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Nov 21 2013
NPC Eastern USA Championships Muscle Gallery: Part 3 Of 6 Comments (0)
  Blond muscle DSC01962 Blond muscle DSC01956 Blond muscle DSC01970 Blond muscle DSC01974 Blond muscle DSC01982 Blond muscle DSC01986 Blond muscle DSC02032 Blond muscle DSC02038 Blond muscle DSC02044 Blond muscle DSC02049 Blond stud DSC01577 Blond stud DSC01579 Blond stud DSC01622 Muscular DSC01495 Muscles DSC02028 Muscles DSC01854 Muscles DSC01872
Muscles DSC02054 Muscles DSC02059 Muscles DSC02069 Muscles DSC02071

My third muscle gallery is devoted to the Blond Studs. You really have to check this one out.

See my write-up about the show here, and check out the other gallery here.