, one of the show's most visible stars year after year (he's done 10 in a row!), headed up Team "New York" as they offered their take on Madonna's "Vogue," playing a photographer who will bend over backwards to get the hottest shots of model Robb Sherman, who's never looked more striking.

DSC09976 Andrew Glaszek
DSC09968 Andrew Glazek
DSC09977 Andrew GlaszekAndrew Glaszek was the night's big shooter.

DSC09983 Robb Sherman
DSC09990 Robb ShermanIn the process of being Robbed.

DSC00005 Michael Prince New YorkFor Jon Cooper and Michael Prince, there's nothin' to it.

DSC09996 Broadway BaresTeam New York, deep in vogue.

The choreography was light on this one, more about hitting the poses, but I loved the styling; so much ginger and the strong brows on the likes of Dave August and Michael Prince were fierce. (Since a little more skin is always in, click here if you're not at work.)

DSC00010 CALIFORNIA"I'll show you mine if you show me yours..."

DSC00016 californiaDodge and (Katy) Perry.

DSC01207 shirtless
DSC00025 california

DSC00037 california
DSC00039 california
DSC00041 california
DSC00046 california
DSC00048 california
DSC01221 shirtless

DSC00064 californiaDaniel Robinson: Life's a beach and then you strip.

"California" (snippet of video here) was up next, using Katy Perry's "California Gurls" as an excuse for delicious Daniel Robinson, a lifeguard, to perform mouth-to-mouth before getting into a conga line for a little mouth-to-ass. Speaking of ass, you can see his here in all its glory.

DSC00071 MAINe

DSC00102 maineThe captain of her heart.

DSC01250 maine
DSC01257 maine
DSC01265 maine
DSC01278 maineSheldon Tucker remains a favorite of mine...quite a catch!

DSC01270 maine

DSC00081 maineI wouldn't throw these dudes back if I caught them.

"Maine" turned out to be a lot more interesting than Maine (sorry, Mainers), a moody, artistic number featuring a ship's captain courting a mermaid. It's not surprising that McGill choreographed this exquisitely executed, thoughtful number. Tasteful nudes/semi-nudes here.

DSC00166 utah
DSC00163 utah
DSC00162 utahTake my wives, please!

DSC01348 utah
DSC01350 utahI found this underwear to be far more magical than the kind his character started out with.

"Utah" took potshots at Mormons and the state of straight marriage, following Hands on a Hardbody's Jim Newman as he's stripped of his authority, his outerwear and finally his magic undies by his sister wives when he tries to add another to his collection. Newman was another of the show's mature studs, showing off a killer body. (Much more of it on view here.)

DSC00193 illinois

DSC00201 illinois
DSC00206 illinois
DSC00225 illinoisAll that jazz babies: Jamal and his partner (name?) were smokin'.

DSC00195 illinoisThe butler did it for me.

DSC00211 illinois
DSC00212 illinoisGod, that rope was lucky to have this man wrapping those legs around it.

Probably the show's stand-out dance number for me was "Illiinois," a hot-stepping hit with Jamal Story in the lead. It captured what the recent take on The Great Gatsby was going for, but did so with just flesh-and-blood performers on a stage. Superhot strutting, and it ended with a bang—by revealing an end anyone would love to bang.

DSC01407 michael cusumano
DSC00301 BILLY PORTERHave Tony, will travel!

There was a humorous Rest-Stop Exchange involving Cusumano encountering a black cowboy (Tony winner Billy Porter) in a men's room, but the red-state jokes were pretty broad...they weren't as sharp as the performers were. But when Porter brandished his Tony Award, it brought down the house, and there is a lot to be said for both Cusumano's skin-tight pink jeans and human prop Justin Smith, who provided excellent "back"-up.

Adamambert5Adam's salute to homosexuality.

It didn't happen during the 9:30 show, but Adam Lambert came out at this juncture during the midnight show, wailing a rendition of the National Anthem that was just amazing.

Kenkel later noted that it was a cappella, saying, "I've worked with Beyoncé and she does use prerecorded vocals."

DSC00302 Broadway Bares
DSC00316 Broadway Bares
DSC00344 Broadway Bares
DSC00350 Broadway BaresWouldn't you stand at attention for Julius C. Carter?

DSC00337 Broadway Bares
DSC00329 Broadway BaresJames Brown III proved to be handy.

DSC00356 Broadway BaresCouldn't take my eyes off of choreographer Jon Rua.

