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Jul 01 2013
Cher's Stud Service: The Boys Of Cher's Marquee Appearance Comments (0)
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Above, are you "Strong Enough" to handle the hotness from Cher's Marquee appearance?

Superhot Chase Hostler, pornstar Alessio Romero, Andrew Christian hottie Alex Sanchez and another scorching go-go boy (name, anyone?) helped prove that while Cher's is a "Woman's World," there's plenty of room for guys, too. At least, that's the message I took from their captivating gyrations Thursday night when Cher made a brief but memorable appearance at the club Marquee's new "Q" night (promoted by Brandon Voss) to plug her comeback single.

Above, an interview and hot shoot with Chase.

I was transfixed by Chase's ample assets (and by his and the other guys' abillity to dance tirelessly for six-plus hours), taking more and better photos of him and any other guy who crossed my path than Cher herself.

Very sexy gogo boyAlex hot!

Check out the gallery above for some of the sexy shots, and visit my dirty (and therefore Work Unfriendly) tumblr for jockstraps with full tummies: Chase, more Chase, Alessio and the others.

Brandon VossVoss, left, examines his handiwork.