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Oct 16 2013
The Hottest, Cutest Boys & Men Of New York Comic Con: Part 4 Comments (0)
  Wolverine 2 Comic Con shirtless
Wolverine 3 Comic Con shirtless
Wolverine shirtless Wolverine

Wolverine shirtless Comic VCon
Shirtless Wolverine
Wolverine 1 Comic Con shirtless Hot man in street surreptitious
Black and white Comic Con
Hot  Comic Con boy
Hot Comic Con Joker
Sexy superman Comic Con
Boys at Comic Con
Comic Con arms
Comic Con group
Comic Con shirt open
Jeremy Renner lookalike
Supersexy Comic Con character
Comic con arms
Comic con boy
Comic con couple
Comic con shirtless
Comic con super outfit
Comic con

This edition (here's where you can find Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 5) is front-loaded with photos of the amazingly beautiful young dude who was this year's sexiest "Wolverine." (If you are out there, Mr. "Wolverine," I want to shoot you! Come forward and I will come correct for you.)

But there are plenty of others if you click through the gallery.