DSC01424 Broadway BaresI was hoping Joshua Michael Brickman would become insubordinate if only to witness his punishment.

DSC01449 Broadway BaresBares vet Cesar Abreu pushed his boxers to their limit.

DSC00377 Broadway BaresI'd love to frame this shot in my living room. They want me for a new recruit? Sold.

For "Georgia," the theme was boot camp. Julius C. Carter (check out his incredible backside here) turned it out and kept his men in line, even if he failed to keep them in their uniforms. Watching him strip down while managing to hold up something to cover his, um, bayonet—no-handed—was a sight to behold. These privates really let it all hang out in public.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01901dd8a5eb970b-800wiFor my money—and remember, I paid twice—the hottest number was "Texas," starring the sexiest threesome since a William Higgins pre-condom porn movie: Peter Nelson, Patrick Boyd and Marty Lawson.

Lawson is the aw-shucks, back-loaded young buck; Boyd the impossibly sexy, taut, gruff daddy; and Nelson the dreamy lead, imbuing his pregnant glances with, alternately, the strong-and-silent seductiveness of Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name and the bemusement of an accomplished Dancer About to Have No Pants. One of my favorite shots of the night shows Nelson exiting...but then I've always been a fan of a guy who looks as good goin' as comin'. Brokeback that thing up!

DSC00386 TEXASNot that we needed any cheering up.

DSC00399 Patrick Boyd TEXAS
DSC00422 texasBoyd, howdy!


DSC01488 texasThe long arm of the Lawson.

Peter Nelson

DSC00398 TEXASConsidering the cause, dare I point out that this little filly rode Peter Nelson bareback?

DSC00418 texasThe number featured some major Nelson.

In "Nevada," which starts with a stark naked von Essen wondering what happened the night before, we are treated to a fleshback of a wild night in Vegas during which our hero is hustled and left 'cuffed, but not before encountering Siegfried and Roy and a female Elvis. Great energy in this, and a great opportunity to ogle von Essen's impossibly cute butt. It looks so perfect that you might be tempted to eat off of it. Or something like that. Seeing the second show gave me the warning I needed to catch the number's opening, which featured Max totally nude, handcuffed, from behind. If that wasn't worth the extra $65, I don't know what would've been.

DSC00447 Broadway Bares
DSC00449 Broadway Bares
DSC00453 Broadway Bares
DSC00459 Broadway BaresWhat happens in Vegas doesn't always stay chlamydia, for example.

DSC00464 Broadway Bares
DSC00465 Broadway Bares
DSC01537 Max von Essen
DSC00476 Broadway Bares

DSC01538 Broadway Bares
DSC01549 Broadway BaresLuckily, Max didn't resist his Vegas molesters too hard.

Rubbing it in our faces that Cyndi Lauper wasn't there, Kate Rockwell belted a lovely rendition of "I Drove All Night," a song covered by Lauper in 1989 that became her last Top 40 hit. (My young co-worker only knew the Celine Dion version, so maybe half the room—the half on the stage—thought the same thing.) Still, it was nice to hear a live vocal.

DSC00501 Broadway BaresThe "I Drove All Night"-er

DSC00507 Broadway Bares
DSC00525 Broadway BaresStunner Matthew Griffin is a new favorite of mine; check out the chemistry with an in-the-moment Tyrone Jackson.

The Rest-Stop Exchange bit was revived, this time with von Essen meeting up with a horny, drunken codger (Alan Cumming, who ad-libbed actual inebriation) who plans to vote for Sarah Palin in 2016, tailors all of his directions to the locations of Waffle Houses and quotes from Macbeth. Generously, Cumming bared Justin Smith's ample ass at the end of the aborted pick-up.

DSC00534 Alan CummingEh, he's stalling.

DSC00561 Alan Cumming
DSC00590 Alan Cumming
DSC01608 Alan CummingQuestion: What's your stance on bathroom sex? Answer: Wide. Cumming with Justin Smith and ?.

"Florida" was a high-energy explosion of salsa dancing, first between men and women and then, when necessity called, between two men. During the first performance, one of the leads, Kellen Stancil, had a wardrobe malfunction that was muy caliente! A joyous number overall.

DSC00634 Broadway Bares
DSC01623 Broadway BaresKellen Stancil and Julius Rubio turned it out...and took it off!

DSC00607 Broadway BaresCarlos Gonzalez was having a ballroom.

