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Oct 13 2013
The Hottest, Cutest Boys & Men Of New York Comic Con: Part 1 Comments (0)
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Above, Part 1 of the Hottest, Cutest Boys & Men of New York Comic Con...Part 2 is here. The third part is here. The fourth part is here. The fifth part is here.

My trip to New York Comic Con this year was as fun as last year: I attended the Teen Wolf panel (Dylan O'Brien is adorkable, creator Jeff Davis is sexy even if he spoke so much that one audience member specified that she wanted to hear from the actors "before Jeff answers"), but the rest of the time I just wandered around photographing people in costumes.

Comic ConCrossroads of technology.

Seeing all these cute boys and hot men in bizarre outfits had the same effect on me this year as last...schwing! I don't get why the whole "let's dress as superheroes and fuck our brains out" thing never appealed to me until now, but I get it, even if I know so little about sci fi and/or horror that if I were to dress up it would probably be as Underdog.

William-ShatnerJohn Barrowman & William Shatner signing, Norman Reedus mingling.

Amazing what access you get from having a big camera. None of the guys thrilled to pose for me asked what the photos were for, but if any had, I'd planned to say, "Future masturbatory reference."

One guy in a skintight Superman tee posed, then his buddy, joking about my intentions, murmured, "And now, remove your pants..." So at least one person there understood me.

John-Barrowman-gay-gropeBarrowman nearly shoots on the tasty Comic Con cutie who I shot in the gallery above.

Along with being wowed by the nerdy beauty, I was also blown away by the ingenuity. Also, the people attracted to Comic Con seem to be so nice. Nobody is in a bad mood, freaking out, shoving, or overreacting to being nudge in the packed Javits. There is a sunny, communal feeling of, "We're indulging in our favorite thing int he world!" and the feeling is infectious.

I'll definitely be back.

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