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Oct 28 2013
Catwalk Talk: An Evening With Jean Paul Gaultier Comments (0)

I went last week to hear fashion icon (and musician!) Jean Paul Gaultier, 61, interviewed by  Thierry-Maxime Loriot, the curator of his massive new retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum.

Saturnino-gaultierImages from Gaultier's retrospective courtesy of Luigi Saturnino.

Loriot, a looker in black leather pants, guided the loquacious fashion icon through a series of questions about his humble beginnings (when, as Gaultier pointed out, "I 'ad no muh-NEH!") through his Madonna years and beyond.

Gaultier-1Gaultier with stylicious Loriot

Gaultier-IrinaGaultier greeting surprise attendee/model Irina Pantaeva

Gaultier was bubbly and quick with a story—and an opinion. Everyone laughed when he said music has been important to his creative process, then seemed to slam current music by saying, "Now, maybe...not."

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Gimme The Unusual: A Review Of Cyndi Lauper's SHE'S SO UNUSUAL 30th Anniversary Tour Comments (0)

Cyndi-LauperLauper candidly confessed that producers wanted her fired "the whole first year" of the Kinky Boots writing.

BOY CULTURE RATING: *** out of ****

Went to see Cyndi Lauper last week in Queens—her homeland!—which took planes, trains and Cyndihunterautomobiles to get to. (Okay, just a subway and a bus, but it was almost two hours thanks to construction.)

The venue for her She's So Unusual 30th Anniversary Tour was petite, and while her show was big enough to feature openers (Hunter Valentine), it was small enough that it had a befuddled lady making announcements between sets, just like a Brady Bunch teacher might during callbacks for the school play.

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Oct 24 2013
Strip Steak: An Interview With Jeff Timmons And Glenn Packard Of MEN OF THE STRIP Comments (0)

Jeff-american-1Jeff Timmons started at 98* and only got hotter.

Hot—some would say red-hot—off the heels of his successful gig emceeing for the Chippendales in Vegas, Jeff Timmons, everbuff founding member of 98°, has launched an equally sexy venture with acclaimed choreographer Glenn Packard: Men of the Strip.

Glenn-PackardGlenn Packard: Choreographer and pec-wrangler.

The concept is that Jeff and a troupe of too-hot show-offs are touring the country with a tight stage show, with the whole thing being filmed.

I caught up with my old buddies (98° was the first pro photo shoot I ever assigned) to get the not-so-skinny on their ripped revue...

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Oct 23 2013
In The Naked City: The Adonis Lounge Turns 4 With 2 Big Parties This Weekend Comments (0)

Adonis-TimTim de Iturriaga: Stripper whisperer.

Adonis_DSC0577-copy-copyThe first thing that needs to be asked is: How in the fuck has Timothy de Iturriaga never seen Magic Mike? The sexy, lanky boss of NYC's Wednesday and Saturday night strip club The Adonis Lounge (at Evolve on W. 58th and 3rd) practically is Matthew McConaughey's "Dallas," a wise, clever male-strip revue maestro who puts the mileage on his own can to good use directing newbies on how to turn a buck with a bump and a grind and a little illusory TLC.

"I haven't seen the movie, so I can't speak to what it's about," he tells me during our interview, conducted over the construction noise of a small crew renovating the club's back room. I nearly drop the camera.

It's like if a high-powered magazine owner admitted to never having seen The Devil Wears Prada.

Adonis-Tim-2"Don't fall in love with a stripper."

But the McConaughey character comparison is not an exact match, because while de Iturriaga's got Dallas's smarts, he's got "Magic Mike's" (Channing Tatum) cheerful disposition and easygoing Adonis-Tim-strippersnature. He also gives good face—he told me he'd dreaded our video interview after smoothly talking into my camera for 20 minutes like he didn't have a care in the world. And all of the undeniably hot-looking (don't look for any sixes or sevens at Adonis, everyone is eight or above), hot-moving men at the club whom I've spoken to have praised Tim as a good guy who looks out for them.

Hey, it comes in handy having a boss as massive as the national debt when a client scores a five-song lap dance off of you and wants to walk without paying. Not that de Iturriaga gets into fistfights, but he is a one-man good cop/bad cop. "I suck dick," he says, figuratively, "and they usually wind up paying. But the executives who won't pay, the guys with black cards, them I get loud with. Either way, I always get the money. And luckily, 99% of our clients are at Adonis to have fun, not rip dancers off."

AdonisCheng's is about to get Lucky.

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Oct 21 2013
Divinity School: A Review of I AM DIVINE! Comments (0)

DIvine-split-imageThe filthiest woman dead: Divine.

I Am Divine!, the latest inspired queer documentary by Jeffrey Schwarz (Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, Vito) opens with footage from the premiere of the film Hairspray in Baltimore. In it, Divine is intereviewed, gushing about how happy the night was making him. "I'm loving every minute of it!" he says, unaware he would be dead within days.

DIvine-John-WatersDivine and John Waters as teens, when their creative partnership was formed.

It's a bittersweet start to an otherwise ebullient documentation of a singular film icon, a punk drag artist with humor who was simultaneously the most beautiful "woman" in the world and the filthiest person alive. And underneath it all, "she" was also a mousy boy from Baltimore who unironically worshiped Elizabeth Taylor and longed for stardom.

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Oct 15 2013
Don't Give Up: A Review Of Grasan Kingsberry's Sharecase Comments (0)

I've been to a lot of showcases in my day. I remember one particularly grim one that featured a lip-synching (what is the point?) boy band after which I became so violently ill (apparently unrelated to their "performance") that I lost 20 pounds in two weeks and almost died.

I've also been to some mind-blowing showcases, including the one for Jessica Simpson (because it was so monied) and the one for Alicia Keys (because she was so astoundingly brilliant).

Black-and-white-Grasan-KingsberryKingsberry spoke of finally fulfilling his dream of a showcase.

But one of my favorites of all time has to be the warm, masterfully performed one-nighter—called a "Sharecase"—featuring Broadway regular Grasan Kingsberry, which happened all over my heart at the Stage 72/Triad Theater on Monday night.

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