Finally, in "Nebraska," we were treated to a massive marching band set-up, led by a tall drink of water (Timothy Hughes) with a hairy chest and a smooth ass, and spiked with humor thanks to a baton-twirler (Jami Keck) in a j-strap. All very energizing.

DSC00657 Broadway Bares
DSC00668 Broadway BaresTimothy Hughes spoke softly, but carried a BIG baton.

DSC0163 Broadway BaresHandsome—and aptly named—Robert Piper made everyone horn-y.

The "Nebraska" number segued into Katy Perry's "Firework" (some video here), the show's traditional aerial sequence. Armando Farfan Jr. outdid himself, building incredible, lighted spheres off of which his team's lithe bodies dangled through dizzying spins. It was a light show to remember, and signified the "spark" between lovebirds "Jay" and "Jason," who were reunited at last.

DSC00695 Max von Essen
DSC00693 Max von Essen
DSC00760 Max von Essen
DSC00762 Max von EssenMy only complaint was that this ridiculously hot pair ended the show in...pants!

DSC00729 Max von Essen
DSC00736 Armando Farfan

DSC00748 Armando FarfanArmando Farfan Jr.'s career is up in the air!

In the past, I've taken more video than photos, but I reversed that this year. One spot where video would have been better is this number, because Armando's brilliance is really, really hard to capture with a non-flash camera. Plus, I can't post nudes on this blog, so more of his booty-ful creation is over at my tumblr.

DSC00723 Max von Essen

DSC01682 Broadway BaresHey, how YOU Ewing?

Sean Ewing Matthew Rettenmund IMG_0162During Farfan's set, it was so difficult to focus on any one performer, but it just so happened that one who really stood out among the non-aerialists was fairly close to me. It's pretty fucking hard to take even a moment's attention away from Farfan's eye-popping fantasies-come-true. I took tons of shots of him, and at least one came out perfect. When I saw him during "Rotation," I made sure to give him money (I'm a gentleman...ask him!), and then after the show I spotted him leaving and asked for a pic-with. When I asked his name, he said, "Sean." I said, "What's your last name?" thinking this was utterly normal of me to ask since in my head I knew it was for blog ID purposes. He hesitated, then apologized and coughed it up. I realized it must have sounded like I was planning to show up at his job! Gorgeous, gorgeous guy, and his dancing was stellar. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get over to his job.

DSC00785Charl's in charge.

DSC00817Both Judith Light and Eric Lajuan Summers claimed to be the BOSS that night.


DSC00763If Justin Flexen were a food, he'd be a dessert...and I'd always save room for it.

DSC00855Sam J. Cahn was a starred-and-striped sizzler.

IMG_0030Aaron Hamilton meshed well with his team.


IMG_0042Some of my favorite shots, and of one of my favorite menz, of the night: Patrick Boyd.

IMG_0044How thoughtful of Mr. Nelson to give us a side view of his Peter.

DSC00853Daniel Robinson's blue balls.

DSC00848John Paul LaPorte, who has a twin...can you believe there's two of that out there?

DSC00850Michael Cusumano looking concerned that he might be violated during "Rotation."

I wasn't exactly saluting the song choices for "America the Finale"—I just don't think "Coming to America" and "Living in America" belong together. But Eric Lajuan Summers (Motown the Musical) and Charl Brown gave it their all as the entire troupe took to the stage to gloat: They'd done it! Another successful year, another record-breaking haul of cash ($1.4 millions) for AIDS. As always, it was a thrill to see all of the performers on the stage at the same time.

DSC00919Someone shouted out that Light is "the boss," and she replied, "I always was."

DSC00949A cool quarter-of-a-million-dollar donation from MAC.

IMG_0049The father (silver daddy?) of Broadway Bares, Jerry Mitchell.

DSC01008The choreographers—including a smiling Paul McGill and shirtless Jon Rua—take their bows.

IMG_0056Andy Cohen was a surprise speaker at the midnight show. Let's just say he didn't not notice Justin Smith. 

DSC00991But what he really wants to do is direct! Nick Kenkel thanks the room.

After this, Jerry Mitchell and Judith Light emerged to thank all involved. At the midnight show, Andy Cohen popped out to honor the highest-earning dancers. Top honors—with over $20,000 raised in the fight against AIDS—went yet again to modest Reed Kelly. (He was modest because he refused to remove his pants—he wasn't wearing underwear—in spite of Cohen's flirty command.)

