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Nov 05 2013
Hard At Twerk: Still More Butt-Shaking John Mangum Goodness Comments (0)

Thanks to a tipster (XO to you, John), I was apparently one of the first to help college jock John Mangum's obscenely enjoyable twerking Vine go viral. Even though I post plenty of hot stuff, plenty of original stuff and even some breaking news from time to time, that post last night is already my biggest traffic driver...ever.

Today, which is, coincidentally, Boy Culture's eighth anniversary (big post coming later today or this week), will wind up my #1 traffic day of all time.

Thanks to John Mangum's A+ ass. (Wish it hadn't turned out he is not into gay people.) More of his booty-shakin' body-poppin' after the rump. I mean, jump...

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Finally, click here if you'd like to see some scorchin' hot animated gifs of John Mangum's butt-tacular performances.