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Aug 30 2013
Big Shooter: More Venfield 8 Than You Can Handle Comments (0)

There's a new Venfield 8 image up here, but it's (Work Unfriendly As Hell).

For a little more light shed on the mysterious shooter, check out this new interview. It's revealing, not least of which because you see Venfield's own "8" in it.

Aug 10 2013
On Point: Steve Grand's Q&A/Performance For Hilton & The Point Foundation Comments (6)
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DSC06594 steve grand

I'm in Chicago for a weekend visit with my family, but I'm making some time for "family" affairs as well—I'll be attending Northalsted Market Days, the music- and shirtlessfest featuring such diverse acts as Lynda Carter, Kerli and Olivia Newton-John. Hey, where else can you see David Cassidy open for Andy Bell? I'm going in spite of the visceral reaction I have to the world "Northalsted," which begs to be "North Halsted" or at the very least "Northhalsted." "Newsstand" comes to mine. But I digress!

*DSC06198 steve grandOut editor Aaron Hicklin had Steve on the hot seat.

The fest also features out singing sensation Steve Grand, who will open for Wilson Phillips tonight at 8:15. That would've been my first time seeing Steve perform in the flesh, but I was given access by the Hilton last night to a special event for the Point Foundation at which Steve appeared and performed.

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