I got tons of great shots of dancers during this phase, since they were sitting ducks. My favorites are below, but the sexiest was a shot of Daniel Lynn Evans squatting in his pink thong. That image, coupled with the fact that he's blogged about bedding Rafael Alencar ("Can you take 10 inches? "Hell, yeah!") give the snapshot a lot of...depth. The entire situation allowed for a mini-gallery of (some of) the best butts of Bares.

IMG_0099A beautiful shot of pretty Michael Prince. Have blue eyebrows ever worked on anyone else?

DSC00996Oh, yeah...Robb Sherman pulled off the same look, too! Love this shot.

DSC00888Gee, it's so hard to figure out why Robb Sherman was cast as a high-fashion model.

Armando Farfan Jr DSC00865Armando could've offered the show's heroes a mustache ride across country...

DSC00990The back Story on Jamal.

IMG_0096One time when I wish I was feelin' blue.

DSC00974Clapping hands on hardbodies.

DSC00907Loved Taylor Sternberg's glasses!

IMG_0092CUTE Daniel Kermidas, whose butt really should have been listed in the program with its own bio.

IMG_0055Luscious Jim Newman.

"Rotation"—when the dancers make like go-go guys 'n' girls and let you stuff money into their g-strings and jockstraps—was an absolute misery ths year! It's never been so crowded with cheapskate looky-loos. Granted, I was spending time taking pictures and some video, but I was also stuffing big bucks into big pouches. (At the second show, a patron snootily told me and my friend, both of us sporting cameras, "It's supposed to be about giving, not taking!" I told him I'd given over $1,000 this year and asked how much he was giving. He couldn't even give me an answer!)

DSC00596I bitched out my photog friend like an old woman caning her husband in public when this shot took three tries.

DSC00599With very good sports Peter Nelson and Patrick Boyd.

I'll admit I was thrilled that so many of my favorite dancers recognize me, but I was less than thrilled—and probably a little psycho—when my pal Greg failed to snap a photo op with Peter Nelson quickly enough. People were photo-bombing, I was grinning while swatting them away, the camera was doing nothing. It was such a disaster. I literally pushed two women away by their tits! Luckily, it all resulted in great shots with Peter and Patrick.


DSC00666This overcooked, overwhelmingly cute twink (Peter Gaspar Kriss) suggested the pose, which was kind considering his previous client, an obnoxious hotelier, had boorishly attempted to expose his privates.

Overall, I enjoyed the first show more because I had a good spot (I was in an okay spot for the second show, but had one too many tall people in front of me), and yet I did note that midnight was slightly racier (and had both Lambert and Cohen as bonuses).

DSC00670With Reed Kelly, yet again the year's most successful fundraiser.

"Rotation" itself was far randier at midnight. (See raunchy "Rotation" photos here and here.) One jockstrapped dancer, who I think of as The Boy With the Fantastic Bubble, was spreading for dollars and encouraging spanking. "I could let you do that all night," he cooed to his most ardent (and very handsome) admirer, who replied, "I wish you would," as if it were a far-off fantasy. I told him, "Dude, if you can't close that deal, you've got problems."

DSC01073Didn't realize the stud in the lobby doing photos was Colin Cunliffe!

DSC01068The only souvenir I wanted was someone's g-string.

DSC01072I'm partial to these shots of Mr. Moneybags, Matt Perfetuo.

If any one of the dancers on that stage went to bed alone that night, it was either by choice or there's no God in heaven.

Of course, it's not all about how hard Bares gets you, its about how hard everyone works to make it a success. It's about raising cash for AIDS and having fun with your friends and supporting all the creative types who put the show together and the self-sacrificing dancers who execute it. That's what makes the ever-racy Broadway Bares even better than sex—all the love.

DSC01060The party's overrrr...

Speaking of which, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge all the performers involved. Here goes:

Cesar Abreu, Ashley Adamek, Dante Alan, Alicia Albright, John Alix, Matt Anctil, Christopher J. Anderson, Ashley Arcement, David Armstrong, Dave August, Brian Bailey, Heather Lea Bair, Purdie Baumann, Lamar Baylor, Sydni Beaudoin, Marcus Bellamy, John Bitley, Christina Black, Michael Blatt, Patrick Boyd, Thomas Bradfield, Steve Bratton, Eric Braun, Amy Brewer, Joshua Michael Brickman, Rachel Broadwell, Charl Brown, James Brown III, Summer Broyhill, Larry Bullock, Cameron Burke, Autumn Burnette, Peter Buzny, Sam J. Cahn, Michelle Camaya, Ashley Campana, Paul Canaan, Allyson Carr, Jennifer Carr, Julius Carter, Paula Caselton, Kristy Cavanaugh, Adam Chandler, Andrew Cheng, Olivia Cipolla, Ricky Colon, Jon Cooper, Adrienne Couvillion, Nikki Croker, Chris Crowthers, Michael Cusumano, Barrett Davis, Marlowe Scott Davis, Christopher DeAngelis, Ariana DeBose, Anthony DeCarlis, Zachary Denison, Philip Deyesso, Michelle Marie DiPerlizzi, Mark Donaldson, Sharona D'Ornellas, Michelle Dowdy, Elizabeth Dugas, Jennifer Dunne, Tommy Dziarmaga, Lynann Escatel, Daniel Lynn Evans, Kristin Ewing, Armando Farfan Jr., Alisa Fendley, Karlee Ferreira, Michael Fielder, Justin Flexen, Zach Frank, David Gamboa, Paloma Garcia-Lee, Judah Gavra, Stephanie Gibson, David Gilleo, Napoleon W. Gladney, Andrew Glaszek, Alexa Glover, Geoffrey Goldberg, Carlos Gonzalez, Shiloh Goodin, Alyssa Gray, David Gray, Matthew Griffin, Khadija Griffith, Tony Guerrero, Katie Hagen, Aaron Hamilton, Eric Harbin, Logan Hart, Mair Heller, Brian Hennings, Madeline Hoak, Tony Howell, Jeremiah Hughes, Timothy Hughes, Jere Hunt, Laura Irion, Christopher Figaro Jackson, Tyrone A. Jackson, Naomi Kakuk, Chris Kane, Olga Karmansky, Shari Katz, Jami Keck, Daniel Kermidas, Grasan Kingsberry, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Caitlin Krause, Christopher Michael Lacey, Cody Scott Lancaster, Leah Landau, John Paul LaPorte, Marty Lawson, Marina Lazzaretto, Cedric Leiba Jr., Kourtni Lind, Janie Linn, Kevin C. Loomis, Ryan Lyons, Sean Maddox, Rebecca Magazine, Marissa Livanna Maislen, Nalina Mann, Christian Mansfield, Sarah Kay Marchetti, Lesli Margherita, Yuri Dmitrievich Marmerstein, Tommy Martinez, Gina Mazzarella, Jaysin McCollum, Sabra Michelle, Mahalia Miner-LeGrand, Marielys Molina, Ayana Momoki, Jacob Moody, Lindsay Moore, J.P. Moraga, Shina Ann Morris, Rusty Mowery, Michael Munoz, Peter Nelson, Jim Newman, Katrina Newman, Jennifer Noble, Anne Otto, Alfie Parker Jr., Kyle Taylor Parker, Eddie Pendergraft, Robert Pendilla, Ashley Perez, William Michael Peters, Annie Petersmeyer, Janice Picconi, Alexandra Piechota, Robert Piper, Kyle Post, Michael Prince, David Prottas, Antuan Raimone, John Raterman, Angel Reed, Madeline Reed, Jody Reynad, Elena Ricado, Ian M. Richardson, Adam Roberts, Arbender Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Kate Rockwell, Geraldine Rojas, Marissa Rosen, Celia Mei Rubin, Naomi Rusalka, Ben Ryan, Kevin Santos, Richard JMV Schieffer, Ricky Schroeder, Curtis Schroeger, Carly Blake Sebouhian, Ray Sheen, Robb Sherman, Allysa Shorte, Christopher Sieber, Amaker Smith, Justin Smith, Alison Solomon, Jeffrey Sousa, Whitney Sprayberry, Alexander Stabler, Kellen Stancil, Taylor Sternberg, Molly Winter Stewart, Chad Stone, Jamal Story, Danielle Strauss, Lauren Strigari, Eric LaJuan Summers, Ephraim Sykes, Nic Thompson, Courtney Tilford, Christopher Trepinski, Sheldon Tucker, Jena VanElslander, Donna Vaughn, Max von Essen, Richard Waits, Tonya Wathen, Micki Weiner, Morgan White, Randy Witherspoon, Jody Cole Wood, Ryan Worsing, Sidney Erik Wright and Samantha Zack.


Peter-NelsonTHE END(S).